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28.0.105 (1/27/2022)
1. Fixed: Loading and saving DSP presets did not contain the "Headphones" DSP plugin.
2. Fixed: TV setting "Specify a second location for recording or time-shifting files" might not accept user's selection of second location, even if it was on a separate hard disk.
3. Fixed: A problem accepting new licenses.

28.0.104 (1/24/2022)
1. Fixed: The fix for crashes in 28.0.100 item 10 was accidentally lost in 28.0.103

28.0.103 (1/21/2022)
1. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) language file. Thanks YanJun Sun!
2. Fixed: "Automatically clean up time-shifting folders daily" option did not do anything on Mac.
3. Fixed: DMS or IPTV TV playback could hang, at "Adding required components", if some dependency components had not been previously installed.

28.0.100 (1/11/2022)
1. NEW: TV recording can start warming up the tuner a configured number of seconds (0 - 60) before the actual recording start.
2. Changed: When sorting TV channels by "type", DMS/TunerStream channels will be grouped by their devices, instead of mixing all devices in one big group. This helps with mass-editing channels associated with the same device.
3. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
4. Fixed: Importing a single folder could not work due to a recent change.
5. NEW: Old time-shifting folders for non-DirectShow TV types (i.e. DMS and IPTV) can now be cleaned up (either manually or automatically).
6. Fixed: When TV tuner warm up feature was used, some TV recording bookmarks could be off by the amount of tuner warm up time.
7. NEW: The "Limit percentage to" smartlist modifier can take bracketed expressions just like the size limit.
8. NEW: The "Limit size to" smartlist modifier can take bracketed expressions just like the size limit.
9. Changed: When bookmarking TV recordings during recording, bookmarks that are close to 60 seconds (57-59.999 seconds) will be forced to 60 seconds, so that the bookmarks will not be ignored during playback.
10. Changed: Revert the popup focus change from 28.0.98 because it could cause imports to crash. Will revisit later.
11. NEW: When MCCommand MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_SET_SUBTITLE_TIMING (28037) is used to change the subtitle timing during playback of a video, the new timing will be displayed briefly as an OSD "Subtitle timing: n ms".

28.0.98 (1/4/2022)
1. Fixed: Lists could jump selection when returning from Mini View (only Playing Now should jump to the playing file).
2. Changed: When starting to record a DMS TV channel, MC will check and update the channel IP address to match that of the current device IP address. This will fix recording issues caused by tuner devices changing IP address.
3. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. NEW: Made it so you can put expressions in a "Limit number to" Smartlist rule (~n) by putting brackets around it (example: ~n={Load(var)}).
5. Changed: A directory is created before moving to hopefully fix thumbnail restore problems with an empty library (feedback appreciated).
6. Changed: Popups can't be hidden by clicking on the main window when a popup is showing. Needs feedback, Look for regressions.

28.0.97 (12/17/2021)
1. Changed: Updated Chinese (simplified) translation (thanks YanJun Sun).
2. Fixed: The launcher stub can send MCC commands now. (/Applications/Media Center 28/Contents/MacOS/
3. Changed: Experimental changes for determining Mac special keys to allow non-media keys to pass through.

28.0.96 (12/17/2021)
1. Fixed. Crash caused by combinations of keystrokes and selections on some combinations of hardware and operating systems. Caused by the Media Key fix from 28.0.89 which is partially rolled back for now.

28.0.95 (12/14/2021)
1. Fixed: Using JRVR on an external monitor could result in the image to be scaled and positioned incorrectly.

28.0.94 (12/10/2021)
1. Fixed: Switching from a Display view of track info to cover art would give a blank white screen.
2. Fixed: The thumbnail in a list could jiggle a little on mouse over.
3. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/AddFiles.
4. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/Clear.
5. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/RemoveFiles.
6. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/RemoveDuplicates.
7. Fixed: Resolved an issue that could result in not all JRVR settings being saved consistently when interacting with the settings dialog.
8. NEW: MC's Taskbar icon will change to indicate that it is recording TV shows.
9. Changed: Revised the method for getting sunrise and sunset times to hopefully work better outside the US.
10. NEW: IPTV channel setup will make use of channel ID (tvg-id) and channel logo (tvg-logo) data if they exist in the channel list m3u file.
11. Changed: Small internal change to event handling reverted.

28.0.89 (12/2/2021)
1. Fixed: Recording on an OTA or other physical tuners could fail due to tuner conflicts, even though the channel was grouped with IPTV channels.
2. Changed: Revised the method for getting sunrise and sunset times to hopefully work better outside the US.
3. NEW: IPTV channel setup will make use of channel ID (tvg-id) and channel logo (tvg-logo) data if they exist in the channel list m3u file.
4. Fixed: The intercepted media keys that were not being used in Media Center were silently discarded. (Affected keyboard brightness control amongst others).

