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Please also see Search Language

The following is a collection of Smartlists that users have created. If it's a simple smartlist, you can just add it here. If it requires some explanation like the first two listed, a separate page would be preferable.

Audio -- All
[Media Type]=[audio]
Audio -- Favorites -- Have not heard recently
[Rating]=4,5 [Last Played]=>7d [Media Type]=[audio]
Audio -- Favorites -- Listened to today
[Rating]=4,5 [Last Played]=<1d [Media Type]=[audio]
Audio -- Favorites -- One audio CD worth
[Rating]=4,5 [Media Type]=[audio] ~sort=[Random] ~t=74m
Audio -- Favorites -- One data CD worth
[Rating]=4,5 [Media Type]=[audio] ~sort=[Random] ~s=650
Audio -- Task -- Empty properties
[Media Type]=[audio] ([Album]=[] or [Name]=[] or [Artist]=[] or [Genre]=[] or [Track #]=0)
Audio -- Task -- Not rated
[Media Type]=[audio] [Rating]=0
Image & Video -- All
[Media Type]=[image],[video]
Image & Video -- Size -- Large display size
[Width]=>1024 [Height]=>768 [Media Type]=[image],[video]
Image & Video -- Size -- Small display size
[Width]=<320 [Height]=<240 [Media Type]=[image],[video]