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27.0.54 (1/14/2021)

1. Fixed (possibly): High GPU usage after watching and stopping a TV show that was being recorded (may need to repeatedly watch and stop watching to reproduce).
2. Changed: Bookmarking will always clear if we reach the end of the file (before with cross-fading on it could save a value near the end).
3. Changed: Right aligning the tag saving statusbar text so the user customized text stays visible.

27.0.53 (1/13/2021)

1. NEW: The display view window position is reset when doing "Reset window position settings...".
2. Changed: Beyonwiz U4 device is white-listed as a supported DMS TV device. Hope it works!
3. NEW: Added a "Reset Perc Data" button on TV setup wizard and EPG setup wizard, to allow users to reset when their Perc Data account, in particular the lineup info, has changed.
4. Fixed: After downloading from library server, the file could be incorrectly removed from the server's library.
5. NEW: Made stopping after a number of tracks work with DLNA.

27.0.52 (1/8/2021)

1. Fixed: Picking no options in the Rename, Move, & Copy dialog could result in the files actually getting renamed to <No Change>.

27.0.51 (1/8/2021)

1. Fixed: Loading and saving VST3 presets could misbehave.

27.0.50 (1/7/2021)

1. Changed: Made date imported editable like last played (instead of clear only).
2. Changed: Made really long UNC paths work.
3. Changed: Switched the equalizer to these frequencies: 31.25,62.5,125,250,500,1k,2k,4k,8k,16k.
4. NEW: VST3 effects save and load their states.
5. NEW: Added 3 channel to the VST3 output (L, R, C).
6. Fixed: When playing a DMS TV channel while the show was being recorded, the playback went to live time instead of program start time (or recording start time).
7. Changed: The shuffle at the end of the playlist when shuffle mode is on will only fire if playback is set to advance to the first track again.
8. NEW: Added the save and load buttons to VST3 plugins.

27.0.49 (1/5/2021)

1. Fixed: When recording consecutive shows on the same channel on a DMS tuner, the later recordings might include data for previous shows.
2. Possibly fixed: When recording consecutive shows on the same channel on a DMS tuner, some recording might end up fail (zero byte recorded).
3. Fixed: The signature was missing from build 48.

27.0.48 (1/4/2021)

1. Changed: When searching, - is used to mark the start of a word just like space. That way "wheel" will find "mouse-wheel".
2. Changed: TV recordings on DMS channels are now properly bookmarked.
3. Fixed: Bookmarking on DirectShow-based TV recordings could be wrong if time-shifting had being running for a while before recording started.
4. Fixed: Playback as DoP was not working properly.
5. NEW: Added a Not(...) expression function to flip the state of a variable.
6. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. Changed: Made the last played field editable (instead of clear only).

27.0.47 (12/22/2020)

1. Changed: Updated Dutch translation (thanks Maarten!).
2. Fixed: TV background tasks might not be performed if no recording actions were scheduled.
3. Fixed: The DSP variables for the enabled state could be big values instead of 0 or 1.
4. Fixed: Pausing while watching a TV show that was still being recorded would cause recording to stop and restart, creating multiple recordings.

27.0.46 (12/18/2020)

1. Fixed: Dividers in Parametric Equalizer did not always save their text properly.
2. NEW: DSP Presets can be saved and loaded from files.
3. Changed: Removed length limitation on string data in certain MP4 atoms (would make the waveform analysis incorrect on M4A files).
4. Fixed: Resources for covert art sent by the DLNA content directory had incorrect attributes which could cause them to be rejected in cases where they were compared to the SourceProtocolInfo.

27.0.45 (12/15/2020)

1. NEW: Specifying "Selected" on the command line will grab the selected files.
2. NEW: Specifying "Shuffle" as one of the files on the command line will shuffle the selection.
3. Changed: Made the program message when Google has shut off translation (instead of just trying again and again failing).

