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Wow! Great job. I'm looking forward to reading through this, because Skinning is one big area where I've been clueless on using MC. Thanks for all the work!

One wiki-writing related note though... You may want to consider breaking this article up into one or more sub-pages, like I did with the DirectShow Playback Guide. I'm not really sure what was causing it (though I suspect J. River's PHP install) but once my page got up around 30kb in size (and this one is hovering around 20 and threatening to go higher), I started to experience some minor editing annoyances. For one, when I'd hit Save Page, it'd just throw me to a blank page instead of returning me to the article as edited, which gets pretty annoying... You can refer to the Wikipedia Article Size article for suggestions.

Anyway, thanks again!

glynor 00:49, 23 July 2007 (CDT)