28.0.87 (11/29/2021)
1. Changed: TV playback will now honor user's choice of the new JRVR vs OpenGL video renderer.
2. Fixed: Rare crash when stopping TV playback.
3. Changed: The "Window" context menu (for video zooming and aspect ratio control) is now enabled for live TV playback.
4. Changed: When loading sunrise and sunset times for the Twilight skin it will use the default times instead of nothing if it fails to load.
5. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
6. NEW: TV view in Standard View will have the option to "Show server status" when MC is connected to a server, and the info is copied to clipboard on the client requesting the info.
7. NEW: Added "Server TV Logs" in Standard TV View, on clients.
8. NEW: In Theater View, videos that are still being recorded in TV engine will have a red dot in front of their names.
9. Fixed: When switching to and from Twilight the skin effects could stay engaged.
10. Fixed: Loading skins with skin effects could load the effect after it had already loaded some pieces so the effect wouldn't engage properly.
11. Fixed: A DLNA Server bug when a user selected formats to be converted. These were lost as a result of the change in 28.0.81 to make the default to be original format.

28.0.84 (11/16/2021)
1. Changed: When playing a ATSC TV recording, MC will try to honor "Subtitles & Language" settings "Show subtitles in selected language if available", "Show subtitles only if selected subtitle language is different from audio language", "Show subtitles only if selected subtitle language is different from audio language, or if the subtitles are in a sidecar file", if Closed Captioning metadata had been saved in database during recording (i.e. the recordings are done using the latest version of MC).
2. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code.
3. Fixed: Delay instruction window start since video play window overwrote it, now it works for video and theater view.
4. Fixed: The instruction window for video playback was stealing and not returning focus to the video playback window so one had to click on it to get keyboard and mouse responses.
5. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
6. NEW: Added the option Options > Audio > Advanced > Stop after a long pause.
7. Fixed: Some static text controls would load colors initially then not update with skin changes.
8. Fixed: Some list controls wouldn't update text colors when skins changed.
9. Changed: Improved timeout in JRVR when detecting rendering glitches to allow a more graceful recovery.
10. NEW: When recording an ATSC TV channel (with tuners using DirectShow), the program's Closed Captioning metadata is saved in the database for the recorded file (in PlaybackInfo field).
11. Changed: Improved JRVR timing accuracy when using NTSC-style display refresh rates (eg. 23.976 Hz).

28.0.81 (11/9/2021)
1. NEW: Enabled context menu items "Go To Earliest Time" and "Go To Latest Time" in time-shifted TV playback with DMS and IPTV channels.
2. Fixed: The "Tuner Type" drop-down on Configure Device dialog window did not offer proper choices with IPTV tuner.
3. Changed: "Disabled" is removed from choices in "Tuner Type" drop-down if the TV type is "IPTV" since there is no real device to be disabled.
4. Changed: The option "Disable VideoClock when not time-shifting" is no longer shown if the devices are DMS, or IPTV since non-time-shifting mode is not offered for these types.
5. NEW: "This device uses a separate audio capture filter" option in TV tuner configuration dialog window, for analog TV tuners or video capture devices.
6. Fixed: When running an analog TV tuner or a video capture device with Closed Caption option on, and video could fail to play if Closed Caption rendering failed. With this fix, video will play without CC when CC rendering failed.
7. Changed: When playing an ATSC TV recording, the video option "Always show subtitles" in "Subtitles and Language" section will be obeyed and Closed Captioning will be shown (if available) unless the file's PlaybackInfo tag specifically says to turn it off. This is applicable only when playing videos using DirectShow filters.
8. Changed: Moved the Gammut and Gamma JRVR options into an "Advanced" section, as well as re-factored the Gamma option to properly indicate the intent and suggested use.
9. Fixed: JRVR would process SDR video with a HDR brightness adaptation, resulting in boosted black levels.
10. Changed: The DLNA server defaults (when no server existed previously) to original formats since many modern renderers have greater capabilities than in the past.
11. NEW: Added a DLNA server template for Original Format.

28.0.80 (11/1/2021)
1. Fixed: During OpenCable / RTSP TV channel playback the video did not maintain proper aspect ratio. It was in stretch mode.
2. Fixed: FF / REW did not work with OpenCable / RTSP TV channel playback.
3. NEW: Enabled context menu items "Go To Earliest Time" and "Go To Latest Time" in time-shifted TV playback.
4. NEW: Launcher converted to an App inside of MC (to avoid dock icons) and implemented many more MCC functions in it.
5. Fixed: Restarting MC from with MC when shifting in and out of Audio-Only mode.
6. Fixed: The "Tuner Type" drop-down on Configure Device dialog window did not offer proper choices with IPTV, and OpenCable/RTSP tuners.
7. Changed: "Disabled" is removed from choices in "Tuner Type" drop-down if the TV type is "IPTV" since there is no real device to be disabled.
8. Changed: The option "Disable VideoClock when not time-shifting" is no longer shown since non-time-shifting mode is not offered.

28.0.79 (10/26/2021)
1. Fixed: When switching from one RTSP (OpenCable) TV channel to another channel of the same type without stopping the first channel first, MC would hang.
2. NEW: Added DCI-P3-D65 to the available target gamuts in JRVR.
3. Changed: Adjusted the JRVR HDR tonemapping defaults for a better out-of-the-box experience.
4. Changed: You can grab and drag any tab instead of only the active one.
5. Fixed: Dragging tabs in a split view was not working nicely.
6. Changed: Temporarily removed the audio path information from transcoding DLNA files since under some rare circumstances it could cause a crash.
7. Changed: Enabled the JRVR settings for Target Gamut and Gamma, and added more advanced tonemapping settings.
8. Changed: Added a debugging mode to JRVR to log frame timings for diagnosing frame pacing issues.
9. Changed: Reworked when HDCD processing is done to avoid possible volume changes during a track transition.
10. Changed: Made toggling the tooltips with the toolbar button roll through all three states.
11. Fixed: Google lyrics lookup could contain HTML spans.

