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These tools can change a lot of data with a single action, so go slowly and try a few files before you do very many.

Also see Auto-Import for information about updating existing libraries and fixing broken links.

The Library Tools Menu is useful in managing all your files. From this menu you can move or copy files, find and replace strings in database fields, get file information from YADB, an online database, and you can also analyze your tracks for replay gain.

To get to Library Tools, right click on file(s) in the content pane, or go to Tools > Library Tools.

Move/Copy disk file Move or copy the disk files themselves. It is best to always move or copy files from within the program (rather than with Explorer) to preserve all Playlist information.
Fill Properties from Filename This tool allows you to fill in tag information using the filenames and/or directory names of your files. Simply fill in the naming scheme that your files use.


If your filename is: D:\MyMusic\Lyle Lovett - Live in Texas - 1 - Penguins.mp3, select the Artist-Album-Track#-Title Filename rule.

If your filename is: D:\Lyle Lovett\Live in Texas\01 - Penguins.mp3, you would select the Directories rule Artist\Album\ and then the Filename rule Track#-Artist.

Rename files from Properties This tool allows you to rename your files using tag information. It allows you to move your files to another drive or directory. This is also a great way to get your music organized into a central location on your hard disk. However, use this feature with care, because it moves files on the hard disk.


If you want to keep your files named as they are, but want to move them into Artist\Album subfolders, uncheck the filename rule, and check the Directories rule only. Select your base path, then the rule.

Find and Replace This is a quick way of editing your file tags. If, for example, you find that you have misspelled an artist name, you can easily replace the wrong name with the right one.

You can also use this feature to rename a drive path. If you have moved all your files onto a new drive, or into a new folder from outside the program (with Explorer, for example), search for the old drive and/or path name, and replace with the new drive and/or path name.

Clean File Properties This tool provides several tag cleaning options. Any selected action will be performed on the artist, album, name, and genre fields. You can: convert underscores to spaces; remove leading and trailing spaces; change spacing to single-spaced; and fix capitalization
Move/Copy Fields This opens a box where you select to move or copy the information from one field to another. For example, if you create a custom field for Composer, and you previously had that information in your Comment field, you can copy or move the information from the Comment field into the Composer field.
Fill Track # from list order This tool will fill in the track numbers of the tracks you've selected based on their order in the file list. It will make the first selected track's track number 1, then the next selected track's track number 2, and so on. This tool is helpful when you have a full album without track numbers. You can order the tracks in the file list (by dragging them around), select the whole album, and then let this tool fill in the track numbers.
YADB Lookup Track Info from YADB, or submit Track Info to YADB. An internet connection is required.
Update Tags Updates the file tags with the information in the library fields.
Update Library Updates the library fields with the information in the file tags.
Remove Tags Removes the file tags from the selected file(s).
Analyze Audio Sends selected file(s) to the Audio Analysis window for replay gain analysis.
Convert Format Converts the selected file(s) to a different file format.
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