Connect a TV to your PC

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A TV is just a big monitor, right?

  • If you'd like to have a bigger screen for your PC, one option is to connect it to a High Definition TV (HDTV). These TV's have a display that is adequate for a PC and can combine the benefits of both PC and TV.
  • You will need a PC or a TV card for your PC that has an output compatible with your TV. Many newer PC's can do this. Most TV cards can also output to a TV. Usually this can be done with standard video cables (single pin RCA connectors) or S-video cables (round multi-pin connectors).
  • The resolution on your PC and TV need to be set to get the best possible picture. The PC resolution usually needs to be reduced to 640X480 because TV's can only display 480 lines. Sometimes the resolution can be set higher, and with plasma TV sets, the resolution can be set as high as 1280X1024. In the future, it is likely that more options will be available for better PC/TV compatibility.
  • Though it is a little more complex to set up, the audio and video from the PC can be routed through a standard Home Theater amplifier and then to the TV.
  • If the VCR is routed through the PC's TV card, the volume control on the amplifier can control both devices.
  • If the TV tuner card on the PC is used, Media Center can switch between TV, VCR, and DVD. Even a TiVo can be accessed in this way.

And, best of all, the PC's desktop is still available for Web surfing during commercials.