28.0.77 (10/21/2021)
1. Changed: Made number trimming include more characters when it trims the start and end of a string so "ABC (4:03)" will become "ABC".
2. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. NEW: Added the ability to add a clock to the toolbar.
4. NEW: Made the tooltip option three states with one being all tooltips off.
5. NEW: Initial settings panel for JRVR (in Settings -> Video -> JRVR Settings...)
6. NEW: Added modes 7 and 8 to the Clean(...) expression to remove numbers from the end of the string ( 7 ) or either side of the string ( 8 ).
7. NEW: Added removing leading and trailing numbers to the Clean File Properties tool.
8. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Boháč!).
9. Changed: Twilight gets darker during the night and doesn't get brighter than default during the day.
10. Fixed: In Standard TV View, show logos do not show up after a channel was selected until the user left the channel and then came back to the same channel.
11. Fixed: Once a file was flagged as HDCD, analyzing again would not see the HDCD.
12. Fixed: The new calculated unless filled fields didn't work well in all cases in panes or searches.
13. Fixed: Spacebar to pause wasn't working if the tree was focused.
14. Changed: In Standard TV View the show logo images reserved a fixed width rectangle so that the text and buttons on its right side will not be shifted around whenever the image's aspect ratio changes.
15. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
16. Changed: Audio analysis will engage HDCD processing if it's enabled (you might need to reanalyze your HDCD files).
17. NEW: Added an information message box to the skin to show sunrise, sunset, and the current effect.
18. Changed: The spacing between rows in a list would add room for the image column even if it wasn't there.
19. Changed: Setting HDCD to "1" will clear the audio analysis results so they run again (since enabling processing changes the results).
20. Changed: Improved handling of timestamps when dealing with Transport Stream streaming TV channels (DMS channels, some IPTV channels, and CableCARD channels on Linux/Mac).
21. Fixed (probably): Playback of Transport Stream streaming TV channels could be messed up if the stream changed its Program Clock Reference (outside of regular resetting due to counter overflow).
22. Changed: The spacing between item rows in a list would leave space for an image column even if it wasn't there.
23. Fixed: Some expression code was slowing things down.
24. Changed: Twilight is lighter between sunrise and sunset then darkens at sunset (gradual fading for 30 minutes on either side).
25. Fixed: MHT support in View Extras wasn't fully implemented.
26. NEW: Added a checkbox to library fields "Allow custom data to override the expression" that will allow editing the value of an expression and then show the edited value instead of the expression (just empty to bring the expression back).
27. Changed: The Twilight skin no longer changes the skin effects.
28. Changed: The Twilight skin fading would not take effect until a little while after it was loaded.
29. NEW: JRVR supports video size, aspect ratio and position adjustments.

28.0.72 (10/8/2021)
1. Fixed: Video with JRVR set (the new default) was upside down from the last build.
2. NEW: CableCARD tuner devices are supported on Linux and Mac using RTSP streaming (OpenCable).

28.0.71 (10/7/2021)
1. Changed: HDCD files no longer get +6 dB applied to them by volume levelling.
2. NEW: Added a new skin Twilight that varies with the time of day (based on the default skin).
3. Changed: DLNA flags set for album art and images to be more compliant with the standard.
4. Changed: When waking from a deep sleep mode, MC will send a M-Search to ask DLNA devices on the network to re-announce their presence.
5. Changed: The expression engine was short-circuiting field functions, but it no longer does that if there are enough parameters to indicate another file so Field(Name, 0, [Reference]) works.
6. Changed: Added an optional third parameter to the Counter expression function to set when to start over.
7. Fixed: For IPTV playback a "Window" context menu (for aspect ratio, zooming etc.) was displayed in error as it's not supported.
8. Changed: A pane right-click menu would be really limited if "Enable pane tagging" was not enabled. Now it is the same either way.
9. NEW: Added mht to the list of types searched for viewing extras.
10. NEW: Added "Lock Tab" to the main view menu so it appears for all views even if they don't have a header menu (like television and notes).
11. Changed: Copies are limited to 256 MB instead of 16 MB.
12. Changed: Made the Field expression function take an optional third parameter to specify a file key (defaults to empty which evaluates the current file).
13. Changed: The brackets for fields also support the new third parameter.
14. NEW: When setting a field to an expression, a "this" variable is saved so doing something like =RemoveLeft([this], 3) will work.
15. Changed: The MCC_SYNC_WITH_LIBRARY_SERVER command takes a silent parameter (optionally).
16. NEW: Made FieldQuery take a Scope of 2 to match files of the same media type (the list is gathered one time, so you will need to restart to see newly imported files).
17. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
18. Fixed: Removing cover art from FLAC files could fail if the picture was saved as FLAC__STREAM_METADATA_PICTURE_TYPE_OTHER.
19. Fixed: "TV Recording" context menu was not shown for DMS or IPTV channel playback.

