Sync Podcasts to Handheld Device

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Sending a Podcast to a device is just like transferring any other file. See Transfer Files to your Handheld/Portable Device. There are, however, two tips:

To keep the files truly synchronized, remember to check “delete from handheld any files not in sync list” under Advanced Options (Tools > Options > Handheld).

Create a smartlist for recently downloaded Podcasts. One way is to use the following rule:

-[Feed URL]=[] ~sort=[date],[artist],[album] [Date Imported]=<=3d

This rule displays all episodes imported within the last 3 days, sorted by date. When synchronized with the Handheld Device, they can be listened to in order. Adding [Number Plays]=<1 limits the list to podcasts that have not been played.

You can also listen to all the podcasts by feed, in episode order:

-[Episode URL]=[] ~sort=[artist],[album],[track#]

Specific Tips for Syncing to an SD Card

  • Set this up by selecting Tools - Options - Handheld
  • Insert your card into the PC's card reader and select Add Device to allow you to name your device
  • The name of the device is at the top of the Handheld - Options dialog and different devices may be selected this way. Whatever device is selected is the one to which the options you are choosing in this dialog will apply.
  • Create a playlist or smartlist to sync then select it (check the appropriate list) from the Sync List on the right of the Handheld - Options dialog
  • Check the following: Auto-sync on Connect; Delete from handheld any files not in sync list; Enable albumn artwork support if possible
  • Expand Files and Paths and specify the path to which podcasts will be copied
    • All audio files seem to be copied into Device\Music PLUS whatever path you specify
    • Suggest only specifying [Album]\ for the path if each podcast from the same source has a common Album name

If you will be syncing from multiple PCs that access the same library, these options will need to be set on each PC even if each PC accesses a common library