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*[http://www.cinemarsolutions.com/musiclobby.php MusicLobby] from Cinemaronline
*[http://www.cinemarsolutions.com/musiclobby.php MusicLobby] from Cinemaronline
These programs can be found on the [http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?board=5.0 Third party board] on Interact.
The following programs can be found on the [http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?board=5.0 Third party board] on Interact.
* xpTunes
* xpTunes
* HTML Web Remote Control
* HTML Web Remote Control

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MC offers many ways to control your media.

Native support for remotes, including

  • Remote Server is the original, very basic web server built into MC.
  • Remote Relay can control other devices by using IR blasters.
  • Tremote is MC itself, running as a remote for another copy of MC using the second generation web server in MC.

Windows MCE remotes

Vista remote.jpg

MC13 introduced support for Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) remotes. These usually have a Green Button that can start Media Center (either J. River or Microsoft). Please see this thread for more information.

MC14 added improved support for MCE remotes and introduced support for HID devices to be used as remotes. These include keyboards and some MCE remotes. Draft instructions for customization with MC14.034 or above are here.

XP users may require this driver.

The Media Center Remote

J. River offers the Media Center Remote -- an MCE Remote, an IR transceiver, and an IR emitter in a convenient package of hardware. MC 14.0 is required.

MC14 can use this hardware to send IR signals to control other devices. This can be used to turn an amplifier or set top box on or off, for example, or to change the amp's volume.

Universal remotes


You can also add a generic IR receiver to your PC, and control Media Center with any remote.

  • You need to have an Infrared receiver like those for WMC remotes or the *USBUIRT, UIRT2, RedRat, or IRMan, which will connect to your PC with a serial or USB cable.
  • MC has a setup screen in Tools> Options> Remote Control.
  • Media Center supports the Windows MC Remote Control and Keyboad natively

Software programs that use an MC interface

The following programs can be found on the Third party board on Interact.

  • xpTunes
  • HTML Web Remote Control
  • Rivermote

These programs take advantage of MC interfaces for developers. More info can be found on the DevZone page.