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* [[Getting Started]]
* [[Getting Started]]
* [[Old Versions]]
* [[Old Versions]]
* [[https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php/topic,115494.0.html Questions about MC24]]
More information can be found on the [http://www.jriver.com/purchase.html Purchase Page].
More information can be found on the [http://www.jriver.com/purchase.html Purchase Page].

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Install JRiver Media Center first, then restore your license. Version and OS must match the license. Details follow.


A Registration Code is a permanent license, and is mailed to you when you purchase JRiver Media Center.

Version is important. Your license must match the installed version of MC and OS. Windows, Linux, and Mac licenses are separate. So are major versions (MC22 and MC23, for example). Old versions are available.

Download and install from the Download Page at jriver.com or from our forum. Other sites may not be safe.

Restore your license by using your Registration Code on the Restore Page. This can also be done from within the program, under Help > Install License, or within the startup dialog. You must have the correct version of MC installed.

An Install Key is a temporary (14 days) portable license file (.mjr file), generated when you restore.

  • When you Restore, the Install Key is automatically applied to any copy of MC on the computer used to perform the Restore. It is also emailed to you upon purchase, and whenever you Restore. Look for mail from buy-button at jriver.
  • The Install Key can be used to license MC on your other computers, within reason. To do so, install the version of MC that matches your license, then execute the Install Key by double clicking on it from Windows Explorer or the Finder. Mac or Linux licenses won't work on Windows, and Windows licenses won't work on Mac or Linux.

The Install Key (mjr file) is good for 14 days. After that, you must Restore again. Using the Install Key does not use a restore.

You can Restore your license, and generate another Install Key up to ten times per year. If you use all your restores, please post on the forum. We can reset the count, but this is done only when you have run out.

  • If you lost your license, you can retrieve it by using option #2 on the Restore Page. You will receive mail from buy-button at jriver.
  • You can also change your e-mail address on that page.


  • Use Copy and Paste to enter your Registration Code, to avoid mistakes. The letter O and the number 0 look alike. So do the letter l and the number 1.
  • Browsers can sometimes cause problems. For example, when you download the Install Key, Opera renames the .mjr extension to .exe and this will not work. Try another browser if you have trouble with the mjr file. IE and Chrome are reliable.
  • When you copy and paste, make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces in the Registration Code.
  • You can view the license status under Help > Registration Info.
  • Make sure that the version and OS of the license and the version of the installed program match.
  • Verify that your system date is set correctly.


More information can be found on the Purchase Page.