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Here are some of the new features introduced in Media Center version 11. Items in italics are new in v11.1.
Here are some of the new features introduced in Media Center version 11. Items in italics are new in v11.1.
==Views & Display Panes==
* ''Playlist/Smartlist View Header in Display Pane, where notes can be added to a Playlist/Smartlist.''
* ''Library Browser view replaced by View drop-down menus at top of content pane.''
* ''Improvements to Theater Mode''
* Split View. View up to three different panes at once.
* New view customization system with more flexibility for thumbnail size, text, etc.
* Pane auto-sizing
==New Supported File Types and Devices==
* ''Podcasts (feed.itpc.pcast.podcast), Podcasts RSS (rss) and Podcast XML (xml).''
* ''MicroSoft Media Center Recorded Television File (.dvr-ms)''
* ''DTS and AC3 audio (see Supported File Types for details)''
* ''Video support for iPods.''
* Adobe files (pdf)
* MS Office files (doc, xls, csv, ppt, mde and mdb)
* Text files (txt, rtf)
* Web Files (html, htm, mht)
* Programs (exe)
* CUE file playback support with sample-accurate MP3 seeking
* MKV and OGM (requires DirectX filters to be installed)
* Support for ATI HDTV card
* Support for Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150
* ''Full Support for the Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB2 Device''
* Full support for the Audible Store as a Service Plug-in
* Support for Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable)
* Support for some UPnP Devices
* Support for RIO 500
* ''Improvements to the logging function (for troubleshooting)''
* ''Improvements to thumbnail storage and loading engine (much faster now).''
* ''Automatic library backup every three days''
* New database engine capable of handling 100,000's of files and large amounts of metadata (lyrics, bios, etc.). Now 5 times faster.
* Several memory and speed enhancements -- like database and skin unloading when minimizing MC
* Much of MC's interface can be translated to other languages
* MC can run with guest permissions on Windows 2000 / Windows XP
* Multi-zone synchronization
==Interface and Menu Items==
* ''Podcast menu in the tree''
* ''New Spectrum Analyzer in Player Window''
* ''Media Center now supports user-created language files that translate the interface into another languages.''
* ''Webpages inside Media Center accept drag-and-frop of other webpages.''
* ''New Library Header Bar appears at the top of the Content Pane when displaying View Schemes.''
* ''Dropping files onto a Media Center shortcut begins playback''
* New Library Browser view
* Many Theater View enhancements
* Online Shopping Services – integrated on-line shopping (see Service Manager).
==TV, TiVo and Video==
* Support of Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB2 device.
* When resuming normal play from FF/REW, TV backtracks to compensate for reaction time.
* Supports TiVo 7.1
* Podcasting Support with OneClick Podcast subscription.
* RealAudio files play natively in Media Center (requires applicable DirectShow filters)
* Play WM Profesionnal content as a bitstream (for S/PDIF or ASIO output)
* Play WavPack audio format (requires DirectShow filters)
* Native playback of m4a files (requires filters)
* Dropping files onto a Media Center shortcut begins playback
* Preview mode to play the intro of songs
* Video CD playback support
* Import Podcasts (manually or through scheduled automatic downloads)
* Integrated database import and update with smart broken linking repairing, and other nice features
* Import of new files types (see New Supported File Types and Devices
==Search & Smartlists==
* New search syntax for date elapsed, using suffixes s,m,h,d,y (seconds, minutes, hours, days, years). Example: files less than 3 hours old:  [Date Imported]=<3h.
* New ~fill search modifier automatically detects and fills space left on Handheld/Portable device
* Searching inside txt, html, source code files, and rtf documents using [Text]=
* Document support with full text searching / indexing
* Improved Real Audio tag importing
* File tagging happens in a background thread so MC can continue to be used while it's saving tags
* Photo Album support for the iPod
* Photos uploaded to an iPod now support NTSC output to a TV
* Basic image editing
* Enhanced album grouping for pictures so pictures taken together get grouped without any user intervention
* UpnP Server can specify a fixed TCP port to use.
* UpnP Server no longer requires IP address configuration.
* Album Gain support.
* Audio resampling uses Shibatch's high-quality SSRC filters
* OS-level eject on devices like the iPod
* Image support for iPod
* Album Art support for iPod Video
* Number of simultaneous conversions for handheld uploading is configurable
* Ipod Shuffle support (will not shuffle Podcasts)
* Improved support and performance for Creative Zen Touch and other "All Content" style WMDM devices

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Here are some of the new features introduced in Media Center version 11. Items in italics are new in v11.1.