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WebRemote is a way to control Media Center or an attached DLNA device using a web browser. It was introduced in MC15. Previous versions had a primitive web interface with the same name.

WebRemote is designed to work well on mobile devices like a Google phone, iPhone, or Windows Mobile device. The system is template and skin based, so user designs are possible.

MC14 added a Media Center Web Service(MCWS). It responded to network calls to Media Center, and responded in a tidy format. TRemote was built on top of MCWS. WebRemote uses this same system. It also uses AJAX to talk to the MCWS and update the display without page refreshes.

J. River DLNA servers and renderers, visible in Windows Explorer > Network, will also expose WebRemote on right-click > "View device webpage".


Configure WebRemote in MC's Options > Network, where you can choose a port to run it on (521998, for example). It shares the port with Library Server. Once you enable it, you can use a web browser to connect to it. Here are some examples of commands that should work:

http://localhost:52198/WebRemote/ (if you've configured WebRemote to run on port 52198). Localhost works only on the machine where MC is running.

http://server:52198/WebRemote/ (Machine name and port of the machine where MC is running).

http://tv.jriver.com:52198/WebRemote/ (Complete machine name with domain and port)

Firewalls will prevent access unless the port (52198 in the examples above) is open.


WebRemote can be fully customized: WebEngine SDK



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