28.0.68 (9/24/2021)
1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: Lyrics lookup could be incomplete from
3. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
4. Fixed: Typing a space in the search box in Cloudplay would pause instead of enter the space.
5. Changed: A little more tuning to tab creation to hopefully avoid some possible problems.
6. Fixed: MC could hang if TV recording was started on a channel with no signal.
7. Changed: If an OpenCABLE or Sat>IP channel has no signal for 30 consecutive seconds, a notification is sent to TV engine and the tuner will be shutdown.
8. Changed: Made opening a new tab have no history.
9. Fixed: Locking a tab then navigating into an artist, genre, etc. and then going back would open a new tab.
10. Fixed: IPTV channels streaming HLS

28.0.64 (9/16/2021)
1. Fixed: MC could hang if TV recording was started on a channel with no signal.
2: NEW: Playback of video uses the new JRVR engine which supports multiple backends.
3. Changed: Made opening a new tab have no history.
4. Fixed: Locking a tab then navigating into an artist, genre, etc. and then going back would open a new tab.
5. Fixed: IPTV channels streaming HLS format might end up not playing if MC failed to get its MIME type during start up, even though the URL contains "m3u8" extension.
6. NEW: Added a description field to custom database fields.
7. Changed: Added mime types "application/" and "application/x-mpegurl" to be associated with m3u playlist.
9. Fixed: Non-HLS IPTV streams in transport stream format could not be played in TV engine.
9. NEW: The field description is shown in the column header tooltip.
10. NEW: Updated to Monkey's Audio 7.02 for greatly increased performance (thanks to Robert Kausch).
11. Changed: Removed left-click handling from the text area of the program. Only right-click shows the menu now.
12. Changed: Reverted the VST scaling support changes because reports are that it's not better.
13. Fixed: Transitioning between images and videos in a playlist would crash.
14. Changed: When IPTV is automatically paused due to buffering, OSD "Buffering..." is shown briefly.
15. Fixed: Loading saved views was not always working properly.
16. Fixed: Image Tags in Ogg and Opus files are saved in a more compatible manner.
17. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).

28.0.61 (9/4/2021)
1. Fixed: A bug from 28.0.60 that was causing hanging on exit and library switching amongst other conditions.
2. Changed: Reverted the change to Media Key event handling back to the default options instead of listen only. This will probably not solve the problem entirely. Make sure Media Center 28 has accessibility permissions and on newer versions of MacOS, keyboard input permissions (because you are getting keys from outside of the app, the media keys!)

28.0.60 (9/3/2021)
1. Fixed: Editing files could not work properly when none were selected (which should show as all selected).
2. Fixed: Improved the ordinal code because 11 would show 11st instead of 11th.
3. Fixed: Some date lookups would fail because a full date was returned and we were expecting only a year.
4. Changed: Improved error handling in IPTV playback.
5. Changed: IPTV playback will automatically pause if data downloading is slow and playback will resume if enough is buffered.
6. NEW: Cover view mode implemented on Mac.
7. Fixed: Apple Media Keys had stopped working on Mojave and greater because of an API change.
8. Fixed: Cloudplay initial window was blank. The fix may affect display of other webpages in the internal browser. Need feedback.
9. Fixed: When flipping composer names between first and last, an extra space could stay at the front (might cause lookup problems).
10. Fixed: Lyrics lookup could return results with empty newlines at the end.
11. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
12. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code.
13. Changed: OPUS files are detected even if they're named OGG.
14. Changed: Added the 1x, 2x, etc. markers after the sample rate in the bitstreaming dialog for DSD.
15. Changed: Revised the tab lock image so it will show better on dark skins.
16. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
17. NEW: Made a dedicated "Set skin" choice in scheduler so the command line isn't needed.
19. Fixed: Playing a currently recording IPTV channel did not work correctly.
20. Changed: When saving recent searches, if only one character is changed (even in the middle of a string) it will replace the entry instead of add a new one.
21. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
22. Changed: The math evaluator accepts pluses in front of numbers to denote them being positive.
23. NEW: Added the MCWS function Settings/Skin to allow changing skins (allows scheduler to be used to schedule skin switches by running something like MC28.exe /MCWS/v1/Settings/Skin?Skin=Noire).
24. Fixed: IPTV channel could not be viewed if a recording had been started on the channel.
25. Changed: IPTV channels start up is significantly faster.
26. Changed: VST effects report to the system that they don't support scaling of the monitor independently so they are scaled by the system (feedback appreciated).
27. Changed: Made matches in suggestion boxes promote matches that start with what is typed.
28. Fixed: VST effects could cause a click when playback was restarted.
29. NEW: A tab lock image is shown when tabs are locked.
30. Changed: Tuned the search suggestion logic a little more so typing in the middle of a word won't trigger as much of a match.
31. Changed: Moved the escapement for ListMix to after evaluating as a child expression.
32. Changed: ListMix takes parameter value of 8 which tells it to do no unescape after everything.
33. Changed: TV Options > Advanced > Show status... dialog window is now scrollable so that the text will not be truncated.
34. Changed: Increased HLS playlist refreshing retry count, to reduce chances of IPTV stalling due to server being slow to update playlists.
35. Fixed: Starting playback with Playback/PlayByKey of a whole album would not start with the selected file.
36. Changed: ListMix checks for all functions and things in brackets to decide if it should re-evaluated the inner as an expression.
37. Changed: ListMix allows specifying flag value of 4 to not evaluate the inner portion as another expression.
38. Fixed: If a VST effect had a zero byte preset, it could cause a crash.

