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Media Center provides two quick way of accessing web (video and radio) stations. 
#REDIRECT [[Connected Media]]
* Stream the station directly:  go to File > Open Streaming File and type in the URL; or
* Add the station in the Web Media page.
The Web Media page provides a service to all Media Center users.  All stations added here are included in a “Master List” of stations available to all Media Center users.  The service also provides Featured Web Media stations, a search engine to find other web stations within the "Master list", and it provides a section for your own Favorite Stations.
User Tip: Save your radio stations to a Playlist called Radio Stations. That way they are part of your library, and are quickly accessible, even through the search bar.
Please note that not all web and radio stations broadcast at all times.  If the station you select is not working, try again later.
* [[Play a Web Media Station]]
* [[Find Web Media Stations]]
* [[Add and Save Web Media Stations]]
* [[Add a Web Media Station to a Playlist]]
* [[Proxy]]

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