27.0.44 (12/14/2020)

1. Fixed: Filling a translation from Google was not working.

27.0.43 (12/11/2020)

1. Fixed: Firing an MCC 22003 on a not found index would crash.
2. NEW: MCC 22003 with an index of 12 shows Cloudplay.
3. NEW: Added a Cloudplay toolbar button.

27.0.42 (12/11/2020)

1. Fixed: YouTube playback was not working.

27.0.41 (12/11/2020)

1. Fixed: The change cover art prompt added in build 40 would show always instead of only on a change.
2. Fixed: The libav dependency is checked when doing a video file conversion.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

27.0.40 (12/10/2020)

1. Changed: When moving cover art to a new folder, a confirmation is shown before moving all the files.
2. NEW: The statusbar is updated from a thread so blocking to access a drive spinning up won't block the program.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
4. Changed: The cover art path is not validated until it is used, so having it on a non-spinning drive will not spin the drive up just viewing the library.
5. Fixed: Possible deadlock when starting to play a DMS TV channel.

27.0.39 (12/8/2020)

1. Fixed: The track info processor was not handling all the formats properly since the parenthesis addition.
2. Fixed: Text vertical alignment is properly maintained in nested tags.
3. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
4. Changed: Equalizer presets are sorted by name (instead of randomly).
5. Changed: When shuffling a set of tracks all by the same artist, the album will be used to maximize the shuffle instead of the artist.
6. Fixed: Seeking to end of file in video playback sometimes was ignored.
7. NEW: Recording works on DMS Tuner channels.

27.0.38 (11/30/2020)

1. Changed: When renaming a library, if you rename the active library, the name used for backups will also be updated.
2. Fixed: When playing a DMS TV channel, the tuner status got stuck at "Initializing..."
3. Fixed: Media Center would not display JPEG images with minor defects (often in metadata tags).
4. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
5. Changed: Made digital TV code more robust against bad data.

27.0.37 (11/24/2020)

1. Changed: Track info markers for TrackInfo_Insert will try to better handle fields with parenthesis in the name.
2. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohác!).
3. Fixed: A possible crash when decoding a corrupt APE file.

27.0.36 (11/23/2020)

1. Fixed: DSD output could crackle in the last builds.
2. Fixed: Italian had the same translation for skin and theme, so it caused Theater View options to misbehave.
3. Changed: Made the Reporter view respond to F5 and refresh.
4. Fixed: APE decoding could leak.
5. Changed: When MC fails to get DMS TV channels using the device's "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:ContentDirectory" service, an alternative method of using a channel lineup JSON file (if available) will be attempted.

27.0.35 (11/20/2020)

1. NEW: Fast Forwarding and Rewinding are now supported for Streaming (DMS) TV tuners.
2. Changed: Changed the read caching behavior of the thumbnail database to reduce memory consumption and improve performance with large databases.
3. Fixed: When time-shifting session on a DMS tuner ended, an empty folder was left undeleted.
4. NEW: The column presets menu shows names of previous saves for quick overwrite (instead of requiring entering the name).
5. NEW: The Rename, Move & Copy presets menu shows names of previous saves for quick overwrite (instead of requiring entering the name).
6. Changed: The program can close if Analyze Audio is showing but not processing.
7. Fixed: If a tool was running at shutdown, it would message and not allow shutdown, but the tray icon would go away anyway.
8. Changed: Error checking is added when loading certain TV settings to avoid crashes.
9. NEW: Added the MCWS call GetLinkExpanded to get a link expanded set of files.
10. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Stefan).
11. Changed: Tooltips are allowed to cover the auto-complete tooltip if they would otherwise go off the screen.
12. Changed: MC will be more responsive at startup when it processes TV recording actions.

