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Supported File Types Media

Standard File Types
Other Supported File Types


Monkeys Audio (ape, apl)

MPC Audio (mpc, mp+)

MPEG audio (mp3, mpa, mpga)

OGG Audio (ogg)

WAV Audio (wav)

Windows Media Audio (wma, wax)

AAC Audio (m4a, m4p, m4b, aac)


AIF Audio (aif, aifc, aiff)

AU Audio (au, snd)

Audible Audio (aa)

CD Audio (cda)

DTS Audio*

MIDI Audio (mid, midi, rim, rmid)

Podcast (feed, itpc, pcast, podcast), Podcast RSS (rss) and Podcast XML (xml)

RealAudio (ram, ra**)

Shorten Audio (shn)

WavPack (wv)


AVI Video (avi)

MPEG Video (mpeg, mpg, m1v, mpv, mpe, m2v)

Windows Media Video (wmv, wvx)

DIVX Video (divx)

DVD Video (vob)

QuickTime (mov, qt, mp4)

RealVideo (rv)


JPEG Image (jpg, jpe, jpeg)

TIFF Image (tif, tiff)

BMP Images (bmp)

GIF Image (gif)

PNG Image (png)


Audio Playlists (m3u, pls, xpl, bpl)

Media Playlists (mpl)

Documents and Webpages

Adobe Acrobat (pdf)

MS Office files (doc, xls, csv, ppt, mde, mdb)

Text (txt, rtf)

Webpage Files (html, htm, mht)

Other Media

MusicEx Media (jmx)

Windows Media (asx, asf, wm)

RealMedia (rm, rp, rmm, rmx, smi, smil, rmj)

ShockWave (swf)

Programs/Executable Files (exe)

  • AC3 and DTS audio are played through DirectShow. You need an AC3 parser filter (like AC3Filter) and a decoder filter like FFDShow. Configure these to either send data to your outboard decoder via SPDIF, or decode and output to your speakers connected to your soundcard.

This list is subject to change.

To make sure your installation is capable of playing all the available media formats, periodically select the "Check for Updates..." item on the <Help> menu.

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