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Playlists can be managed this way very easily indeed

This page needs updating. Check the original thread (linked at the end of the page) where I've tried to explain how simple it is to manage playlists for ipod syncing.

Basically, you place the ipod playlists into a single playlist group along with a smartlist that lists all audio, and build your viewscheme around that group by making it the fist pane in the view scheme. Then, after selecting tracks or albums in the file list, all that's needed to add or remove them from the sync playlists is a tick in the tagging mode tick boxes beside the playlist names. The playlists are duly updated and any changes will be reflected on the ipod upon the next sync.

The only remaining caveat is that any smartlists that are in the group are "read only" from the view scheme. If you want to change those, you need to go to the playlist group and edit the smartlist rule directly.