27.0.34 (11/17/2020)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: The confirmation for clearing Playing Now will no longer say it will stop if playback is already stopped.
3. Changed: The /Clear command line option no longer takes a required parameter.
4. Changed: Optionally you can specify MC27.exe /Clear LeavePlaying or /Clear DontRemoveCurrent to leave the playing file.
5. Changed: The lock and unlock playlist button are in the same spot, so doing a slow double click in the area will not be disruptive.
6. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
7. Changed: Blu-ray ISO files up to 120 GB are supported instead of only 60 GB.
8. Fixed: When resuming normal play from FF/REW on a time-shifting TV tuner, the OSD paused status could be wrong.
9. Changed: Tag dump in the Tag Action Window no longer tries to analyze video files (it could be slow and rarely returned anything).

27.0.33 (11/13/2020)

1. Changed: Resetting the window positions will also reset the main program position.
2. Changed: Clearing Playing Now on a remote zone will work a little better.
3. Changed: Stopping remote zones would not actually take effect before returning so the state could be incorrect.
4. NEW: Made the View > Load / Save View menu have the previous save names so you can just overwrite without entering the name.

27.0.32 (11/12/2020)

1. Changed: When the playback state changes in remote zones, the playback engine will be notified right away (instead of waiting to know).

27.0.31 (11/11/2020)

1. Fixed: HEIF images were not rotated properly.
2. Changed: Made the plugin install dialog list both DLL and VST3 in the same selection (instead of requiring switching).
3. Changed: When playing a DMS TV channel with a streaming tuner, time-shifting will observer user configured time-shifting limit, so that disk space usage will not grow indefinitely.
4. Fixed: When showing and hiding the tree, drawing artifacts could appear until you forced a redraw.
5. NEW: Added support for the valign tag to font tokens.
6. Changed: Time-shifting buffer file for DMS TV channels are created in user-set TV recording folder, instead of in MC's temporary file folder.
7. NEW: Media Center can decode Apple proprietary PNG files with CgBI markers.
8. Changed: The thumbnail engine will thumbnail really small images (less than 16 pixels total) instead of skipping them.
9. Fixed: The playback state of remote zones could be wrong causing several issues.
10. NEW: Added the resampler type to audio path.
11. Changed: Made Audio Path a little wider.

27.0.30 (11/05/2020)

1. Changed: Skins without a Template in the Action Window would not blink.
2. Changed: The player no longer restores a minimized window when switching videos.
3. Changed: The import window only blinks if the library is empty.
4. Changed: The Category dialog defaults to taller so the expression type fits.
5. Fixed: Some more VST3 effects work.

27.0.29 (11/02/2020)

1. Fixed: The "Category" library field dialog would not reliably work.
2. NEW: Time-shifting works on streaming TV tuners (Pause/Resume, Jump/Skip for now. FF/REW will come later).
3. Changed: (Experimental) MC will search for DNLA devices with "upnp:rootdevice" type.

27.0.28 (10/30/2020)

1. Changed: The "Category" library field dialog is sizable.
2. Fixed: The Date (release) MP3 tag could get written over and over.
3. Changed: The platform file is deleted when clearing the library so will be reset.
4. Changed: Added the expression function ListMix2 that removes the escapement (so it will return with the ListMix expression).
5. Changed: VST3 effects work with 9, 10, 11, and 12 channels.
6. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).

27.0.27 (10/27/2020)

1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: Selecting to remove tracks after they are played will remove the track if you select to stop after a certain number of tracks.
3. Fixed: APE encoding at 8-bit would fail on high channel count files.

27.0.26 (10/23/2020)

1. Fixed: APE encoding at 24-bit would fail on high channel count files.

27.0.25 (10/23/2020)

1. Fixed: Fixed a possible crash changing rating and backing up with the mouse.
2. Changed: Made the drive analysis better handle UNC paths.
3. Fixed: Tag writing to MP4 files could fail in some cases.
4. Fixed: TV time-shifting files were not cleaned up after time-shifting session ended.
5. Fixed: "Clean up time-shifting folders" did not do anything.
6. Changed: Removed the parsing from ListMix(...) because it would make tokens not get replaced (also may make Math(...) inside not work, so just be aware).
7. Changed: Tried to make recursive expression nesting just output the inner nests as is.
8. Changed: Updated Norwegian translation (thanks Øistein).
9. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
10. NEW: Added Radio Paradise to the Quick Play menu.
11. NEW: Added Radio JRiver to the Quick Play menu.
12. Fixed: Jumping views with double-click could pause if madVR was being used.
13. Changed: Made the APE encoder reject 32-bit floating point conversion.

