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  • ...type Date, values may include units such as '''d''', '''w''', '''y''', '''h''', '''m''' and '''s''' to indicate ''day'', ''week'', ''month'', ''year'', Example: Return all files by artist ''Mark Isham'', except those whose album names begin with ''after'' or ''quiz'', o
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  • 7. Changed: Replay gain, width, height, etc. no longer show a question mark when empty. (now simply blank)<br /> ...d new search syntax for searching for date elapsed, using the prefixes s,m,h,d,y in front of a number. (examples: "[Date Imported]=d1-d20" (imported 1 t
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  • 2. Changed: Trying to mark the Car Radio playlist group name for translation so it will show translate ...View television guide, programs being recorded are shown with a different mark so a user can easily tell that the recordings have successfully started.<br
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