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Edit by JimH -- I've renamed the FAQ as "Main Topic Index" and I'm working to turn it into a general purpose list of common questions, common problems, and topics of broad interest (Video Playback, for example). So gateley's comments below may not apply any longer.

When you add an article, please use a subject that a user might try first. For example, "TiVo" is better than "How to use a Tivo", since articles with "How to" at the beginning will be grouped together under "H".

-- JimH

The FAQ should be a list of already existing articles, it is just a convenient gathering of information that already exists elsewhere. (In fact, this is true of any category: we want it to be a gathering of existing information rather than a presentation of new information).

Some of these articles don't satisfy this requirement: they are actually new info. For these, move the information into the manual (if it is a link to a jriver web page, this means moving the info from the web page into the wiki), and then create the category link in the manual entry. Then send a request to User_talk:Gateley to delete the orphan page.

-- gateley