27.0.24 (10/16/2020)

1. Fixed: Random EPG load time (when randomizing was needed) was not always random.
2. NEW: Added disk performance to Reporter (the rip drive and the library drive).

27.0.23 (10/14/2020)

1. Changed: Added two more XMLTV category keywords, "TV Movie" and "Feature Film", for classifying a show as "movie".
2. Fixed: The 32-bit build could report errors during install of build 22.

27.0.22 (10/13/2020)

1. Changed: Audio Path will show "Bitstreaming" when audio is being bitstreamed instead of potentially confusing audio stream details (which identified the physical transport of the audio, not the audio contents).
2. Fixed: DVB TV could fail to obtain Free View Channel info descriptor when parsing Bouquet Association Table.
3. Fixed: Setting the option could not work if returning from options switched zones.
4. Changed: Adjusted logging for DLNA TV device discovery.
5. Changed: When building playlists for a handheld using relative paths, if nothing is in common, it will use dots in the path to start at the root then build the path (may make Android devices work better).
6. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
7. Fixed: Manually setting TV channel logo might not work if one chooses to save the image in default coverart location.
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
9. Changed: Holding shift while starting a tag window edit will keep the edit from starting again on a new file.
10. Fixed: SiliconDust EPG daily reloading might occasionally occur more than once within a few hours on a day.

27.0.21 (10/7/2020)

1. Changed: Activate the buses of VST3 effects, possibly making more work.
2. Changed: Enabled automatic retry in 30 to 60 minutes of SiliconDust EPG loading so that we would not miss a daily reloading due to not having discovered the DLNA tuners yet.
3. Fixed: When using SiliconDust EPG, all programs were classified as "new". Now re-runs will be properly treated as re-runs.
4. Optimized: EPG loading (including SiliconDust, MC2XML, XMLTV, and Perc Data modes) is significantly faster.
5. Optimized: Processing TV for EPG loading and the like runs less often.
6. Optimized: Standard Television view loads significantly faster, especially if the lists of channels and programs are large.

27.0.20 (10/3/2020)

1. Fixed: There could be video playback problems due to a timer change in recent builds.

27.0.19 (10/2/2020)

1. NEW: When the language for the system is Japanese, that will be the default translation used (instead of English).
2. Fixed: Burner settings were not available for the last few builds and other disc issues could arise.
3. NEW: Added a confirmation when exiting from "Load Program Guide..." window with "Automatically load the program guide every day in the background" option off.
4. NEW: (Experimental) MC allows "Beyonwiz V2" device to be treated as a DMS TV tuner.

27.0.18 (9/30/2020)

1. Changed: Added an information message box to inform the user after DLNA is enabled during SiliconDust EPG setup, that it is a good idea to restart MC before re-attempting EPG setup.
2. Changed: Blocked TV recording on DMS tuners since it has not been implemented properly, to prevent crashes. Windows only. On non-Windows recording is already no-op.
3. Fixed: Spelling error. On Load Program Guide window, the word "everyday" is changed to "every day".
4. Changed: The program no longer pauses a playing video when clicking to activate the program from another program.

27.0.17 (9/30/2020)

1. Changed: MC will show a better error message when it fails to download EPG data, especially from SiliconDust.
2. NEW: Added the web service function File/GetPlaylists to get a list of playlists for a given file.
3. Changed: Respond to a Playlist/Build call with the new playlist ID.
4. NEW: The genre, artist, album, composer, track #, and name are read from the iTunes database during import (so files don't need to be tagged for those fields).
5. NEW: MC will parse <episode-num> element with system="onscreen" attribute in XMLTV files more smartly so it will pick up season number and episode number, in particular from SiliconDust EPG.
6. Changed: MC will reload TV channel logos during EPG loading (if EPG data file contains the logo images) if previous image file is missing.
7. NEW: VST3 adds support for 4.0, 5.1, and 7.1 channel layouts.
8. NEW: During SiliconDust EPG setup MC will detect whether DLNA is enabled. If not, MC will offer to display Media Network options page.

