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Upgrades and Updates

Important There are special prices for a few weeks on the next version of JRiver Media Center. Anyone purchasing now will receive a license for Media Center 23 (MC23) and this license also works with MC22. Early builds of MC23 are on the forum now.

There are several ways to improve your MC experience:

  • If you own Media Center 23, just download and install it. Then restore your MC23 license if necessary.
  • Minor upgrades are free. If you own Media Center 21 (for example), it is free to update to the latest build of that version by downloading and installing. This can be done automatically by selecting an update channel under Help.
  • If you own MC on Windows and would like to purchase a Mac or Linux version, you can upgrade to a Master License that works on all three OS's.
  • If you own an earlier version of MC on any OS, you can upgrade for that OS or upgrade to a Master License. MC can use your old data and settings.

Media Center 23 Upgrades

The new MC23 licenses work now with MC22.0.88 or higher, and work with MC23. All licenses are now version 23.

Upgrade to MC23 for Windows $26.98 through July 20, 2017.

Upgrade to MC23 for Mac $26.98.

Upgrade to an MC23 Master License (works on Linux, Mac, and Windows) $36.98.

For More Help

Please visit Upgrade Links.