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CUE File Support in J. River Media Center

Separate cue files work fine in Media Jukebox and Media Center. You need to enable the "cue" file type in Auto-Import's advanced folder options. Alternatively you can simply drag & drop cue files from Windows Explorer or from the Windows search window.

The cue files need to contain correct filename references. If the filename extensions are .wav instead of .flac, the cue files are invalid for FLAC files.

If you want to keep also the referenced disc image files in the library you can configure view schemes with rules that keep them out of sight when they are not needed.

You will need to keep each album in its own folder. Normally cue files do not contain any path info, so they must be in the same folder with the referenced file.

Embedded cue sheets are not supported.

(Adapted from Alex B's post here )

Listener explains how to split CUE files: