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29.0.87 (9/7/2022)
1. Fixed: Some Thai characters were not being rendered properly.
2. Changed: The MCWS function Files/Search returns a failure if no matching files are found.

29.0.86 (8/15/2022)
1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 8.51 which switches 24-bit encoding back to the more widely compatible format.
2. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code.

29.0.85 (8/10/2022)
1. Fixed: JRVR did not properly account for the chroma location in all situations.
2. Fixed: JRVR profiles were not handled in live TV playback.
3. Changed: Video Playback will more thoroughly keep the screen from turning off.

29.0.84 (8/4/2022)
1. Changed: Updated the name for JRiver in WebPlay and updated the copyrights.

29.0.83 (8/2/2022)
1. Fixed: When switching TV channel MC could crash since build 80.
2. NEW: Spotlight added to right-click / context menu for files. Left-click and hold on file no longer launches Spotlight.
3. NEW: Added MCC_SHOW_SPOTLIGHT (#22041, param 0: current file, 1: current selection)

29.0.82 (8/1/2022)
1. Fixed: Showing the new history menu could crash in some cases.

29.0.81 (7/28/2022)
1. Fixed: The uninstaller could fail to start in some cases.

29.0.80 (7/27/2022)
1. Changed: Internal change on DirectShow based TV playback and recording.
2. Changed: Adjusted how the volume fade feature is done in the Scheduler (now it takes a number of seconds for more control and adds labels).
3. NEW: Left-click and hold on file in list or top player bar text launches Spotlight in a new tab.

29.0.79 (7/25/2022)
1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 8.35.
2. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Fixed: Handheld upload could double the extension since the extension dot fix.
4. NEW: Experimental support for AC-4 audio in MPEG-TS video files.
5. Changed: Added seconds to Media Network reporting instead of just minutes.

29.0.78 (7/21/2022)
1. Changed: Switched resolution thumbnails back to 400x400 but now check either dimension instead of both.
2. Fixed: A wait cursor is shown when filling list controls (for slow fills).
3. Fixed: Linking a car radio button to itself would crash. Fixed the crash and also no longer show car radio choices when linking to a playlist.
4. Changed: Made the thumbnail size threshold for showing the full image bigger (so bigger thumbs still show it).
5. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).

29.0.77 (7/20/2022)
1. Fixed: Some menu items didn't work properly in the tree since adding the expand / collapse item.
2. Improved: Increased the thumbnail compression quality, and removed artificial sharpening which often resulted in emphasized artifacts.

29.0.76 (7/19/2022)
1. Improved: Enlarged the size of the grab borders during image editing.
2. Changed: Renamed the option "Show a link arrow" instead of "Show a link checkbox" to be more clear about the behavior.
3. NEW: Made a history menu item shown in the view header menu that links to past views.
4. Changed: Full resolution thumbnails are used after 300x300 instead of 400x400 so they should appear a little sharper close to that threshold.
5. Improved: Thumbnails for groups of files that contain audio will only use audio (instead of also using images and data).

29.0.75 (7/18/2022)
1. Changed: Updated Japanese translation (thanks Yasuhide Nagasawa).
2. NEW: Added expand and collapse to the right-click menu for the tree.
3. Fixed: The JRVR Cubic scaling type was not being saved properly.
4. Fixed: Tamil characters would not render properly.
5. NEW: Added a "Reset" button to Convolution.
6. NEW: Added a checkbox to the top of a playlist view "Expand links" that allows turning off link expansion (runtime only, not saved).
7. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
8. NEW: Sat>IP devices whose channel list URLs do not conform to Sat>IP specs will also be supported as Sat>IP devices (previously they can only be supported as IPTV devices).

29.0.74 (7/14/2022)
Fixed: The ";" with "; " replacement wasn't working properly in build 73.

29.0.73 (7/14/2022)
1. Changed: Switched the expression syntax so optional parameters don't get broken up for translation (was using optional:, now uses optional,).
2. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
3. Changed: Made the volume for the scheduler go from 0 to 100 instead of 0 to 1.
4. Changed: Only fields would get ";" replaced with "; " at display time. Now list style expressions are evaluated as well.
5. Changed: Added RM to the list of default import types.

29.0.72 (7/13/2022)
1. Fixed: Spotlight would sometimes use thumbnails for data files if tagged with same album name.
2. NEW: Scheduler playback can fade the volume up as it starts playback.
3. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep).

29.0.71 (7/12/2022)
1. Fixed: Spotlight button is hidden for media types that are not supported.
2. Fixed: Corrected the list header image for ModernCards Dark (thanks Marko).
3. NEW: Manage Links allows creating a link that's a program on the computer with parameters.
4. Fixed: If a TV station replaces a longer program with two or more shorter programs, EPG update would erroneously delete a valid program and create a "Program info not available" entry.
5. NEW: Added the more play option "Add (album as next to play)".
6. NEW: When unfreezing a column, it will be restored back to the original position it was at when it was frozen.
7. NEW: Next to the "Edit in Popup" button in the Tag window, there is also a close button to make the field not expanded.
8. Changed: The entire PlaybackInfo tag, instead of just some of the properties, saved in a TV channel is transferred to TV recordings on the channel.

