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Upgrades and Updates

Important There are discounted prices on upgrades to the new version of JRiver Media Center. You can download a trial version.

There are several ways to improve your MC experience:

  • If you own a Media Center 25 license, just download and install it, then restore your license if necessary.
  • Minor upgrades are free. If you own Media Center 25 (for example), it is free to update to the latest build of that version by downloading and installing. This can be done automatically by selecting an update channel under Help.
  • If you own MC on Windows and would like to purchase a Mac or Linux version, you can upgrade to a Master License that works on all three OS's.
  • If you own an earlier version of MC on any OS, you can upgrade for that OS or upgrade to a Master License. MC can use your old data and settings. It can also restore a backup of an earlier version. MC makes backups automatically.

Media Center 25 Upgrades

MC25 is now available on the Download Page.

Data Migration

- The installer will find your library from MC20 to MC24 (or later) automatically. Earlier versions require a manual restore.

- It will only import the "Default Library" (the one MC came with, no matter which one is your startup library), however it doesn't care if you renamed or moved it (it will find it)

- Settings are stored on a per-user basis, so if you need to install using an entirely different user account (because yours isn't an Admin), migration won't find its things

- Installation mode makes no difference

- If multiple old versions of MC exist, it should use the newest

- File Associations should be updated in the installation process, just like a fresh install

For More Help

Upgrade Help for step by step instructions.

Upgrade Links for license retrieval, installation, and other related information.