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JRiver Media Center version 20 for Windows introduced a WDM Driver (a kind of virtual audio driver), which can be used to re-route windows sounds through Media Center. This allows full use of Media Center's DSP stack for streaming content, and allows better integration with external audio sources, like streaming video services or video games.

How to Set up the WDM Driver

  • In versions of Media Center after 20.0.95 the WDM driver is disabled by default. To enable it go to Options-->General-->Features and check WDM Driver. Then restart Media Center and the driver will install
  • Once the driver is installed, go to the windows control panel, and then to the sound menu item. You should see all of the Audio devices on your system listed. Select the one labelled JRiver Media Center 20 and click the Set Default button at the bottom of the menu.
  • Make sure that, in Media Center, your setting under Options-->Audio-->Audio Device is not "Default Audio Device." You need to set your audio device to whatever your actual physical output device is. Because the WDM Driver is now the system default, setting JRiver to output to the system default just creates a closed loop.

Now whenever windows sounds or other system audio play (whether from web browsers, apps, or video games), they'll play to the JRiver driver. This re-routes the audio through JRiver's DSP stack to whatever output device you have selected as an audio output in JRiver.