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[http://pix01.com/UF1%40akPc Panel on a Phone]
[http://pix01.com/UF1%40akPc Panel on a Phone]
== WebGizmo ==
* [http://wiki.jriver.com/index.php/WebGizmo WebGizmo] is a browser based remote solution that can control MC from any device with a browser.  This includes iPad, iPhone, and Touch.  It looks and works like Gizmo for Android.
[[File:WebGizmo.jpg|400px|thumb|center|alt WebGizmo]]
== Tremote ==
== Tremote ==

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MC offers many ways to control your media.

Native support for remotes, including

The JRiver forum now has a board devoted to Remotes.


  • Gizmo, shown below, is an Android application that controls MC.

Gizmo playing audio.png Gizmo home.png] Gizmo movies.jpg]

Gizmo jazz.png] Gizmo start.png] Gizmo search.png]

Gizmo images.png]

More pictures


JRemote for iPhone and iPad.

JRemote for Android



Panel requires no app installation on your phone or tablet. It is a web app that MC22 or above provides when you connect to MC with a browser from any device.


Larger Image

More Screenshots of Panel on a Desktop

Panel on a Phone


  • Tremote is JRiver Media Center itself, running as a remote for another copy of MC.

Media Center Remote

MCremote sm.jpg

MC13 introduced support for Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) remotes. These usually have a Green Button that can start Media Center (either JRiver or Microsoft). MC14 improved support for Media Center Remotes and introduced support for HID devices to be used as remotes. These include keyboards and some MCE remotes.

The Media Center Remote

JRiver offers the Media Center Remote -- an MCE Remote, an IR transceiver, and an IR emitter in a convenient package of hardware. MC 14.0 or above is required.

Media Center can use this hardware to send IR signals to control other devices. This can be used to turn an amplifier or set top box on or off, for example, or to change the amp's volume.

Universal remotes


You can also add a generic IR receiver to your PC, and control Media Center with any remote.

  • You need to have an Infrared receiver like those for WMC remotes.
  • MC has a setup screen in Tools> Options> Remote Control.
  • Media Center supports the Windows MC Remote Control and Keyboad natively.

Software Solutions

There are a number of remote solutions for iPad and iPhone on our Remotes board.

These programs take advantage of MC interfaces for developers. More information can be found on the DevZone page.

Another list


Customizing JRemote Views