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sitcaliolo Here are some of the new features introduced in Media Center version 11. Items in italics are new in v11.1.

Views & Display Panes

  • Playlist/Smartlist View Header in Display Pane, where notes can be added to a Playlist/Smartlist.
  • Library Browser view replaced by View drop-down menus at top of content pane.
  • Improvements to Theater Mode
  • Split View. View up to three different panes at once.
  • New view customization system with more flexibility for thumbnail size, text, etc.
  • Pane auto-sizing

New Supported File Types and Devices

  • Podcasts (feed.itpc.pcast.podcast), Podcasts RSS (rss) and Podcast XML (xml).
  • MicroSoft Media Center Recorded Television File (.dvr-ms)
  • DTS and AC3 audio (see Supported File Types for details)
  • Video support for iPods.
  • Adobe files (pdf)
  • MS Office files (doc, xls, csv, ppt, mde and mdb)
  • Text files (txt, rtf)
  • Web Files (html, htm, mht)
  • Programs (exe)
  • CUE file playback support with sample-accurate MP3 seeking
  • MKV and OGM (requires DirectX filters to be installed)
  • Support for ATI HDTV card
  • Support for Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150
  • Full Support for the Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB2 Device
  • Full support for the Audible Store as a Service Plug-in
  • Support for Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable)
  • Support for some UPnP Devices
  • Support for RIO 500


  • Improvements to the logging function (for troubleshooting)
  • Improvements to thumbnail storage and loading engine (much faster now).
  • Automatic library backup every three days
  • New database engine capable of handling 100,000's of files and large amounts of metadata (lyrics, bios, etc.). Now 5 times faster.
  • Several memory and speed enhancements -- like database and skin unloading when minimizing MC
  • Much of MC's interface can be translated to other languages
  • MC can run with guest permissions on Windows 2000 / Windows XP
  • Multi-zone synchronization

Interface and Menu Items

  • Podcast menu in the tree
  • New Spectrum Analyzer in Player Window
  • Media Center now supports user-created language files that translate the interface into another languages.
  • Webpages inside Media Center accept drag-and-frop of other webpages.
  • New Library Header Bar appears at the top of the Content Pane when displaying View Schemes.
  • Dropping files onto a Media Center shortcut begins playback
  • New Library Browser view
  • Many Theater View enhancements
  • Online Shopping Services – integrated on-line shopping (see Service Manager).

TV, TiVo and Video

  • Support of Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB2 device.
  • When resuming normal play from FF/REW, TV backtracks to compensate for reaction time.
  • Supports TiVo 7.1


  • Podcasting Support with OneClick Podcast subscription.
  • RealAudio files play natively in Media Center (requires applicable DirectShow filters)
  • Play WM Profesionnal content as a bitstream (for S/PDIF or ASIO output)
  • Play WavPack audio format (requires DirectShow filters)
  • Native playback of m4a files (requires filters)
  • Dropping files onto a Media Center shortcut begins playback
  • Preview mode to play the intro of songs
  • Video CD playback support


  • Import Podcasts (manually or through scheduled automatic downloads)
  • Integrated database import and update with smart broken linking repairing, and other nice features
  • Import of new files types (see New Supported File Types and Devices

Search & Smartlists

  • New search syntax for date elapsed, using suffixes s,m,h,d,y (seconds, minutes, hours, days, years). Example: files less than 3 hours old: [Date Imported]=<3h.
  • New ~fill search modifier automatically detects and fills space left on Handheld/Portable device
  • Searching inside txt, html, source code files, and rtf documents using [Text]=
  • Document support with full text searching / indexing


  • Improved Real Audio tag importing
  • File tagging happens in a background thread so MC can continue to be used while it's saving tags


  • Photo Album support for the iPod
  • Photos uploaded to an iPod now support NTSC output to a TV
  • Basic image editing
  • Enhanced album grouping for pictures so pictures taken together get grouped without any user intervention


  • UpnP Server can specify a fixed TCP port to use.
  • UpnP Server no longer requires IP address configuration.
  • Album Gain support.
  • Audio resampling uses Shibatch's high-quality SSRC filters


  • OS-level eject on devices like the iPod
  • Image support for iPod
  • Album Art support for iPod Video
  • Number of simultaneous conversions for handheld uploading is configurable
  • Ipod Shuffle support (will not shuffle Podcasts)
  • Improved support and performance for Creative Zen Touch and other "All Content" style WMDM devices