29.0.70 (7/8/2022)
1. NEW: Made kernel streaming optional in Options > General > Advanced.
2. Changed: When kernel streaming enumerates devices, it turns off kernel streaming, does the work, and turns it on if it works. This way a crash will turn off kernel streaming.

29.0.69 (7/7/2022)
1. Changed: The cover view toolbar button shows in all views now (Playing Now, Cloudplay, etc.).
2. Changed: Artist Spotlight uses local cover art for albums in your library.
3. NEW: Artist Spotlight shows albums in your library that were not matched in internet search.
4. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code.
5. NEW: Configuration Profiles for JRVR (video renderer).
6. Changed: The PlaylistTime expression takes an optional parameter to specify if the value should be formatted (defaults to yes, returns raw milliseconds if not).
7. NEW: Added a User() expression function to return the name of the current user.

29.0.68 (7/5/2022)
1. Fixed: The zooming and center shift properties were not passed to client playback file during client playback of live TV channels.
2. Fixed: Setting allow custom data override would not work properly in Panes if the data type was set to list.
3. Fixed: The combobox to pick library field flags could open again after closing in some cases (may apply to other combos as well).
4. Changed: When you set the view name for a library view, it will no longer be overridden when you select another location or template.
5. NEW: Added a preset button to the Fill Properties From Filename tool.
6. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Boháč).

29.0.67 (6/30/2022)
1. Changed: Expanded options to repeat EPG loading every 2, 3, or 7 days.
2. Fixed: Handheld filename rules with a dot did not work nicely as everything after the dot was read as the extension.
3. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
4. NEW: Zooming and center shifting of video position during live TV playback will cause these properties to be saved for the TV channel so that the same will be applied the next time the channel is played.

29.0.66 (6/27/2022)
1. NEW: Add SHOW_THEATER_VIEW_MODE_SPOTLIGHT (13) to MCC_THEATER_VIEW which shows the Spotlight page for the currently playing file.
2. NEW: Using OSD commands (i.e. remote control or keyboard) to change aspect ratio settings during live TV playback will save the settings so that the same setting will be used in the future.
3. Changed: Memory playback disables for URLs that have no length reported.
4. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
5. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
6. Fixed: Handheld transfer when connected to a Library Server was not working in all cases.

29.0.65 (6/23/2022)
1. Changed: Put the top border back in dialogs that are maximizable because removal was causing drawing artifacts in DSP Studio and possibly other areas.
2. NEW: The option to use forward slashes is in the export playlist and export all playlists dialogs.
3. Fixed: When a client plays a live TV channel using a server tuner, the ""PlaybackInfo" tag was not passed to the client and thus not applied on the client.
4. Changed: A different attempt at smooth progress (local zones only) that's hopefully smoother.
5. Fixed: Seeking holding down next or previous wasn't working since the smooth progress addition.
6. NEW: Added a couple of stock Smartlists: "Television -- Channels" and "Television -- Guide".
7. NEW: Skins can specify "Gridlines" for the Analyzer.
8. NEW: Add Spotlight functions GetPage and ClearCache to MCWS and make Spotlight work outside of MC. Please clear cache by temporarily switching skin.

29.0.64 (6/21/2022)
1. Changed: Spotlight loading page uses skin background and text colors.
2. Changed: Tuner option "Do not show this device in Theater View Tuner Status display" in Standard View tuner configuration dialog.
3. NEW: TV Tuners can be assigned a nickname (created or edited in Standard View) for display in Theater View Tuner Status.
4. Fixed: The smooth player bar would stop being smooth after going to display view and back.
5. NEW: The regular progress bar (not waveform) is smooth as well.
6. NEW: Skins can specify an ANALYZER section and provide a background color (example: <Colors Background="ff00ff" />).
7. Fixed: NVIDIA NVENC hardware video encoding did not work reliably on all newer drivers.
8. Fixed: The smooth progress bar would stop being smooth after going in or coming out of display view.
9. Fixed: Multiple comboboxes could be opened at once (instead of the first closing).
10. NEW: Manage Library Fields remembers the size and position between uses.
11. NEW: Manage Library Fields remembers the filter selection between uses.

29.0.63 (6/16/2022)
1. Changed: Tooltips are hidden in Spotlight when using remote/keyboard navigation.
2. Fixed: Could not select tv show season with remote/keyboard in Spotlight.
3. Fixed: Back navigation in Spotlight was not working properly in Theater View when using Chromium browser engine.
4. Changed: Skin change in MC clears out all Spotlight caches.
5. Fixed: ASS/SSA subtitles with unicode characters in their path or name did not load properly.
6. NEW: The position slider moves more smoothly (drawn each time the slider moves a pixel instead of once a second).
7. Changed: There is more space below the rules and modify sections of the search / smartlist dialog.
8. Changed: A little additional tuning of the edit search / smartlist dialog (feedback appreciated).
9. Changed: The Analyzer DSP uses dark grey for a background color.
10. Changed: The Analyzer DSP uses the text color for the axis labels instead of a hard coded value.
11. NEW: TV Tuners can be hidden from Theater View's "Tuner Status..." display.

29.0.62 (6/14/2022)
1. Changed: Tried a different approach to get rid of the few pixel borders on windows around the frame.
2. NEW: Added an advanced option to turn off blinking of a new Action Window when it is opened.
3. Changed: Updated libplacebo for JRVR for overall stability and compatibility improvements, as well as more accurate ICC profile handling.

29.0.61 (6/13/2022)
1. Fixed: Closing Manage Library Fields dialog window would crash MC in build 60 (on Windows OS).
2. Changed: Removed the tag window "Field" skin item that would draw around images in the tag window.
3. Changed: In some cases the equalizer slider values could show on one line (depending on scale settings) but now it will always put the "dB" on the second line.
4. Fixed: The mouse over state could get stuck in the Parametric Equalizer because timers were not being routed properly.
5. Changed: Removed a face color border line at the top (and possibly bottom) of dialogs.
6. NEW: The tag window can take an EditOverlay color to use instead of the default red.

26.0.60 (6/9/2022)
1. Fixed: The mouse down button state was incorrect in the skin if the window had been maximized.
3. Changed: The view extra feature can customize the number of levels to search up from the folder for matches (defaults to no levels, can be set up to three).
4. Improved: When typing with an Input Method Editor (e.g. Chinese or Japanese), the composition window and candidate list window will be displayed near the edit window, instead of in a far-away place.
5. NEW: Navigate Spotlight pages in Theater View with remote/keyboard.

29.0.59 (6/7/2022)
1. Fixed: Tabs could blink when changing if an Action Window was open (possibly fixes other visual artifacts).
2. Fixed: Message boxes would be hidden in Theater View when viewing a web page.
3. Changed: Made the minimize, maximize and close buttons respond to the mouse over state in dialogs.
4. Changed: When editing a big field in a popup, the cursor is placed at the beginning of the edit instead of the end.
5. Fixed: Spotlight would not show correct background color for some skins.

29.0.58 (6/3/2022)
1. Fixed: When sizing a large edit in the Tag window editor the scroll position could move down.
2. Fixed: Switching between the legacy and modern tag editing windows could crash in some cases.
3. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep!).

29.0.57 (6/2/2022)
1. Changed: Spotlight uses background and text colors from current skin (click Refresh to clear Spotlight cache to see changes).
2. NEW: You can search all library fields by using [all]= at the start of the search.
3. Fixed: During DSD to PCM conversion, the output sample rate reported by Audio Path could be off by 8x.
4. Fixed: The lyrics page could be scrolled incorrectly after resizing. Now a "Home" is issued whenever the scrollbar requirement changes in an edit.

29.0.56 (5/31/2022)
1. Fixed: Back from Spotlight in Theater View was not returning to file view.
2. Changed: The mouse wheel over large edits or lists in the Action Window will be consumed by that control instead of promoted to the container when a scrollbar isn't needed (which stops editing and scrolls to the next field).
3. Changed: The "Tag Dump" in the new tag Action Window uses the ideal height of the entire dump instead of a fixed number.
4. Fixed: A new template would not load when doing "Refresh" in the Tag Action Window.

29.0.55 (5/30/2022)
1. NEW: Added a Refresh command to the Tag Action Window to reload.
2. Changed: The tag window opens values at the full height of the tag window when editing something big like lyrics.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
4. Changed: Data file image lookup is only done on files with a media sub type of "Book".

29.0.54 (5/26/2002)
1. NEW: Tag windows show an option to switch between the modern and legacy tag editors (the shift shortcut has been removed).
2. Fixed: The new right-click menu to expand and collapse all was taking over for all fields in the Tag window.
3. Changed: Spotlight movie and TV content uses Wikipedia language setting.

29.0.53 (5/26/2022)
1. NEW: MCWS function Television/GetRecordingScheduleXML that returns TV recording schedule in a single xml-formatted string, instead of an enumerated multiple return strings that previous function Television/GetRecordingSchedule returns.
2. NEW: Spotlight for TV Shows and TV Credits for people added.
3. NEW: The tag window offers a right-click menu on group headers with the ability to expand all groups or collapse all groups.
4. Fixed: The mouse wheel in the Tag Action Window would sometimes still not work with the inner most control.
5. Fixed: The new Wikipedia data lookup could crash on lookup failures.

29.0.52 (5/24/2022)
1. Fixed: When playing images, if a Playing Now tab was open, it would just switch to that tab instead of showing Display View.
2. Changed: In image playback, left-clicking the image will no longer zoom in or out.
3. NEW: Data files (like books) can lookup images from the internet. The name field is used for a Wikipedia search.

29.0.51 (5/19/2022)
1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Changed: Spotlight: display year in Movie Credits and ignore credits without a year.
3. Changed: Spotlight: display birth and death dates for actor/director.
4. Changed: Spotlight: increase height of horizontal scroll bars and make some caption text bold.
5. Fixed: Spotlight: Similar Artists are retrieved in English.
6. Fixed: Allow seeking to the end byte of a buffered internet file. The previous behavior broke opus playback over media network (and probably others).
7. Changed: Rebuilding the thumbnail on a library server client will make a rebuild request to the server so it won't just return the same cached thumbnail (testing appreciated).
8. Changed: Quick Find Cover Art on a client issues the request to the server.