27.0.16 (9/25/2020)

1. Changed: TheMovieDB TV Show lookup populates the IMDB Id with the episode id.
2. Fixed: Subtitle lookup for TV shows was not finding any results.
3. Changed: Updated the Blu-ray Menu playback library for improved disc compatibility.
4. NEW: Added the playlist format "M3U (relative paths, forward slashes)" to handheld upload.
5. Changed: Increased the pause on click timer to hopefully avoid fighting with double-click.
6. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. Fixed: Importing MP4 video files with Playback set to "External" could result in some information missing.
8. Fixed: MP4 video files will more reliably use the video engine to fill in missing metadata.
9. Fixed: SiliconDust EPG re-loading could randomly be skipped.
10. NEW: Links to websites (that start with http:// or https://) in list controls will be active links] now.
11. Changed: Lists will set the cursor in some cases like hoovering over the rating or a link.
12. Changed: On the "Schedule Guide Reloading" window, the "Next Load" column will include a date, instead of just time.
13. Fixed: SiliconDust EPG repeat loading time could be wrong.
14. Fixed: WAV files with a zero sample rate could crash (now they are rejected).
15. Changed: More VST3 effects will show a display.
16. Changed: VST3 effects that only support 32-bit data are now supported.
17. NEW: TV EPG loading modes each will have their own start time set so that users can configure multiple modes to start at different time of the day.
18. Fixed: Background EPG loading threads could be unnecessarily created in rare cases even though no EPG loading mode was scheduled to start at the time.
19. Changed: Restored MC2XML EPG mode (Windows platform only).

27.0.15 (9/19/2020)

1. Changed: Video pause will fire the OSD when in full screen mode now.
2. Changed: Updated the play / pause handling in the TV control and JRiver video engine to match the standard video engine.

27.0.14 (9/18/2020)

1. Changed: MC will query HDHomeRun devices for the number of tuners, instead of using hard-coded values, for a more accurate count.
2. [NEW: The text shown in Theater View's Playing Now can be customized in Options > Theater View > Advanced > Expression for Playing Now.
3. Changed: MC will classify a show as "movie" if the XMLTV puts it in a category of "Television movie" or "Cinema movie".
4. Changed: Left click won't pause when releasing a menu or double-clicking.

27.0.13 (9/17/2020)

1. Changed: MC will skip automatic creation of DMS (Tuner Stream) channels for an HDHomeRun device if it can determine the tuner's TV format to be DVB-T, and DVB-T channels already exist.
2. NEW: Added a "Find License" button to the purchase / restore dialog.
3. Changed: Automatic loading of SiliconDust EPG will be done in a worker thread so the program will be more responsive.
4. Changed: Updated Finland.Oulu-DNA DVB-C tuning parameters. [bThanks lepa![/b]
5. Changed: Removed the word experimental from the long filename option and default to on.
6. Changed: When stopped, the display window will go back to showing the logo.
7. Fixed: Internal Volume was not enabled for DMS TV playback.
8. Fixed: When stopping playback in Display View, the position of the window could switch to the previous position.
9. Changed: When no changes are made with a MCWS/v1/File/SetInfo call, the response "No changes." is provided with the failure.
10. Fixed: Reordering a VST3 effect could crash.
11. Fixed: FLAC files would not always load images properly.
12. Changed: When the program is in gapless between album tracks, it will stay gapless if you back up a track as well.
13. Changed: MC2XML EPG option is removed from TV setup.
14. Changed: Panel - Jump to playing now when playing video files.
15. NEW: Left clicking a playing video will toggle the pause state (except blu-ray because the menu needs the clicks).
16. NEW: SiliconDust EPG added to TV setup EPG options for manual setup.