28.0.53 (8/16/2021)
1. NEW: Locked tabs are saved between program runs.
2. Changed: Loading a saved view will clear all the tab locks.
3. Changed: Tuned expression escapement for the ListMix functions so they only evaluate if certain functions are found in the new expression instead of anything with a parenthesis.
4. Changed: Added handling of encrypted HLS streams in IPTV. Still does not work for all such channels. For those channels that work fine, time-shifting and recording are available now.
5. Changed: Reverted most of the UI changes and added a bunch of logging for these.

28.0.52 (8/12/2021)
1. Fixed: When MC wrote to EXIF Datetime Original tag, afternoon time was messed up because 12-hour format was used, instead of 24-hour format.
2. Changed: Navigation history is now saved for each set of views in tabs separately.
3. Changed: Saving navigation history could cause problems in some cases.
4. NEW: Added the option to lock a tab (View > Split View) so opening another view will create a new tab instead of replacing the locked tab.
5. NEW: Clicking to close a locked tab will show a prompt to confirm.
6. NEW: Added tab locking to the main drop menu shown for the tab.
7. Changed: Updated libass for better ASS/SSA subtitle performance and conformance.
8. Fixed: Crash on external encoder finish.
9. Changed: Added the menu item "Exit Error Free Mode" to turn off error free mode (appears in the Help menu when in error free mode).
10. Changed: Loudness modes didn't take effect as you changed them right away.
11. Fixed: In some cases, thumbnail text would not draw with an ellipsis at the end to show it was cut off even if it was.
12. NEW: The navigation history is saved between runs (capped at 20 deep) so navigating back (or using the links in the link bar) will work.
13. Changed: Series/Season Artwork filenames are no longer swapped around when the Series name contains a comma.

28.0.50 (8/10/2021)
1. Changed: Changes to some of the UI modifications in build 28.0.48 to remove possible deadlocks and add logging. Still needs feedback.
2. Changed: Added the menu item "Exit Error Free Mode" to turn off error free mode (appears in the Help menu when in error free mode).
3. Changed: Loudness modes didn't take effect as you changed them right away.
4. Fixed: In some cases, thumbnail text would not draw with an ellipsis at the end to show it was cut off even if it was.
5. NEW: The navigation history is saved between runs (capped at 20 deep) so navigating back (or using the links in the link bar) will work.
6. Fixed: Locking in the video renderer to prevent a crash on resizing the video playback window.
7. Changed: Series/Season Artwork filenames are no longer swapped around when the Series name contains a comma.
8. Changed: Log when a file doesn't exist as we build the filename (to help debug a Portable Library problem).
9. NEW: The field "Last Lyrics Lookup" is set during lyrics lookup and auto-import will no longer try again if the file has a lookup date.
10. Fixed: Theater View recorded TV show delete confirmation, and a whole lot of other confirmation or configuration dialogs related to TV in Theater View, were not showing if MC had been in error free mode.
11. Fixed: Theater View non-TV file deletion confirmation was not shown if MC was in error free mode.

28.0.48 (8/5/2021)
1. Fixed: While a recording on a DMS channel or an IPTV channel was going on, watching the channel might not show the entire available video if the recording is longer than the default time-shifting window.
2. Changed: ListFilter(...) string comparison is no longer case sensitive.
3. Changed: Removed the space from the ListFilter(...) delimiter.
4. Changed: When launching to mini view, returning to standard view now shows the playing file in Playing Now.
5. Changed: The new 20 band equalizer uses narrower band settings so presets will more closely match their old behavior.
6. Changed: Date lookup from Google properly escapes the information so something like "Ashford & Simpson" won't cause problems.
7. NEW: Added the ListFilter(...) expression function.
8. Fixed: Recording of a DMS or IPTV channel would be canceled if the user watches and stops watching the channel two times while recording was going on.
9. Fixed: The SetField expression could show the tooltip for the Field expression in some cases.
10. Changed: Updated Norwegian translation (thanks Øistein RIan).
11. NEW: Added the desktop resolution to the crop aspect ratios (so you can crop and then save as wallpaper).
12. NEW: Added the Google Pixel 4a to the list of image crop aspect ratios.
13. Changed: Picking ascpect ratios to crop by in image editor selects as much of the image as possible instead of an arbitrary rectangle.
14. NEW: Typing a custom field into the Fill Track Numbers From List Order tool will save the fields for future use (up to ten are saved).
15. NEW: Added mode 6 to the clean function which removes leading numbers (including spaces, decimals, and commas).
16. Changed: The between tracks mode "Use gapless for sequential album tracks" will only engage when reaching the end of the file (so manual transitions will not use it).
17. NEW: Added the SetField(...) expression function.
18. NEW: Added an expression to be evaluated after playback to Options > Library & Folders.
19. Fixed: TV time-shifting and recording options were disabled on Mac and Linux.
20. Changed: Working on UI internal code for stability. Please report any differences, speed, lockups, etc.

28.0.46 (7/26/2021)
1. Fixed: Fixed a regression in parsing certain UTF-8 sequences (Japanese characters, etc).

