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Tools > Options > Television

Player > Playback Options

See also: Playback Options

Select Country

Select your county from the drop-down list. This allows MC to properly configure some settings specific to the country.


A list of digital and analog television tuner devices are shown. If you have more than one tuner, the order in the list determines the order in which the tuners will be used. You can use Move Up or Move Down button to change the order.

Select a device and click "Configure..." button to change settings specific to the device.


Aspect ratio

Choose an aspect ratio of video display during playback. Default: Source Aspect Ratio.

Normally "Source Aspect Ratio" should be selected. With this selection, MC displays the video according the the actual format of the television signal.

Closed captions (only supported for analog television)

When this option is checked, MC displays the closed captions. Default: unchecked.

Crop edges to remove visual noise at the edge of some broadcasts

This option crops out the edges of video to remove visual noise. Default: checked.


Time-shifting keeps the last few hours of live television playback on disk, allowing you to pause and rewind during a live broadcast.


Amount of data to keep (measured in hours of playback time). Default: 4 hours.

Save on stop

This option allows you to specify whether to save the cached television data when you end a time-shifting session. Default: Do not save.

Do not save: The cached data is discarded. Always save: The cached data is always automatically saved. Save when worth saving: The cached data is automatically saved if MC determines the data is long enough to be saved. Always ask: MC asks you whether to save the data each time you end a time-shifting session. Ask when worth saving: MC asks you whether to save the data if it determines that the data is long enough. Very short sessions will be silently discarded. Always warn: MC warns you that you are about to lose time-shifting data. You can click "Yes (Stop playing)" to confirm that you intended to stop the time-shifting session and discard the data; or click "No (Keep playing)" to cancel and return to the time-shifting session. Warn when worth saving: MC will warn you only if the data is long enough to be worth saving.

Start digital television in time-shifting mode

When selected, digital television is always started in time-shifting mode. Default: checked.

If you do not start playback in time-shifting mode, you can always start time-shifting anytime during playback of a television channel by either right-click menu > TV Options > Start time-shifting, or by click the Pause button. The difference between the two methods is that the former starts time-shifting and immediately starts to play cached data, while the latter leaves the player in paused mode.

Analog television is always started in regular mode (non-time-shifting). You can manually start time-shifting after MC starts to play a channel.


Recording allows you to save a program to disk for later playback.

Enable recording

Enables recording function. Default: checked.

When recording function is enabled, you can schedule MC to record a certain television program (using EPG), or a certain television channel at a certain time (without EPG). You can also instantly record a program/channel that you are currently watching by using right-click menu.

Folder for recording and time-shifting files

Specifies the location of recording and time-shifting files. Default: "[a disk on your computer with the larges available space]\TV Recordings\"

Recording format

Select which format you want your recordings in. Default: jtv.

Currently only the following options are available:

jtv: Recordings are saved in J. River time-shifting format. ts: This is available in digital television recording only. Recordings are saved in transport stream format.