Update Tags When File Info Changes

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You can configure the program so that it saves all or some fields in the files themselves. This way you can re-import the files and still have access to all the information. Three things must be configured:

  1. The files must always be updated with the most recent information. Go to Tools > Options > General and check "Update tags when file info changes" (also under the Edit menu). This way any relevant changes made to the database will be reflected in the file. Note: changes made to file properties while this option is disabled are not automatically pushed out to file tags once the option is re-enabled. You will have to manually update any such files.
  2. You must set each field to save in the file. Go to Tools > Options > Library, select a field in the list, press the Edit button, and check "Store in file tags (when possible)" box. Repeat for other fields.
  3. If the files are mp3 files, the Input Plug-in must be set to store tags. Go to Tools > Plug-in Manager, expand Input in the tree, and select MP3 Plug-in. Press the Configure button and select Save (create if necessary) next to each type of tag you want to save with the file. Make sure that ID3v2 Mode says “Save (create if necessary) to save the non-standard tags.