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Select Files There are many ways to select files.

Select a single file in the list.

· Click on the file in the list.

Select multiple files in the list.

· If the files are in consecutive order, click on the first file, then while holding down the Shift key, click on the last file you want to play.

· If the files are not in consecutive order, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the files.

Select all files in the list.

· Press Ctrl + A.

Select files using View Schemes.

· To select all files in a View Scheme, double click the scheme (the parent or a child) in the tree; or

· Click the parent in the tree to display the View Scheme panes (above the list), and select an item in the panes.

· Note: To play all selected items using these methods, you must have "Replace Playing Now (all)" selected in Tools > Options > General > Behavior.

Select files using Search.

· Type in search terms or rules in the Search Box to search the currently selected Media Mode. To search the entire database, type DB: all (for all databases) and then type in your search terms.

Quick Play

· Right-click on the Player buttons (Stop, Play, etc) to display your entire database. Follow the links to send files to Playing Now. This option is especially useful when the tree is hidden, or visualizations display in Full Screen Mode. Quick Play is also accessible by selecting File > Quick Play.