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You can easily change the look of Media Center. The default mode is Standard.

Standard View

Standard View can be given an entirely different look by applying a new skin. Media Center users share the skins they have created, so you can choose from many ‘looks’ to find what suits you best. Or design your own!

The Standard View is the default. It is the best mode for organizing your files, and editing properties.

  • Change the skin. Go to Tools > Skins NOT FOUND ON MC14!! > and select from the list, or open Skin Manager. The program may need to restart for the change to take effect.
  • Add skin effects. Go to Tools > Skins > Skin Effects and select an effect from the drop-down menu.
  • Download more skins. Go to Tools > Skins > Skin Manager, and select the Download link.

Mini View

The Mini View can be used when you are simply playing media files with no need of direct access to the organizational tools available in Standard View.

To switch to Mini View:

  • Go to View > Mini View; or
  • Press the Ctrl-E which toggles between modes.

Change the Skin:

  • If you are already in Mini View right-click and select the skin you want to apply.
  • If the skin you want is not listed, select Skin Manager and download new skins.

For information on how to create skins for Media Center, go to the Third Party Plug-Ins board on the Media Center site.

Full Screen View

Full Screen View takes the full screen area. It displays small toolbars that can be set to auto-hide.

To switch to Full Screen View

  • Select View > Full Screen View; or
  • Press F11, which toggles between Standard, Full Screen and Theater Views.

Configure Full Screen options by going to Player > Playback Options > Playback Options > Display Settings.

Theater View

Theater View is a full screen mode especially designed for use with a remote control, and is especially good for use on a television set.

To open Theater View:

  1. Go to View > Theater View; or
  2. Press Ctrl + W or F11 to toggle between Standard, Full Screen, and Theater Views.

See Theater View for configuration details.

Skin Manager

Go to Skin Manager to download skins

  • If you are in Standard View, go to Tools > Skins > Skin Manager
  • If you are in Mini View, right click on the Player or Equalizer windows and select "Skin Manager" from the menu.