27.0.12 (9/10/2020)

1. Changed: New / Improved This Version links to the v27 page.
2. Fixed: VST3 effects that didn't create a display could crash.
3. Changed: Updated ModernCards Dark (thanks Marko).
4. NEW: MC will automatically create TV channels if HDHomeRun tuners are found, and related channels have not already been created.
5. Changed: Updated the ANGLE driver for the TheaterView rendering backend, which now offers an experimental Vulkan renderer instead of D3D.
6. Changed: Panel - Updated video streaming to use HLS Video-On-Demand.
7. Changed: Recent searches will no longer store duplicates.
8. NEW: MC will automatically download EPG data from SiliconDust if HDHomeRun devices are found, on condition that no other online EPG has been set up, and SiliconDust EPG has not explicitly been disabled.
9. Fixed: Cloudplay did not play in some situations.

27.0.11 (9/8/2020)

1. Fixed: When XMLTV file contain IDs that are shared by different channels, some of the channels might not be properly matched to their XMLTV IDs.
2. Changed: Middle click will close the active tab (before it did nothing).
3. Fixed: Switching to high resolution in the Analyzer could crash.
4. Fixed: VST2 effects would not load properly.
5. Fixed: Right-click on an empty car radio button would crash.
6. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).

27.0.10 (9/4/2020)

1. Fixed: Right-click in a no column area of a list could crash.

27.0.9 (9/4/2020)

1. Changed: Middle click on the active tab closes instead of cycles the list style.
2. Fixed: VST3 plugins could crash if they didn't provide a display.
3. Changed: Showtime disables shuffle.
4. Changed: Auto-import disables getting cover art and getting video metadata by default.
5. Changed: Auto-sizing columns is moved to a new setting name so it will default to on for everyone.
6. Changed: Analyzer has a checkbox to increase the resolution so it should be better at low frequencies.

27.0.8 (9/2/2020)

1. Fixed: TV Channel to XMLTV ID mapping might find very few matches if users choose not to include a channel number in front of each channel name, for some XMLTV data.

27.0.7 (9/2/2020)

1. Fixed: Middle click on the active tab could crash.
2. Fixed: Closing a tab with a middle click could cycle the list style.
3. Fixed: Some VST3 plugins would not load.
4. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
5. Fixed: TV Channel to XMLTV ID mapping could result in multiple minor channels with the same major channel mapped to the same XMLTV ID, especially for Tuner Stream channels and HDHomeRun EPG data.

27.0.6 (8/28/2020)

1. Fixed: Right-clicking tabs could crash.

27.0.5 (8/28/2020)

1. Fixed: Closing the current tab could crash.
2. Changed: Switched closing tabs to a middle click.

27.0.4 (8/22/2020)

1. Changed: Typing in the search box will hide the suggestions if you press enter with no suggestion selected.
2. NEW: Added the min and max expression functions (they take any number of parameters).
3. Fixed: When editing in a popup, if the underlying file is changed, the edit will be canceled (previously could crash).
4. Changed: When editing in a popup, the file selection will not be changed on track change.
5. NEW: Added the expression functions avg and sum to average and sum numbers.
6. Fixed: Tuner Stream TV channel scan resulted in incorrect parameters in build 27.0.3.
7. NEW: Added the FieldQuery expression function to return a list of matches based on a list of fields to search.
8. Changed: Previously the entire tab would show a tooltip about closing, but now it only shows on the close button.
9. Fixed: When Tuner Stream (DMS) type of TV channel started playing, the player status was not changed and remained "Starting TV..."
10. Changed: Pause/Resume is enabled for Tuner Stream (DMS) type of TV channel playback.
11. NEW: Added a new search to options to allow setting a grouping of files to automatically apply a bookmark (so if "Use Bookmarking" is set to default, it turns on for files that match the search).
12. NEW: Right-click on inactive tabs closes them.
13. Changed: Tabs always show a close button, even if they're inactive.
14. Fixed: Image lookup from Google (for artist images, etc.) was not working.
15. NEW: artist images are used along with Google images for the artist image display.
16. Fixed: Doing a file rename of the case only could hang from a recent change.
17. NEW: Added preliminary support for VST3 plugins. They should install and process. Feedback welcome.