29.0.50 (5/17/2022)
1. NEW: TV tuner status can be displayed in Theater View.
2. Changed: When multiple artists are specified as a list, Spotlight just matches the first artist.
3. Fixed: Media Center could crash when starting JRVR with an empty shader cache file.
4. Changed: When scrollable edit controls are inside scrollable windows (like Manage Library Fields) the mouse wheel will only operate the inner most window.
5. Changed: The Tag window has the same scroll behavior where the mouse wheel will run something like Tag Dump if it's over that instead of the outer container.
6. Changed: Spotlight shows "recommended" movies instead of "similar".
7. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
8. Fixed: MC could hang if there have been consecutive errors on a TV tuner in a short period of time.
9. Fixed: Duplicate set of DMS channels were created if manual channel setup was run after MC already created the DMS channels automatically (for HDHomeRun devices).
10. NEW: Spotlight for Actors/Directors added and displayed when you click on a cast member in movie Spotlight.

29.0.49 (5/12/2022)
1. Changed: Put the 8x resample done during DSD to PCM conversion in Audio Path.
2. Fixed: Interacting with DVD Menus with the Mouse was not working reliably with JRVR.
3. NEW: Spotlight for movies added (preliminary).

29.0.48 (5/10/2022)
1. NEW: Added "Remove newlines" to the Clean File Properties tool.
2. Changed: DSD to PCM sample rates are reported at their original sample rate instead of one eighth in Audio Path.
3. Changed: "Play previous channel" is changed to "Play last played TV channel".
4. NEW: Added a few new commands to the list of MC commands in remote control setup.
5. Changed: Cover art from the show command will be extracted to the temporary folder and stay until MC is restarted (previously we were deleting a temporary file before it could be shown).
6. NEW: Added MCC_PLAY_SELECTED (10069) to play the selected files (0: play replace, 1: append, 2: play next).
7. NEW: "Screen Grab to File" and "Use Screen Grab for Thumbnail" are supported with JRVR.
8. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
9. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.

29.0.47 (5/9/2022)
1. Fixed: Restored expression fix for "calculated unless filled" type fields.
2. Changed: When playing 2 channel content with no upmixing as 5.1, it will no longer be reported as 2.1 in Audio Path.

29.0.46 (5/7/2022)
1. Changed: Re-designed the JRVR General and Output options pages to be more user friendly.
2. Changed: Adjusted the default for HDR to SDR conversion brightness.
3. NEW: Added button to Theater View file roller to display Spotlight (view only, not interactive).
4. Fixed: Reverted recent expression changes due to issues with correct evaluation.

29.0.45 (5/5/2022)
1. Changed: More tuning to the Manage Library Fields dialog.
2. Changed: Tweaked Spotlight Wikipedia About matching.
3. Changed: Made the Manage Library Fields dialog have a scrollbar when the size is made too small.
4. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep!).

29.0.44 (5/2/2022)
1. Fixed: Expression fields could still be a problem evaluating.
2. Changed: Expanded the new Manage Library Fields rule to include hidden fields.

29.0.43 (5/4/2022)
1. Fixed: Expression fields that were calculated unless filled could fail to evaluate properly in some cases.
2. NEW: Added a new filter to Manage Library Fields: Show only user fields.
3. Changed: The Manage Library Fields dialog remembers the last edited field and picks it again when you open.

29.0.42 (5/3/2022)
1. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) language file (thanks YanJun Sun).
2. NEW: Long press on Spotlight button opens new tab.
3. NEW: Added button to Spotlight (top right corner) that lets you Google the current track in Playing Now or show Spotlight for the current artist.
4. Fixed: For Spotlight Wikipedia About added simple keyword checks to avoid non-music-related results.
5. Changed: Made the default audio conversion mode for Library Server "No Conversion".
6. NEW: Added a list of file types to convert for the convert if necessary library server client mode.
7. Changed: Simplified the list of encoders available for Library Server Client conversions.
8. Fixed: Spotlight Wikipedia link uses selected Wikipedia language.

29.0.41 (4/28/2022)
1. Fixed: Improved the scaling of tree items to no longer be drawn with excessive padding on higher scale values.
2. Fixed: TV would crash when trying to scan for OTA EPG, in builds 39 and 40.
3. NEW: Spotlight data is now cached. Added "Refresh" link to update the artist or clear the cache for all artists.
4. Changed: Spotlight does not display albums without a year.
5. Changed: An attempt to route system media key messages and then handle them (instead of always eating them).

29.0.40 (4/26/2022)
1. Fixed: The transparent playback controls in display view should no longer take focus from the playback window.
2. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
3. NEW: Added support for manual color controls to JRVR (Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation).

29.0.39 (4/25/2022)
1. Changed: JRVR Output settings are now per-display, existing settings have been migrated.
2. NEW: JRVR support for color calibration using ICC/ICM profiles and 3D Cube LUTs (.cube).
3. Changed: Tweaked JRVR SuperRes Enhancement for a better balance of sharpness and ringing.
4. Changed: Convolution file matching finds files with 3528 for 352,800 Hz and 1764 for 176,400 Hz.
5. Changed: The channel count for stereo files for convolution naming can be "2.0" or simply "2" now ("2" is the addition).
6. Fixed: The new icon coloring option for toolbars wouldn't save between runs.
7. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep!).
8. NEW: Added Debanding to JRVR under the new Processing options tab.
9. Fixed: A couple tree tooltips didn't get translated.
10. Changed: Changed how some errors are handled in TV engine.
11. Fixed: Default language determination did not include Catalan.
12. Fixed: In Standard Television View, the "Record" button was made available (though not operational) in error when the view was showing "TV Logs" or "Show status".
13. Changed: In Standard Television View, the "Record" button will not be displayed in "To be recorded" view unless a single channels is selected.