28.0.45 (7/23/2021)
1. Fixed: Recording of an IPTV channel would fail if no IPTV channel had been watched previously since MC startup.
2. Fixed: could provide lyrics with UTF-8 encoding in them.
3. Changed: The UTF-8 decoder understands UTF-8 sequences with four bytes in them.
4. Changed: Audio analysis done by auto-import is done with the lowest thread priority now (so it will fight with the program less).
5. NEW: Made waveform analysis optional in Options > Library & Folders.
6. Changed: Reduced chance of TV recording filename conflicts.
7. Fixed: On Big Sur 11.4 Intel Media Center could crash on startup.
8. NEW: There to there diversion works now.
9. Changed: The library backup message boxes show even when the program is in error free mode.

28.0.42 (7/16/2021)
1. NEW: Track transitions of any length are supported (previously it would be capped by the buffer size).
2. Changed: When editing the track transition duration, it will empty if you are in gapless or no mode.
3. Changed: Switching the track transition mode to gapless will empty the duration.
4. Changed: The new transition method and duration are saved to the tags.
5. Fixed: IPTV time-shifting buffering file could grow indefinitely because the buffering size limit was not honored.
6. Fixed: Certain streaming audio / video playback might run up disk space usage indefinitely until playback stopped.
7. Changed: Gapless transitions no longer suppress silence (even if the option is enabled).
8. NEW: Recording is enabled on IPTV channels. Works only if time-shifting works.
9. NEW: Track transitions can be selected per file by editing the "Track Transition" and "Track Transition Duration" fields.
10. Changed: Library fields are reloaded on language changes so translated strings get recalculated.
11. Fixed: Some IPTV channels would not have duration info during time-shifting. We fixed this by changing how we collect time stamp info.
12. Fixed: When MC fell back to non-time-shifting mode during IPTV playback, the position counter still advanced (instead of staying at 0).
13. Fixed: Returning from Theater View could make the window fill the screen instead of snapping back to the old size.
14. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
15. Fixed: Various Theater View message box prompts could be hidden in error-free playback mode.
16. Changed: Made double-click to play and drag and drop into the player always reanalyze the file even if it's already been analyzed.
17. NEW: IPTV channels will be played in time-shifting mode. Does not work for all URLs. If time-shifting fails, MC automatically falls back to non-time-shifting mode.
18. Changed: Made W64 file opening a little more forgiving of the headers.
19. Changed: Moved the high resolution checkbox in Analyzer to the right of the top line.
20. Fixed: Google lyrics lookup could contain extra stuff at the end.
21. Fixed: Genius lyric lookup was not working.
22. Changed: Pressing OK out of options on the DLNA page only switches the zone if a DLNA zone is selected (instead of always).
23. Fixed: The ListMath expression could crash if an empty string was passed in.
24. Changed: Tuned the equalizer size so the text should fit below the sliders better in normal configurations.
25. Changed: Made the EQ up / down increment less (0.1 dB now).

28.0.34 (7/1/2021)
1. Fixed: Crash caused by reopening the output plugin upon playback failure.
2. Fixed: Crash caused by allowing a dialog window to be created from a background thread (logged the attempt).
3. Fixed: The Cloudplay filter would not apply when playing from the Play Doctor search box.
4. Changed: Made the VST sample size optional in Options > Audio > Advanced (takes a restart for the change to take effect).

28.0.32 (6/29/2021)
1. Fixed: Date format wasn't working in some non-US locales.
2. Fixed: When a day first date format was being used if the day was less than 12 the order could be confused if the separator wasn't a /
3. NEW: Added 8x to the DSD encoding options.
4. NEW: Made the DSD to DSD conversion more direct when outputting at a lower rate to support bitstreaming.
5. Changed: Added sorting to the view extras menu instead of just sorting using the file system.
6. Changed: Disabled the stop after choices for DLNA devices (may return later).
7. Changed: Cloudplay server calls happen in a loop so a sporadic failure will try again.
8. NEW: Added a zone diversion MCWS (MCWS/v1/Playback/Divert).
9. Changed: Made the VST buffer a little bigger because the Dirac VST could report no signal with the current size.
10. Fixed: Switching from Display View to Standard View didn't change the size back because of a change a couple builds back.
11. Fixed: The (newline) in expressions was going into the wrong part so the expression itself could be changed.
12. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
13. Fixed: Sleep might have been prevented from happening under some conditions.
14. Fixed: A corrupt wav format file (or aiff) with bad metadata could have caused a crash on import.

28.0.29 (6/24/2021)
1. Fixed: The TreeNode() expression is more reliable when used in the main navigation tree.
2. Changed: DSD encoding now asks the output whether it wants DSD or DoP (instead of assuming DSD).
3. Changed: Made the EQ resize nicely with the window (so you can size it taller).
4. NEW: Added the new S-Curve cross-fade modes.
5. Fixed: When playing videos, the player could return to the previous size and position as it advanced tracks.

28.0.26 (6/22/2021)
1. Fixed: Equalizer presets would not fully upgrade to the new 20 band approach.
2. NEW: When bitstreaming DSD at a higher rate than bitstreaming supports, it will just down convert the DSD so it will still be a DSD bitstream.
3. Changed: Using a smaller VST block size to avoid latency that could happen with some visualizers.
4. Fixed: DLNA Conversion to DSF was setting the header of the DSF file to an incorrect number of samples (2x the real amount) resulting in odd or no playback on some devices.
5. NEW: Added s-curve modes to the cross-fade options (instead of piggy backing). You can pick standard (in and out) or aggressive (which only fades out).
6. Fixed: The 20 band equalizer wasn't applying all 20 bands yet.
7. Changed: Multiple lines are accepted in expression editors again.
8. Changed: When outputting a newline for the rename tool, the string "(newline)" will replace the actual line breaks.

