Digital Cameras

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MC lets you easily transfer photos from your digital camera to your PC and and organize them. Then it's a snap to share them with friends and relatives via e-mail or upload them to a Web site.

Once you have taken your pictures, just connect the camera to your PC with the USB or Firewire cable that came with it. Turn the camera on and run MC. From the Toolbar select File> Acquire Images... Then select Digital Camera from the Image Source menu and click Acquire. The images will be found automatically, transferred to your PC and imported into MC's powerful media library.

Next, tag your images so that you can find them more easily later (tags just provide info about each image for identification and to make searches and organization easier). You can view all your newly imported images by clicking Playlists> Recently Imported in the MC Organization Tree. Select one or more images and right-click with your mouse, select Tag Info. A window will open up giving you options for modifying tags for the images. For example, under the Events field you can name your recently imported images Family Vacation, Nature Pics, Hobby Photos and so on.

If you need to rotate any images, just select one or more, and right-click to choose Image> Rotate.

To send images by e-mail, just highlight the images you want to send. From the MC Toolbar select Tools> Send To> Email / Web> Mail Recipient... MC will then give you the option to resize images for email delivery. Finally, press OK. Your e-mail program will open up ready for you to write a message and send it off with the photos already attached.

To quickly create a Web page of selected photos for your Web site, choose one or more images, and from the MC Toolbar select Tools> Send To> Email / Web> Web or FTP Server, set your options and click OK. A Web page will be automatically generated and uploaded to your Web site.

Once you have images in your MC Media Library there lots of ways to enjoy them, such as creating slideshows with music or using them to create custom CD labels. Printing services such as Shutterfly can accept your uploaded pictures, print them and return them to you in just a few days by mail.

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