29.0.38 (4/22/2022)
1. Faster: Handheld operations are faster (we were setting in a way that caused relational files to be set, but it was unnecessary).
2. Changed: Removed the waveform and album play fields from handhelds so they're no longer sent.
3. Changed: Spotlight button has multiple icons for hover and press.
4. Changed: Spotlight page generated in background thread.
5. Changed: Changed how some errors are handled in TV engine.
6. Changed: Spotlight Albums sorted by year.

29.0.37 (4/21/2022)
1. Changed: Focus will be given to the video player more consistently when starting video playback.
2. NEW: Added an option to toggle the Click to Pause behavior in video playback (Video -> Advanced).
3. Changed: Tuned the relational search changes made a few builds back for performance.
4. NEW: If the FPS tag has not been set on a TV channel, a default value (29.97 or 25 for ATSC or DVB respectively) will be used for the purpose of automatically choosing a display setting.

29.0.36 (4/20/2022)
1. Changed (internal change): Changed the way default language is determined.

29.0.35 (4/19/2022)
1. Changed: Updated the Catalan language (thanks Josep!). 2. Changed: When starting IPTV channels with Sat>IP streams (RTSP URL), the unnecessary step of determining file type is skipped, to speed up the start up.
3. Fixed: Possible problem doing DSD output to an ASIO device that took 32-bit input data.
4. Changed: MCWS function Television/GetGuidePrograms will return information in a single xml formatted string, instead of multiple strings one for each program.
5. Changed: RTSP based IPTV will try to buffer more data before attempting to play.
6. Changed: Artist Spotlight matches library albums when multiple artists are listed.
7. Changed: Increased max amount of time for JRiver video player to probe for audio/video formats in non-DirectShow-based TV playback.
8. Changed: Added optional parameters "Tags", "ExecCom", and "ComArgs" to Television/SetRecording MCWS function.

29.0.34 (4/15/2022)
1. NEW: Spotlight: Add clickable play icon for matching albums in your library.
2. NEW: Spotlight: Clicking on Similar Artist opens Spotlight for that artist.
3. NEW: Spotlight: Clicking on album goes to Google search for that album.
4. Changed: Spotlight button now is a simple yellow circle (it is skinnable).
5. NEW: Made the toolbar icon style customizable between dimming the icons and leaving them full color.

29.0.33 (4/14/2022)
1. Fixed: The player window could fail to show an image for a playing file if the thumbnail had not been built yet.
2. NEW: Added the advanced option to not show the sequence column in Playing Now.
3. Changed: When showing or hiding the sequence column, the option is set automatically.
4. Changed: When you look at columns to show, the sequence column will be available.
5. Changed: Turned off checking file existence in a list by default (optional and can be turned on).
6. Changed: The default statusbar text no longer checks for a file existence. This should prevent MC from accessing the file system until it plays.

29.0.32 (4/12/2022)
1. Fixed: Subtitles on Blu-rays in menu playback could blink on and off on certain discs.
2. Fixed: Spotlight button would be clipped when there is overflow in web links.
3. NEW: Ctrl+click of Spotlight button opens in new tab.
4. NEW: Added support for nine and ten stage biquads (testing appreciated).
5. Changed: Album based relational fields simply use the album value for images and videos instead of also looking at the artist.

29.0.31 (4/8/2022)
1. NEW: Albums and Similar Artists thumbnails on Spotlight.
2. NEW: MCWS function Television/CancelRecording to cancel TV recordings.
3. Fixed: Loading DSP presets could crash (the threading was using a background thread to load the plugin, but now it has been moved to the main thread).
4. Changed: Convolution adds choices to the drop-list as they are entered instead of only after re-opening DSP Studio.

29.0.30 (4/7/2022)
1. Changed: Use different icon for Spotlight button.
2. Fixed: With the platform file set to a different platform, import could duplicate the import over and over as it changed the slashes.
3. NEW: The convolution dialog will list the last 10 selected filters in a combobox for the path (instead of simply being an edit).
4. NEW: MCWS function SetRecording to set up TV recordings.

29.0.29 (4/5/2022)
1. Fixed: The D3D11 hardware deinterlacing in JRVR is fully reset when seeking or changing to progressive, to avoid artifacts.
2. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
3. Changed: Clicking on the image in the player with control pressed will open Playing Now in a new tab.
4. Changed: Made the program faster to show lists of thumbnails.
5. Fixed: Seeking with JRVR would blank out the frame before the new frame was available, for a visible blinking effect.
6. Changed: The JRVR OSD shows the Media Center version for easy identification.
7. Changed: Made the XML parser faster to get numbers (used in iTunes playlist import, etc.).
8. Changed: Use separate button to show Spotlight Page (no longer uses web links).
9. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
10. NEW: Added the Catalan language (thanks Josep!).