28.0.25 (6/18/2021)
1. Changed: Made the 20-band equalizer less wide.
2. Changed: Multiline is turned off in the expression editor only in the rename tool instead of everywhere.

28.0.24 (6/17/2021)
1. Fixed: Playing a track from Cloudplay with no matching artists in the library to Cloudplay again would not find Cloudplay files.
2. Changed: The smooth cross-fade is now an S-curve (feedback appreciated).
3. Changed: Spaces are trimmed from the head and tail of the filename and directory rule in the rename tool. Newlines are also trimmed.
4. Changed: If the audio analyzer tool is set to auto-start, it now closes automatically when it finishes.
5. Changed: The expression editor used by the rename tool (and other tools) no longer accepts carriage return.

28.0.23 (6/15/2021)
1. NEW: The equalizer is 20 band instead of 10 band.
2. Fixed: Cancel in a library backup would still ask about saving thumbnails.
3. Fixed: Lyrics lookup could contain extra HTML markers in some cases.
4. NEW: Added a "Last Played (album)" field that is set album wide for plays.
5. Fixed: The MCWS call Control/AnalyzeAudio would not work reliably due to threading.
6. Changed: Added the ability to call Control/AnalyzeAudio with a list of file keys.

28.0.21 (6/10/2021)
1. Changed: VST plugins could cause latency because of the new buffer delivery system. Now it uses smaller buffers.
2. Fixed: Library backups could not include thumbnails because some code was commented out in release.
3. Fixed: The example for the Extract function was not right.
4. NEW: Tag() expression function will return image XMP tags that are not JRiver database fields, for example, Tag(XMP: Label). Also, Tag(EXIF: Make) and Tag(EXIF: Model) will return make and mode of the camera, individually (whereas [Camera] returns a combination of the two as before).
5. Changed: Diverting to a DLNA zone will issue a seek (since bookmarking is not supported) to retain the playback position.
6. NEW: Opus input plugin, with full tag reading/writing support.
7. Changed: Deleting an image would stop playback instead of just going to the next image.
8. Changed: Using a little smaller VST buffer size.

28.0.20 (6/4/2021)
1. NEW: Tabs support dragging to re-order (and dragging also takes the views so you can drag a tab to Playing Now to play, etc.).
2. Changed: Made restoring a library and settings a little faster (doesn't decompress twice any longer).
3. NEW: Added the ability to include thumbnails in a library backup.
4. Changed: The expression engine is better about evaluation strings in brackets and not always assuming something after a comma is a parameter.
5. Changed: Renamed the diversion feature.
6. NEW: Added a menu option "Divert Here" to divert from playing zones.

28.0.19 (6/2/2021)
1. Changed: Made the size of audio block delivered to a VST plug-in always match the maximum size we told the plug-in (wasn't checking previously).
2. NEW: Added the feature "Stop, Move, and Play" to zone right-click to move playback to a different zone.
3. Changed: Made the MCWS function Playback/LoadDSPPreset able to load DLNA zones (like the save added recently).

28.0.17 (5/25/2021)
1. NEW: Added a filter box to the toolbar customization dialog to filter the list of choices.
2. Fixed: MP4 files could crash if there was an error that we didn't find a good frame after.
3. Changed: The MCWS to save a DSP preset works with DLNA zones (and save's the associated DLNA server's settings).

28.0.16 (5/20/2021)
1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

28.0.15 (5/18/2021)
1. NEW: Added the option to loudness to be full spectrum (default), bass only, or treble only.
2. Changed: When serving a DSP preset, the filename in the browser will be the zone name.

28.0.14 (5/13/2021)
1. Changed: Playback/SaveDSPPreset just returns the saved DSP file instead of an encoded blob.
2. NEW: The option to remove played files from Playing Now can remove files as they are played or leave the last five files.
3. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Boháč!).
4. Fixed: The tree node function could crash if there was no tree selection.
5. Fixed: When you'd edit an expression, resizing the dialog would discard the changes.
6. NEW: The Mid(...) expression function takes a mode so that you can pass the end as an index instead of a count of characters.
7. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
8. NEW: Added the TreeNode(...) expression. Mode 0 (the default) returns the full path. Mode 1 returns the current item. Mode 2 returns the parent item.
9. NEW: PackageInstaller will notify MC when it's added a skin or plugin.
10. Fixed: MC will notify the system that the current handler for .mjp and .mjr are the running major version of MediaCenter if it's not already set so.
11. Fixed: Mac date code was broken for non-US formats.
12. Fixed: Sleep issue cause by trying to work around a bug in Big Sur which has been fixed in 11.4. The work-around prevented screen sleep when playing audio files.

28.0.13 (5/7/2021)
1. Fixed: An external dependency which was causing MC to not run on some systems was removed.

28.0.12 (5/5/2021)
1. NEW: The Playback/LoadDSPPreset function accepts a saved DSP preset file (remember to URL escape).
2. NEW: Added Playback/SaveDSPPreset to return a saved preset.

28.0.10 (5/3/2021)
1. Changed: Made the new / improved this version menu item link to v28.
2. Fixed: If playback was set to include no files from Cloudplay, doing a right-click Play (with Play Doctor and Cloudplay) would not work.
3. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. Fixed: MC cleared time component of "Date/Time Original" in EXIF erroneously.
5. Fixed: MC could not load EXIF "Date/Time Original" tag if it has no time component.
6. Fixed: FLAC radio playback could fail.

