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Tools > Advanced Tools > Convert Format > Options > Converter

When you convert from one medium to another, you can choose to keep the original files or delete them, and you can specify if you want the new files to be imported automatically.

These settings determine how the Converter tool operates:

Move to Location Specifies a location to put the output files of the converter. If no directory is specified, it will place the files in the same folder as the source files.

You can also create Artist/Album subdirectories in the chosen location.

Update database Updates the database to reflect the new format of the converted files. For example, if you convert a batch of WAV files to MP3, the database will be updated to show the MP3 files in place of the old WAV files.

If un-checked, no changes are made to the database, and you will have to import the new files if you want them in your library.

Send original files to the Recycle Bin This erases the original source files after a successful conversion (again, if you convert a batch of WAV files to MP3, it'll recycle the WAV files).
Skip conversions of same file type When checked, the program will not convert a file if it is already in the selected output format. This option allows a user to select multiple files without having to pay attention to their original format. If there are mp3 files selected as well as ape and wav files, and the user wants to convert them to mp3, those files already in mp3 format will not be converted.

To create a File Conversion encoding profile, select Encoding in the left pane and select the Encoding Type and Quality. See Encoding Settings for details.