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Deprecated: This content has been deprecated as of current versions and may no longer be valid. Please refer to Interact for additional details.

In Media Center 15, Remote Server has been retired and replaced by WebRemote.

In prior versions, Remote Server started a Web Server that could be used to control Media Center from another device running a web browser.


Media Center is playing on your home stereo in the living room. You are working on your laptop or your Pocket PC in the kitchen, and decide you want to listen to a different playlist, increase the volume, or skip to the next track. You do not have to go to the living room computer; you can control playback from your laptop via the Web.

To enable Remote Server:

  1. On the main Media Center computer, go to Tools > Options > Startup > Run Remote Server.
  2. The default port is set to 80. Click on the entry to change it.

To access Media Center from another computer, open a web browser and type http://yourMediaCenterPCsName:theAssignedPortNumber Example: http://livingroomPC:80

Remote Server is not password protected.