28.0.9 (4/29/2021)
1. Fixed: HDCD analysis would corrupt beats per minute detection.
2. NEW: Added an audio CRC field to the audio analyzer that calculates the CRC32 of the audio data (only calculated for 16-bit and 24-bit stereo currently).

28.0.8 (4/27/2021)
1. Changed: TPDF dither is no longer applied during format conversion with no DSP (since it would change the bits).
2. NEW: Added the 1x, 2x, etc. to the compression field for DSD files.
3. Changed: Made the Value box of the Tag Action Window customization taller.

28.0.7 (4/23/2021)
1. NEW: IPTV Support in TV engine. Live streaming for now, no time-shifting or recording yet. May not work for all URLs.
2. NEW: Support for Canon .cr3 raw image format.

28.0.6 (4/21/2021)
1. Fixed: FLAC file playback could crash in 28.0.5.
2. Changed: Removed unintended double-buffering in mp4 plugin.
3. Fixed: In WMA plugin if "Disable audio buffering to disk" option (Linux only) was used, a file buffer was still created.
4. Changed: The file type is passed along with Radio Paradise files so it no longer needs to hit the server for it.

28.0.5 (4/16/2021)
1. NEW: Added the PlaylistTime(...) expression to get the time of a track in the current playlist (a sum of all previous durations) in mode 0, mode 1 adds the current track as well, the remaining time of the playlist in mode 2 and 3 (2 excludes the current track), and mode 4 for the total playlist duration.
2. Changed: When making relative paths, if nothing is in common, it doesn't convert to relative (previously would still output something -- but it wouldn't work).
3. NEW: The export all playlists tool shows a dialog to allow picking the format, whether to use relative paths, and the output path.
4. Fixed: With memory playback enabled, playing some streaming stations with ICY metadata could fail after a while.
5. Fixed: When playing URLs, two layers of ICY parsing could happen causing hiccups in the audio.
6. Changed: Removed unintended double-buffering in mp3 plugin.

28.0.4 (4/9/2021)
1. NEW: Added the token "Bitdepth" to the player window to show the bitdepth of the file playing.
2. Changed: Made the Compare(...) expression look for the <,>,etc. operators and ignore everything else (so spaces or letters won't mess it up).
3. NEW: Setting the date of a picture also updates the EXIF date to match.
4. Fixed: Media Center could create test files for if a directory is writable and leave them in certain cases.
5. Fixed: MC could read ID3v2.2 PIC frame incorrectly causing the JPEG image to lose "start of image" marker.
6. Changed: The new Edge Browser is now the default internal browser, and the browser selection has been reset.
7. Fixed: YouTube playback was not working for many videos.
8. NEW: When scrolling in a list, if shift is held down it will scroll horizontally.
9. Fixed: Convolution did not work properly with channels 10 and higher.
10. Fixed: Filenames that were exactly the MAX_PATH length would not work.

28.0.3 (4/1/2021)
1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Changed: Added a done button to the about box.
3. Changed: When getting a sharing URL, a playlist is only grabbed if the tree is highlighted (so picking files in a playlist will only file share).
4. Changed: In Television Setup, service type "Streaming from a network tuner" is renamed "Streaming (from a network tuner or from the Internet)". The service type will now include "IPTV" in addition to "Tuner Stream".
5. Fixed: Several WavPack bitrates did not work.
6. Changed: Ripping to CUE did not work nicely unless concurrent ripping and encoding was selected.
7. Fixed: The password shown in Options > Media Network would be incorrect characters.
8. Fixed: DSD playback would incorrectly report an increase of 6 dB when bitstreaming.
9. Changed: When writing APE tags (APE, WV, etc.) the replaygain_track_gain is written in higher resolution.
10. Fixed: The system volume would not always work properly due to a recent change.

1. Fixed: The mouse cursor over the bottom toolbar would show the size arrows instead of the proper toolbar cursor.
2. Changed: The play command in Theater View no longer simulates an enter key if there is nothing selected to play.
3. NEW: Standard view Television view status text will include "next refresh time" for EPG.
4. Fixed: TV channel sorting "by channel name without regard to the channel number in front of the name" (i.e. mode "ABC") did not work if the channel numbers for ATSC (including DMS version) channels were in the form major.minor (e.g 5.1), instead of major-minor (e.g. 5-1).
5. Fixed: MC could crash when playing a DMS TV channel if downloading of AV codec failed.

1. NEW: Added the expression function Extract to pull strings out of other strings (see notes here:,124543.msg894801.html#msg894801).
2. NEW: The Fill Track Numbers From List Order tool is more powerful allowing any fields to be typed in.
3. NEW: Added the option "Use small filters to reduce latency" to the Convolution DSP.
4. Changed: Clarified the ListMix vs ListMix2 functions in the tooltip (one escapes, the other doesn't).
5. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code.
6. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
7. Changed: Added a sanity check to the Repeat(...) expression so it will only repeat 100 times then output "... (x more)".
8. Fixed: Crashes could occur when popping up message boxes and checking app state from a background thread.
9. Changed: Mac build is universal. REQUIRES at least MacOS 10.11.

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