Add a View Scheme or Group

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  1. In the tree, right-click on the Media Mode that corresponds to the kind of Scheme you want to create (Audio, for example) and select Add View Scheme.
  2. Enter the columns you want your scheme to display. You can use the drop-down menu next to "presets", or you can click the Add button for more options. Repeat to include as many columns as required.
  3. To change the order, select a column and then use the Up and Down buttons to move its position.
  4. To customize the name of the scheme, uncheck "Auto-name" and type in a name.
  5. Select the image you want associated with the scheme, and customize its position in the tree.
  6. Select "populate tree" if you want to be able to expand the View Scheme children in the tree. This is required if you want to edit file properties (tags) using the method described in "Drag Files into the Scheme".
  7. Select "Honor parent scheme search strings" if you want your View Scheme to include search strings used in the parent scheme (the Scheme above this one in the tree, if there is one).
  8. To use the Scheme in Theater View, enable "Show in Theater View".
  9. Include search strings to narrow the Scheme if required see Smartlist and Search - Rules and Modifiers or click on the arrow to use the Search Wizard).