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Deprecated: This content has been deprecated as of current versions and may no longer be valid. Please refer to Television for additional details.

Not all of the following are available for all capture devices.

With the exception of "Backtrack on Resume", it is recommended that you not change anything here unless you are having problems or you have specific reasons for doing so.

“Enable Still Picture Capture” Check Box

When this box is checked, you can capture still pictures to your disk in Bitmap format by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Print Screen. Some older cards may not work properly with this option enabled. In such a case you should uncheck the box.

Audio Capture Filter

Not much can be done here. You can choose which audio line to record from. But it is best done elsewhere (see Audio above).

Video Capture Filter

  • Video Decoder. You can change the Video Standard to NTSC_M, NTSC_M_J, PAL_B or PAL_D, etc. The selection can also be achieved by pressing Ctrl + Shift + F.
  • Video Proc Amp. The same options that are available on the Display page.

Video Preview Pin

Color Space format and video size for previewing. If this property page is available, you can use it to setup how you want your video displayed (instead of how it is recorded as in "Video Capture Pin" above). The default color space setting probably works the best. You can change video sizes here too. For Brooktree 848/878 based cards, do not choose a size higher than 640 x 240 (for NTSC format). Choosing a display size 640 x 480, for example will result in video not being displayed.

Video Crossbar and Second Crossbar

Video Crossbar is a property page, from the video capture driver, that allows a user to control how video and audio signals are routed (Line in versus TV audio, SVideo versus Composite or TV Tuner etc.). Select an output from the drop-down list, and see where the signal comes from the Input list. Change the input by selecting from the list.

TV Tuner

You can select channels, Video Standard, or Antenna/Cable. Perhaps a useful aspect of this is the selection of "Tuning Mode" for devices that have the option (TV vs. FM Radio). MC does not provide a direct way of selecting FM radio at this time. You can use this property page to set your tuner to FM radio.

TV Audio

You can select audio mode offered by broadcasters. Usually you can choose among "Stereo", "Mono", "Language A", "Language B" (or SAP) etc.


This is a plug-in from DScaler, for certain TV cards. It works particularly well for Brooktree based cards, but does not work for ATI ALL-IN-WONDER cards. It deinterlaces video signal.

Backtrack on Resume

When resuming normal play from fast forward or rewind, play will begin a little before the current start place to compensate for human reaction delay. Configure the delay by sliding the bar accordingly.