Sharing Plug-in Debugging Hints

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ellicao Why does the network freeze with Library Server, TiVo Server or UPnP Server running?


Often, a network sniff with Wireshark will be helpful in tracking down problems. The sniffer software is free, and is available at This used to be Ethereal, and sniffs made with Ethereal will still work.

The usual approach:

  1. Shutdown the remote device/computer
  2. Shutdown Media Center
  3. Turn off any sources of unneeded network traffic (e-mail clients, for example)
  4. Start wireshark (do capture->options, make sure the correct interface is selected and if possible in the filter line put in the host IP's of the MC computer and the device you want to check like this: host and host then click on start)
  5. Start Media Center
  6. Start the remote device/computer
  7. Reproduce the problem
  8. Stop wireshark sniffing
  9. Save the file, and make it available to J. River