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As an alternative to playlists, in J. River Media Center, you can create smartlists. A smartlist is actually a dynamic playlist. One does not add specific items to a smartlist, but instead define a set of rules to select items from ones library. A simple smarlist, can be set to select songs recently added to the library, or songs from defined artist(s). For example, you can create a Smartlist that says: Play everything in my "Top 40 hits of 1989" Playlist EXCEPT for the Christmas songs and the songs by Aretha Franklin. Whenever you select to play a Smartlist, it will apply the relevant rule to your entire library, including any new songs you may have added to your library that meet the criteria of its rules.

Smartlists can be created for all types of media: music, video, images, documents, and even a mixture of all of them.

There is no end to the possibilities with smartlists, and here are some usages which might help making your "playlist-of-your-dreams". Remember there is a nice selection of pre-defined smartlists to choose from when you are creating a new smartlist.

Minor tips:

  • [Duration]=<480
Remove songs longer than 8 minutes. Use it when syncing with devices. This may remove those hidden track songs with extensive silent periods.
  • ~s=1000
Limits smartlist to be maximum 1000 MB. Use it to set a desired total smartlist size, when syncing with devices.
  • A smartlist operates from left to right, just as the selection line was written.


1. [media type]=[audio] ~n=100
Selects first all audio files, then limits to 100 songs.

2. [media type]=[audio] [date imported]=<31d ~sort=[date imported]-d
Selects all files which has a import date newer than 31 day, and then sorts the list after the imported date.

3. [media type]=[audio] ~mix=300,50%,{[Rating]=>4},50%,{[Rating]=>3}
This is a bit more advance, but should be understandable. The mix is a very handy function for combining selects (or playlists and other smartlist for that matter). Each comma, seperates the operators. The first value defines the number of items to select in total. Next, one define the amount to select for the following query. It can be added as many querys as one likes in the mix. Here, to querys are added, one for selecting 50%(150 songs) rated 5, and the other 50%(150 songs as well) rated 4 or 5.

4. [Rating]==5 ~sort=[Last Played] ~n=20
Select the 20, rated 5 songs, which had the longest time since been played.

5. [media type]=[audio] ~mix=1000,25%,{[Rating]=>4},25%,{[Rating]=>3},25%,{[Rating]=>2},25%,{[Rating]=<1} ~nodup=[Artist],[Name]
Select randomly up to 1000 songs with rating 3 or higher (with higher density of higher rated songs), but 25% of them unrated. Remove duplicates.

6. [media type]=[audio] ~mix=20,50%,{[rating]=[],3,4,5 [date (year)]=2004-2006 ~sort=[number plays],[Last Played]-d,[date imported]-d ~%=50 ~sort=random},20%,{[rating]=[],3,4,5 [date (year)]=2000-2003 ~sort=[number plays],[Last Played]-d,[date imported]-d ~%=50 ~sort=random},15%,{[rating]=[],4,5 [date (year)]=1990-1999 ~sort=[number plays],[Last Played]-d,[date imported]-d ~%=50 ~sort=random},10%,{[rating]=[],4,5 [date (year)]=1980-1989 ~sort=[number plays],[Last Played]-d,[date imported]-d ~%=50 ~sort=random},5%,{[rating]=[],5 [date (year)]=<1980 ~sort=[number plays],[Last Played]-d,[date imported]-d ~%=50 ~sort=random} ~nodup=[Artist]
Select up to 20 songs from different artist, with focus on newly released and imported music, but also some old classics.

User Examples

Following is a collection of Smartlists that users have created.

Forum entries that need pages created: [1] [2]

Multidisc Album Cleanup Smartlist
Rated songs with density following rating smartlist
Audio -- All
[Media Type]=[audio]
Audio -- Bitrate -- High bitrate tracks
[Media Type]=[audio] [Bitrate]=>=160
Audio -- Bitrate -- Low bitrate tracks
[Media Type]=[audio] [Bitrate]=<=64
Audio -- Duration -- Tracks longer than ten minutes
[Media Type]=[audio] [Duration]=>600
Audio -- Duration -- Tracks shorter than one minute
[Media Type]=[audio] [Duration]=<60
Audio -- Favorites -- Have not heard recently
[Rating]=4,5 [Last Played]=>7d [Media Type]=[audio]
Audio -- Favorites -- Listened to today
[Rating]=4,5 [Last Played]=<1d [Media Type]=[audio]
Audio -- Favorites -- One audio CD worth
[Rating]=4,5 [Media Type]=[audio] ~sort=[Random] ~t=74m
Audio -- Favorites -- One data CD worth
[Rating]=4,5 [Media Type]=[audio] ~sort=[Random] ~s=650
Audio -- Random -- One audio CD worth
[Media Type]=[audio] ~sort=[Random] ~t=74m
Audio -- Random -- One data CD worth
[Media Type]=[audio] ~sort=[Random] ~s=650
Audio -- Random -- One hour
[Media Type]=[audio] ~sort=[Random] ~t=60m
Audio -- Recently Imported -- Imported this week
[Media Type]=[audio] [Date Imported]=<7d ~sort=[date imported]-d
Audio -- Recently Imported -- Imported today
[Media Type]=[audio] [Date Imported]=<1d ~sort=[date imported]-d
Audio -- Recently Imported -- Last 100 tracks
[Media Type]=[audio] ~sort=[Date Imported]-d ~n=100
Audio -- Task -- Empty properties
[Media Type]=[audio] ([Album]=[] or [Name]=[] or [Artist]=[] or [Genre]=[] or [Track #]=0)
Audio -- Task -- Incomplete albums
[Media Type]=[audio] [Complete Album]=0
Audio -- Task -- Needs audio analysis
[Media Type]=[audio] ([Replay Gain]=0 or [Peak Level]=0 or [BPM]=0 or [Intensity]=0)
Audio -- Task -- Not rated
[Media Type]=[audio] [Rating]=0
Audio -- Task -- Possible duplicates
[Media Type]=[audio] ~dup=[artist],[name] ~sort=[artist],[name]
Audio -- Top Hits -- 100 most played
[Media Type]=[audio] ~sort=[number plays]-d ~n=100
Audio -- Top Hits -- Haven't heard for over a year
[Media Type]=[audio] [Last Played]=>1y
Audio -- Top Hits -- Listened to today
[Media Type]=[audio] [Last Played]=<1d
Broken Links
Image & Video -- All
[Media Type]=[image],[video]
Image & Video -- Size -- Large display size
[Width]=>1024 [Height]=>768 [Media Type]=[image],[video]
Image & Video -- Size -- Small display size
[Width]=<320 [Height]=<240 [Media Type]=[image],[video]

Stock Smartlists

Following are the Smartlists that are created when selecting "Add Stock Smartlists" from the Playlists group.

4 or 5 Stars
100 Random Songs
[Media Type]=[audio] ~n=100
Imported This Month
[Date Imported]=<31d ~sort=[date imported]-d
Missing Cover Art
[Media Type]=[audio] [Image File]=[]
Not Recently Played
[Media Type]=[audio] [Last Played]=>31d
Podcasts By Date
-[Feed URL]=[] ~sort=[date],[artist],[album]
Small Images & Videos
[Media Type]=[image],[video] [Width]=<320 [Height]=<240