27.0.3 (8/21/2020)

1. Changed: Revised the sorting menu in the column header right-click.
2. Fixed: Corrupt MPC files could crash.
3. Changed: "Show signal strength on screen" context menu item is not displayed for TV tuner types that do not support it (OpenCABLE, Sat>IP, Tuner Stream, etc.).
4. Changed: "Window" context menu (aspect ratio, zooming etc.) is not displayed for Tuner Stream type of TV playback as it is not supported right now.
5. Fixed: "Audio Programs" context menu did not work when playing a Tuner Stream TV channel.
6. Fixed: Build 27.0.2 did not give 30 day trial.

27.0.2 (8/13/2020)

1. Fixed: Zooming in on an image thumbnail will scroll so the selected item is shown (previously it could scroll to a different spot).
2. Changed: Removed the obsolete mini view skins from the build.
3. Fixed: Uploading to a handheld would replace the filename in the database with the handheld filename.
4. Fixed: Video playback and TV playback would show incorrect error message on screen if MC failed to download LAV filters.
5. Changed: The right-click choice "Remove Column From Sorting" only appears for columns in the current sorting.
6. Changed: Made the sorting interactive in the right-click menu instead of only display.
7. Changed: A version 26 license is no longer accepted.

27.0.1 (8/11/2020)

1. NEW: Added MPL to the list of output formats for playlist export.
2. NEW: Added the MCWS function GetFilledTemplate.
3. Changed: Made the export playlist dialog split into two columns.
4. Changed: When setting a filename, all other files with the same name will also be changed.
5. Changed: Allow renaming a particle filename.
6. NEW: Allow up to 16 simultaneous conversions for handheld configuration.
7. NEW: Added standardize quotes to the Clean File Properties tool.
8. NEW: Right-click on a tab close button will close all other tabs and leave that one open.
9. Changed: Column auto-sizing defaults to on.
10. NEW: Added the field [Playlist Total Time] to the player customization.
11. Changed: Made the total disc calculator run at startup faster by setting anything with no disc number to have one total discs.
12. NEW: Added the option to keep pane tagging on to Options > General > Advanced.
13. Changed: The tab key will not auto-select a choice from the tag box.
14. NEW: Added mode 2 to the ListRemove expression function which does substring matching (instead of entire string).
15. Changed: When playing to a tuner near startup, the error message indicates that you might need to allow the program longer to run.
16. Fixed: If chapters are at the same time, the names will be sorted by the chapter name.
17. Changed: When installing too new of a license, a more informative message is shown.
18. NEW: Added the library field "Last Sync" that gets set when a file is synced to a handheld.
19. NEW: Added a right-click command to Car Radio buttons to Add to Playing Now.
20. NEW: Added the sorting of a list to the column header right-click menu.
21. NEW: The volume slider shows zero when the volume is muted (instead of the unmuted level).
22. Changed: When setting up TV channel logo, the image file location is saved in the channel's ImageFile tag even if the image file is located inside the TV Logos folder. This way it will be easier to remove the logo when necessary.
23. NEW: Undo / redo in the menu summarizes the changes by the menu text.
24. NEW: Added a stop after current file button to the toolbar.
25. Changed: (Internal change only.) Playing of TUNERSTREAM type of TV channels no longer by-pass TV engine.
26. NEW: Added a right-click command to library server to close both the server and Media Center.
27. Changed: Model name will be included in the device name of a DMS TV tuner for easier visual identification.
28. NEW: Added the ability to freeze columns.
29. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).