CD Label Editor

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Action Window > Burn CD or DVD > Options > Create Disk Labels > Print > Go to Label Editor or Tools > Advanced Tools > CD Labeler > Print > Go to Label Editor

Label Editor provides the following editing options, found under Frames in the Menu Bar.

  • New Rectangle Frame Create a new resizable frame.
  • New Donut Frame Create a new donut frame for the CD label.
  • Show Borders Show or Hide borders around frames.
  • Move to Top/Move to Bottom. Determines if the selected frame will be in the foreground or the background.
  • Set Text. Insert text into the selected frame. Select the font, font style, text type, angle and justification of the text.
  • Set Images. Insert an image into the selected frame.
  • Set Color, Set a color for the frame.
  • Transparent, If the frame has a background color it will be ignored.