Sharing a media library with multiple users on a home network (LAN)

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Media Center 12 can share a media library with any number of Media Center clients on a home network.

Below is a simple example of how to configure this on your home network:

  1. Place all of your media in a single folder, let's say "D:\Media\"
  2. Share this folder on your network
  3. Map the shared folder "Media" as a drive on all the machines, let's say "M:\"
  4. Use Media Center Menu > File > Library > Library Manager to add a new library, let's say "Media Drive" at the location "M:\Media Center Library"
  5. Switch to this new library and import all the media on "M:\"
  6. On each client on the network, use Library Manager to add a library pointing to "M:\Media Center Library"
  7. Enjoy the media!

Remember that only one client can have read/write access to the library at any give time. The second, third, etc. client in will get read-only access.