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Build the [[Troubleshooting Solutions]] page.
Build the [[Troubleshooting Solutions]] page.
== Saved Threads ==
[https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php/topic,39695.0.html|Liberace Rubber Chicken Build]
== Span Styles ==
== Span Styles ==

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This is my page on the Wiki. My real name is Ed, I live in Maine, and this is me:

Ed with the wind in his hair.

Start building the Media Center Troubleshooting Guide page. Build the Troubleshooting Solutions page.

Saved Threads

Rubber Chicken Build

Span Styles

Media Center Menus

Template:Color Text

Actually, I think Template:Menu Flow would be better for long term. Or something like that...

<span style="color:#8B4513">Tools > Options > Audio</span>

Tools > Options > Audio

  • Include all items starting from the top menu for consistency.

Tree Hierarchy

<span style="color:#006400">Playing Now > Playing from <Current Library's Name></span>

Playing Now > Playing from <Current Library's Name>

OS Menus

<span style="color:#007A62">Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound</span>

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound

Fix These


Function Description Test

Description field(name, mode)

The Field() function returns the value stored in field name. The format of return is selected by mode.

Available mode values:

0Raw, unformatted data
1Formatted data
  • Argument mode is optional (defaults to 1).
Examples field(album)
Returns the formatted value of field name album. Note that this is equivalent to [album].

field(date, 0)

Returns the raw, unformatted value stored in the date field. Note that this is equivalent to [date,0].

Function Description Preset

{{subst:function description preset}}

Argument Table Preset

{{subst:argument table preset}}

Function Index

Accessing and Storing Functions

Conditional Functions

Test and Comparison Functions

Formatting Functions

String Manipulation Functions

  • Clean(…): Clean a string to be used for various operations
  • FixCase(…): Changes the case of a given string
  • FixSpacing(…): Intelligently splits adjacent camel-cased words
  • Hexify(…): Hexifies a string to make it suitable for web usage
  • Left(…): Retrieves a specified number of characters from the left of a string
  • Length(…): Returns the number of characters in a string
  • Mid(…): Retrieves specified characters from a string
  • Regex(…): Regular expression pattern matching and capture
  • RemoveCharacters(…): Removes a list of characters from a string
  • RemoveLeft(…): Trims characters from the beginning of a string
  • RemoveRight(…): Trims characters from the end of a string
  • Replace(…): Replace or remove a string segment
  • Right(…): Retrieves a specified number of characters from the right of a string
  • Swap(…): Takes Firstname Lastname and swaps to Lastname, Firstname.
  • Unswap(…): Takes Lastname, Firstname and reverses it to Firstname Lastname.

List Manipulation Functions

Date and Time Functions

  • ConvertDate(…): Converts a human-readable date to the internal format required for use in date fields
  • FormatDate(…): Formats a date value in a specified manner
  • Now(…): Retrieve and display the system date

File Path and Identifier Functions

Miscellaneous Functions

Scratch Pad

20.0.64 (1/29/2015)

8. Changed: The automation call ProcessWebService(...) returns the response instead of just 0 or 1.

<XMLPH version="1.0">
<Item Name="UseDirectoryRule">1</Item>
<Item Name="Name">TV Shows</Item>
<Item Name="Replace Slash">1</Item>
<Item Name="FilenameRule">If(IsEmpty([Season],1),,s[Season])If(IsEmpty([Episode],1),e00,e[Episode]) - [Name]</Item>
<Item Name="BasePath">M:\</Item>
<Item Name="UseFilenameRule">1</Item>
<Item Name="Find"/>
<Item Name="Mode">0</Item>
<Item Name="UseFindReplace">0</Item>
<Item Name="Move All">0</Item>
<Item Name="DirectorySmartMultiArtistHandling">0</Item>
<Item Name="Replace"/>
<Item Name="DirectoryRule">[Media Type]\[Media Sub Type]\[Series]\[Season]\</Item>

Creating Advanced Media Views Using the Expand Search Modifier

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