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Customize the way the currently loaded library (File > Library) is displayed in Media Center.

  • Use the Media Mode buttons to quickly display all audio, video or image files.
  • Quickly search only those files you have selected. If you are in Audio Mode, typing in the search bar returns only those audio files that match the search string.
  • Customize how each Media Mode displays (lists, thumbnails or album thumbnails)
  • See the relevant View Schemes. When you select a Media Mode, the View Schemes associated with that mode are displayed.
  • Customize the columns and column order for all views, for all views under a specific mode (audio, for example), or for a single view scheme.
  • Use Access Control to filter files. Create a smartlist rule for the files you want to hide. Perhaps you want to hide all Holiday Music, or all R-rated Videos.
  • Use Split View and view multiple tree items at once.