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MC 16 added the ability to specify the video refresh rate for each file. You can set it by editing the FPS (Frames Per Second) tag.

In the left pane in Standard View, select "Video" then "Files". In the right pane, you should see your files. You may need to hover your pointer over the down arrow on the "Files" tab at the top and select "List Style" then "Details". If the FPS column or field is not shown, right click on the header bar of the columns and check "FPS" from the drop down list of fields.

From MC17, this field will normally be populated automatically when files are imported into the library. If you need to insert a value for FPS, right click on the FPS field for the file and choose "Rename". Select the appropriate rate from the drop down list.

In order to use this setting to change the refresh rate, you need to set up "Display Settings" - See Video Playback Options.

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