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If you often download from a web site that requires authentication (login and password), you can enter the relevant information once in Download Manager, and then you will never have to re-enter it again when you download from that site.

  1. Go to Options > Authentication and click on the Add button.
  2. Enter the url, the login and password.
  3. The next time you download a file from that HTTP Authenticated web site (see note below), Download Manager will automatically send the username and password without prompting user to enter it.

Technical Notes about kinds of Authentication

Authentication allows a user to enter HTTP Authentication for a specific site. HTTP authentication is different from content base authentication as HTTP authentication is done on the HTTP protocol level before any content is being displayed. A web site that uses HTTP Authentication usually will have a separate dialog asking for username and password while content base authentication normally receives username and password on the web page itself. This options allow Download Manager to download a file from a HTTP Authenticated site without prompting user to manually enter their username and password.

Other Download Manager Options

Import List File. Go to File > Import List File.

Explore Location.