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Tools > Options > Television

Player > Playback Options

See also: Playback Options

Audio for Video, DVD, & Television

Playback device

This configures what device to use for audio playback of videos.

If you choose Same as device used in audio playback, the audio will be routed through the J. River audio engine. This allows using ASIO, WASAPI, DSPs like Room Correction, VST plugins, and more. See Audio Playback Options for configuring audio output.

You can also choose a system output device to target a specific soundcard, or Default Windows playback device to target the Windows default soundcard. These modes will not use the J. River audio engine, so high-quality output and/or DSP will be disabled.

Finally, you can choose Reclock, a popular third party audio renderer, here.

Connection type

Select the most correct connection type so that Media Center can properly decide if it should do encoded digital output like AC3 or if it should do analog output.

Please note that LPCM over an HDMI connection is considered an 'Analog connection' since in this context, analog really means 'not compressed'.