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Ceton is a company that makes a variety of TV Tuner input devices for PCs, including the popular InfiniTV Family CableCard tuners.

Network Sharing

Thanks to user EricTheBlue for these instructions:

First, thank you (and the rest of the JRiver staff where appropriate) for offering Ceton tuner support within MC. With regard to Ceton tuner configuration, I've successfully implemented it locally and shared via LAN. With regard to tuner sharing via the LAN, the first key step is to ensure during the installation of the Ceton software and driver that you select the network driver option, as it will not be installed by default. Once you do this and the software is installed and you run the mandatory Cable Advisor tool (required for WMC anyway, I'm not sure if it applies for MC), you'll want to use the Ceton "Network Tuners" option within WMC to offer the tuners over the network. The other key step to keep in mind is that if you want to share all the host tuners with other hosts on the LAN, none should be assigned to the local host when offered by the software. Once this is complete the network bridge will be created with a DHCP IP address if it is in use on the LAN (it can be set to a static IP manually later if you wish-my personal preference). Once the Ceton bridge is established you'll see it in the Windows network applet as a configurable network device.

A couple of other points: At the end of end of establishing the Ceton network bridge you'll be asked if you want to proceed to WMC setup for the tuners. If you shared them all with other hosts there is no need to do this (though it must be done on the other hosts that use the tuners). If network tuner sharing was done correctly you'll know in two ways. The first is that physical tuners in the host sharing them will appear as local devices within the Ceton diagnostics app on remote clients. The other indicator is that when you configure remote clients via WMC to use the tuners, they will appear as local tuners. You'll be able to choose from the pool of tuners shared which ones you want to use on individual hosts. As tuners are assigned, they will not be available for other hosts. It actually works quite well but again, this is all within the context of Ceton and WMC.

Final point about Ceton network tuner sharing: Though I've heard there are hacks available, I was never able to get tuner sharing to work on a Window 8 client. In all fairness Ceton clearly states as much on their website.

From Ceton Support:

JRiver supports encrypted channels (using the InfiniTV) that are marked Copy Freely. On Comcast, that's basically everything except premium channels.


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Television Setup