29.0.28 (4/2/2022)
1. Changed: When the system language is Czech (LANG_CZECH) that will be selected as the default translation.
2. Changed: Added several more system languages to the default translation list.
3. Fixed: The default video playback mode was set to Advanced in some cases instead of Red October JRVR in 29.0.26.

29.0.27 (4/1/2022)
1. NEW: Television/GetGuidePrograms MCWS function.
2. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Boháč!).
3. Fixed: Do not reset the custom web links and always add Spotlight as the first.
4. NEW: Add Albums and Similar Artists links on the Spotlight Page.

29.0.26 (3/31/2022)
1. Fixed: Some TV recordings in JTV format might be skipped randomly.
2. Fixed: Possible interface leak when playing or recording a DirectShow based TV channel.
3. Fixed: Playing a Blu-ray with VC-1 video in Menu mode could result in stuttering playback.
4. Changed: Red October JRVR is now the default recommended video playback mode (in favor of Red October Standard).
5. Changed: Renamed Red October HQ to "Red October madVR" to clearly indicate the difference in renderer used.
6. NEW: Add Spotlight Page preview accessed by Spotlight link at top of Playing Now.

29.0.25 (3/29/2022)
1. NEW: Clicking on the image in the player window jumps to Playing Now.
2. Changed: Renaming a tree item will update saved favorites.
3. Changed: Moving a playlist will update saved favorites using that playlist.
4. Changed: Deleting a playlist or other view will delete any saved favorites.
5. Fixed: Some video analyzer files were left in Temp folder undeleted.
6. Changed: The program is better about deleting temporary image files retrieved during DLNA serving, MCWS serving, etc.
7. Fixed: Scaling the UI would not draw icons correctly in all cases (for example at 110% the Options icons would overlap the borders).

29.0.24 (3/25/2022)
1. Changed: The Verge news reading works better with their updates.
2. Fixed: The "Date Tagged" field could incorrectly get set when changing the new Last Played Album date.
3. Fixed: The "Date Tagged" field could incorrectly get set when changing the skip count field.
4. Changed: Moved setting the date tagged field to the actual tagging (please report any issues).
5. Fixed: Improved DVD Menu behavior in JRVR when the menu consists of still frames.

29.0.23 (3/24/2022)
1. Fixed: Saved default audio program selection on an IPTV or DMS channel was not applied when the channel playback was started.
2. Fixed: Mixed interlaced and progressive content could show a few frames out of order at the cross-over with JRVR.
3. NEW: Added a "Sync Changes With Library Server" toolbar button.
4. Changed: Removed from Theater View because it went away.
5. Changed: Added a different joke of the day site to Theater View.
6. Changed: If you pick Group By > Album again for a list, it will use new logic that uses the album artist (auto) when possible.
7. Changed: Updated the "New / Improved This Version" to point to v29.
8. Changed: The View Extras feature looks at all the image associations MC has instead of just a few.
9. NEW: Added video files to the View Extras menu.
10. Changed: When TV recording on an HLS IPTV channel is done, a flag is saved as a property in the "Playback Info" field, to indicate that it has an index sidecar, so that the recording will be handled properly at playback time.
11. Fixed: JRVR will allow rendering the OSD even when no image from the source has arrived yet.
12. NEW: TV recordings on HLS IPTV channels can now be played on Library Server clients.

29.0.22 (3/17/2022)
1. Fixed: The fix to not show at boot was making the program not activate when you clicked it. Trying a different fix to showing.

29.0.21 (3/17/2022)
1. Changed: When outputting 2.1, Audio Path will report that instead of the container format 5.1.
2. NEW: DSP presets can be set on TV channels, and will be honored when the channels are played.
3. Changed: Variable Refresh Rate/GSYNC will be disabled for Media Center on NVIDIA GPUs by creating a custom profile on first video playback.
4. Fixed: Loading Java for Blu-ray Menus could fail on some systems.
5. Fixed: The player could still show a screen in some cases when starting at boot (even if it should have only run Media Server).
6. NEW: "Audio Programs" context menu is now available for IPTV and DMS channels.

29.0.20 (3/15/2022)
1. NEW: An option in "Rename, Move, & Copy files..." to copy sidecar files (tag sidecar, subtitle sidecar etc.) when the mode of operation is "Copy" or "Copy and update database location to point to the new location."
2. Changed: Updated Norwegian translation (thanks Øistein Rian).
3. Changed: Parameters in the Parametric Equalizer dialog show up to five digits of precision instead of two.
4. Changed: Low and high pass filters have a default Q of 0.7071.
5. Fixed: On boot the program could show when it was set to Media Server mode.
6. Changed: The sunrise and sunset times are not gotten again at startup if they were gotten in the last day.
7. Changed: Sunrise and sunset are reloaded from the server every 5 days instead of every day.
8. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 7.50 which removes the 4 GB encode limit.
9. Changed: Made WAV files with -1 for the content length read the entire file for the length.
10. Fixed: Improved the consistency of text subtitle placement with JRVR.
11. Fixed: IPTV playback could fail due to lack of certain dependencies on a fresh installation of MC.
12. Changed: When the same DSP preset is used by two files in a row, it is only loaded once (instead of for each file).

