User Defined Global Keyboard Shortcuts

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Media Center supports user defined keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts can be made global so that they are available even with Media Center minimized.

Currently, defining these shortcuts requires working with XML in a text editor. Below we'll step through how to get them up and running.


Place this sample file:

In this folder: (you'll need to create the Custom Resources folder)
C:\Program Files\J River\Media Center 14\Data\Custom Resources\Resource.xml

Then edit this file with Notepad. It has some instructions at the top of the file.

The shortcuts specified in this file will be merged with the default keyboard shortcuts specified here:
C:\Program Files\J River\Media Center 14\Data\Default Resources\Resource.xml


You can use any MCC (MC Command) in this file. They are described here:

You can also run any program using Type="Program" for the command. In this case, the command is the executable and the param is the arguments to pass the executable.


The sample shows how to make global shortcuts so that:
Ctrl;1...5 will act as player controls
Ctrl;6...7 will run a program (requires Media Center 13.0.145 and later)
Ctrl;Shift;1...9 will play designated playlists