Changing the number of plays

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IMPORTANT NOTE: MC 19.0.90 removed the need for this workaround, and [Number Plays] is now directly editable. This information is no longer being updated and is being kept for archival purposes only.

When you want to change the number plays from a file you will find that when you try to change the number in the tags you can only change it to zero. There is two other options though.

Alternative 1:

  • Go to a view where you see the files in list style.
  • Right click on the header of the columns and choose columns>add expression column.
  • In the expression editor that pops up fill in by name: change np.
  • Fill in by expression: [number plays].

Now close the expression editor. Select the file you want to change the number plays of. Hold the mouse above the ‘change np’ from that file, and hit F2. Type in the number you want. Now check the number plays tag to see if it worked.

Alternative 2:

  • Create a custom library field named as suitable. e.g. "Editable Number Plays"
  • Use type "Calculated data", with the expression:
[Number Plays]

Just add the new type in tag window and edit it like any other attribute.

Changing Date Fields

Values in Date fields such as [Last Played] or [Date Watched] can also be changed, but require a little more work. See this thread for help.