29.0.19 (3/9/2022)
1. Changed: IPTV recordings with a sidecar index file will always be played in JRiver Video Player.
2. NEW: Added a "Maximum subtitle resolution" option to the video settings.
3. Fixed: Seven and eight stage biquads were not functioning properly.
4. Changed: Made WASAPI report itself as WASAPI Exclusive when playing as exclusive in Audio Path.
5. NEW: When renaming/moving/copying/deleting indexed HLS IPTV recordings, the index files are also renamed/moved/copied/deleted.

29.0.18 (3/8/2022)
1. NEW: TV recordings of HLS IPTV channels will have a sidecar index file saved, to make playback of such files smoother, in particular when discontinuities are involved. This is supported in JR Video Player only (not in DirectShow engine).
2. Changed: Updated libplacebo in JRVR for improved tonemapping, dithering, and various performance, stability and compatibility fixes.
3. Changed: Moved and reworded the "Gamut Handling" JRVR setting to better reflect that it is going to be used for SDR as well, as well as adding a new default setting.
4. Changed: Introduced a set of Trade Quality for Performance options in JRVR to limit the bitdepth of frame buffers and disable the use of frame buffers entirely for very low end systems (not recommended otherwise).
5. Changed: The EditType and DataType returned by MCWS are no longer translated.

29.0.17 (3/7/2022)
1. Changed: Updated the Edge WebView to the latest version.
2. NEW: Re-designed ASS/SSA subtitle renderer for JRVR for significant performance improvements.
3. Fixed: The layout of the all pass filter was not correct.
4. Fixed: Changing the filename of a custom biquad did not reload the filter.
5. NEW: Up to 8 stages of biquad filters can be loaded (was capped at 4).
6. Changed: The sign of a1 and a2 are now flipped when loading a minidsp biquad (according to specification).
7. Changed: Added DisplayName to the MCWS Library/Fields.
8. NEW: Ctrl-R will reset the JRVR performance metrics.

29.0.16 (3/4/2022)
1. Fixed: Biquad and divider filters could get swapped in the last build.

29.0.15 (3/3/2022)
1. NEW: Added support for custom biquad files (in minidsp format) in Parametric Equalizer.
2. NEW: Added the ability to set the Q used in the all pass filter.
3. Changed: Improved handling of timestamp discontinuity in IPTV (HLS) playback. Now playback and seeking both work seamlessly at discontinuity.
4. NEW: Added the ability to select the number of extra channels in DSP Studio > Output Format (instead of the choice being grouped together).
5. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

29.0.14 (3/1/2022)
1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Changed: Made the VST buffer size option global instead of zone specific so it works with DLNA zones better.
3. NEW: Support for playback of rotated videos in JRVR.
4. Changed: Updated LAV Filters to 0.76.1, fixing an issue with hardware acceleration in JRVR on Intel GPUs, and improving integration of DVD menus with JRVR.

29.0.13 (2/24/2022)
1. NEW: The mode for Get Cover Art is saved between each run and use.
2. NEW: Ctrl+Shift+M will show a DVD or Bluray menu.
3. Fixed: JTV recordings could be imported with wrong video dimensions (1920x1080 HD video tagged as 1280x720) and/or wrong frame rate (29.97 video was tagged as 59.94).

29.0.12 (2/18/2022)
1. Fixed: Playing multiple DSP profiles would restore the previous profile instead of original.
2. NEW: Added the latency of the audio converter and from input until data is heard to the Audio Path.

29.0.11 (2/17/2022)
1. Fixed: IPTV channels that stream VOD (video on demand) could hang if a seek is performed after all data have been downloaded.
2. Fixed: Seeking of an IPTV playback could cause video to stutter for a few seconds.
3. Fixed: The check for focus for translating shortcuts in a web view was not working properly.
4. Changed: Pasting a string will no longer trim the trailing spaces.
5. Changed: Manage Library Fields would be sized incorrectly when opening to a large expression.
6. NEW: When a DSP profile is loaded for a file, the current configuration is saved before loading and restored when the next track starts.
7. Fixed: Editing Theater View file info panel with a big expression selected first would invalidate the sizing.
8. Changed: Added several more 5.1 inside channel layouts to the mixer (inside 10, 12, 14, 16 channel container).
9. Fixed: Added some missing items to the window position placement reset.

29.0.10 (2/15/2022)
1. Changed: Revamped the Tooltips for expression functions on Expression editor, to make them more user-friendly and translation-friendly.
2. Changed: Bitmap subtitles in JRVR will now be rendered at their original resolution and resized by JRVR (faster!).
3. Changed: The code to not translate shortcuts in web views will not consider a web view active unless it has the focus.
4. Fixed: HDR subtitles and menus from UHD BDs are now properly tonemapped in JRVR.
5. Changed: Adjusted the Q for the low and high pass filters to be muliplied by the square root of 2 (to make MC more in line with other tools).
6. Changed: The subwoofer limiter is lossless when it's not limiting the signal (previously it could adjust the volume).
7. Changed: If files have a list of artists, the first artist is used to decide if that album is a mix and the album artist (auto) value.
8. Changed: Improved IPTV bytes-per-second estimate, and thus the time-stamp and duration estimate, especially in poor network condition.
9. Changed: Text subtitles with JRVR will more consistently make use of black bars to display, if present.
10. Fixed: The AllPass filter was not working properly.
11. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Boháč!).

