WAV & AIFF Tagging

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Media Center has the ability to tag WAV & AIFF files. These tags include all metadata and cover art.

This capability is enabled by default in MC17 and above. It was disabled in MC16 and below.

WAV & AIFF tags are written in a standards-compliant way which should not cause problems with other players. New versions of foobar support WAV tagging, for example.

You can enable or disable WAV & AIFF tagging in Media Center by doing the following:

  • In the main program menu, select Tools > Options...
  • Pick Audio > Advanced > Configure input plug-in...
  • Select 'JRiver WAV & AIFF Plugin...' in the menu
  • Enable or disable the option called 'Write tags to WAVE/AIFF files'
  • Click 'OK' on both dialogs to accept the changes
  • Also, be sure to set 'Update tags when file info changes' in Options > General > Importing & Tagging.

Tagging Format

WAV & AIFF tagging uses the ID3v2 tag format for storing their tag data. This is the same format popularized by MP3.

These tags are stored in a chunk at the end of the file. WAV & AIFF files are made up of chunks, and adding chunks is fully standards compliant.

The tag makes no changes in the audio data stored in the file, and of course, doesn't change the bit perfect output nature of the audio output.

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