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Startup Settings Tools > Options > Startup

The Startup Settings page is where you determine the look and behavior of Media Center when you open the program. You can set the program to open in Mini View mode, you can have it automatically start playing the "Playing Now" Playlist (which means whatever you were listening to when you last exited the program), and you can even set it to open directly a Media Mode (Audio, Images, or Video).

To Access Startup Settings go to Tools > Options > Startup or press Ctrl-O, and select Startup in the left frame.

Startup Interface

· Location. Select what you want displayed when Media Center opens.

· Mode. Choose how you want the program to open (Standard View, Mini View, Full Screen View, Theater View, Last Exist View, Windowed View).

· Show splash screen. Check this option if you want the introductory splash screen.

Startup Actions

· Check for updates every X day(s). When checked, the program checks for updates of the program and plug-ins (an internet connection is required). You can specify the number of days between checks by clicking on this line (14 by default).

· Run Remote Server on port xx: Set the port number on which the Remote Server runs by clicking on this line, and then checking the box.

· Start playing current Playlist. When the program opens, it starts playing the "Playing Now" playlist; so whatever you were listening to when you exited the program will be played when you next start the program. This could be used in combination with Media Scheduler: if you set Media Scheduler to start the program every morning at 8am, add the files to play in the "Playing Now" playlist before you exit the program the night before.

Startup Volume

· Optimize volume for best sound quality. By default, the program is set to optimize the volume on startup. This maximizes the "Wave" volume slider and turns the master slider (the one Media Center runs) down by the corresponding amount. This gives the best S/N ratios possible at a given volume for most cards.

· Set volume to X%. When this is checked, the slider control is automatically set to the volume indicated here. To modify the percentage, click anywhere on this line. The default is 80%.