29.0.9 (2/10/2022)
1. Fixed: Subtitles in JRVR could stop working after seeking backwards.
2. Changed: Subtitles in JRVR are now handled in small rectangles, instead of the full frame, for faster rendering.

29.0.8 (2/9/2022)
1. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) language file (thanks YanJun Sun).
2. Changed: The tree no longer expands and collapses on space bar (so space bar will play / pause instead).
3. Fixed: The MCWS call Playback/Playlist would not work with remote zones.
4. Changed: Internal changes how JRVR handles subtitles.
5. Fixed: JRVR is more lenient when dealing with files with invalid HDR metadata.
6. Fixed: JRVR would not toggle the OS HDR mode when playing HLG or DV HDR content with pass-through enabled.

29.0.7 (2/8/2022)
1. Fixed: Mini view would allow resize vertically, but should not have.
2. Fixed: Playing to a windows MC DLNA renderer when it's connected as a client to a non-windows library server wouldn't work.
3. NEW: Added a "Reload" button to the Convolution DSP.
4. Changed: Vis Studio allows editing rectangles with semi-colons in the list of numbers for a rectangle so either decimal point character (,.) will work.
5. Changed: DSP Studio no longer allows an empty name to be used for a preset name.
6. Changed: High and low shelf filters now use "Q" instead of "S".
7. Changed: Reduced chance of hanging when IPTV servers do not have data to stream.
8. Changed: Improved start up speed of IPTV channels.
9. Changed: Reduced the frequency of needing to pause video for buffering when playing IPTV.

29.0.6 (2/3/2022)
1. NEW: Added an all pass filter to Parametric Equalizer (feedback appreciated).
2. Fixed: A couple dialogs could be sized incorrectly (debug logging, audio calibration, etc.).
3. NEW: Category-specific TV recording paddings (start recording early by x minutes, and stop recording late by x minutes).
4. NEW: Middle click on the stop button fires a "Stop After Current File".

29.0.5 (2/1/2022)
1. NEW: Skins can specify a maximized top and bottom border for the main frame (TopBorderMaximized / BottomBorderMaximized).

29.0.4 (1/29/2022)
1. Fixed: The upgrade install could copy more than it should have from the old Media Center folders.

29.0.3 (1/28/2022)
1. Fixed: JTV recordings were erroneously deleted when "Clean up time-shifting folders..." is run, either manually or automatically.

29.0.2 (1/27/2022)
1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. NEW: Skins can specify Frame\Edit\Colors\Faded to specify the fade color of things like the instructions on a search box (it defaults to blending the text and background).
3. Changed: The disabled list text color is used out of the skin in more places (was building the color sometimes instead of checking the skin) (List\Colors\DisabledText).
4. Fixed: Enabling direct mismatched size rendering in JRVR could result in a larger border then expected.
5. Changed: Disabled JRVR Peak Detection by default due to its performance cost and potential for brightness shifts, and moved the option into the Advanced section.
6. Fixed: Loading and saving DSP presets did not contain the "Headphones" DSP plugin.
7. Changed: On a fresh upgrade to MC29, the library server settings from MC28 back to MC20 are transferred to MC29 and are turned off in the older version (so the server will start in MC29 only after install).
8. NEW: On upgrade, the visualizations folder is copied to bring along any custom saved scripts (instead of just the track info folder).
9. Fixed: Some DirectShow-based TV recording might be skipped since build 28.0.99.
10. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).

29.0.1 (1/24/2022)
1. Changed: If the XMLTV file does not contain either <new> or <previously-shown> tag to indicate a show's "re-run" status, it will be determined by comparing the <date> tag with the program start date.
2. Fixed: Windows 11 will be detected when looking at System Info.
3. NEW: Made tile list styles adapt to the aspect ratio of the images instead of hard-coding based on the media type.
4. Changed: Thumbnails are a little better centered in the selection box.
5. Fixed: In some cases, zones could have the same GUID and it would make zone linking (and possibly other zone actions) impossible.
6. NEW: Made the Tempo & Pitch DSP able to support up to 32 channels (was capped at 16).
7. Changed: Added SRT subtitles to the list of data types the program understands.
8. Changed: When MC could not load SiliconDust EPG data due to not having an Authorization Code (most likely caused by not having enough time to discover HDHomeRun devices), retry will be attempted 3 minutes later instead of the usual 30 - 60 minutes later, and up to 3 retries will be allowed, instead of just one.
9. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
10. NEW: Enabled Ctrl-J JRVR functionality in TV engine and non-DirectShow JR Video Player (on Windows, Mac, and Linux).
11. NEW: JRVR support for Dolby Vision playback (non-passthrough).
12. Changed: Re-designed JRVR HDR tone mapping and related options.
13. NEW: DVD playback with JRVR will now use hardware deinterlacing.
14. NEW: Added a JRVR performance option to avoid extraneous frame copies for systems with low memory bandwidth.
15. NEW: Playing HLG HDR content with JRVR can now be transformed to HDR10 for pass-through.
16. NEW: JRVR now caches shaders between runs, for faster subsequent startups.
17. Fixed: Improved YouTube Trailer playback to play more fluidly.

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