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Toolbar There are two static (yet customizable) toolbars: one at the top next to the Menu bar, and one at the bottom left. They may be empty.

To include or exclude icons:

· Right click on an existing icon, or if there are none,

o right click on the Menu bar (for the top toolbar); or

o right click on the bottom left of the screen for the bottom toolbar.

· When the Customize Toolbar window opens, select the icons from the list on the left and click the right arrow to add them to the list on the right.

· Reverse the procedure to remove icons.

To change an icon's position in the toolbar, select it in the Customize Toolbar window, and press the Move Up or Move Down buttons.

To reset the toolbars to their defaults, click the Reset button in the Customize Toolbar window.

You can display icons with or without text labels. See the Text Options drop-down menu at the bottom of the Customize Toolbar window.