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26.0.107 (9/4/2020)

1. Fixed: Image lookup from Google (for artist images, etc.) was not working.
2. Fixed: Zooming in on an image thumbnail will scroll so the selected item is shown (previously it could scroll to a different spot).

26.0.106 (8/10/2020)

1. Fixed: Modern Cards (Dark) frames fixed (thanks Marko).
2. Fixed: You can no longer keyboard navigate or double click to select the Add Library tree item.

26.0.105 (8/7/2020)

1. Changed: Passing an invalid date to the SetInfo call will return <Response Status="Failure"/> instead of setting an empty date.
2. Changed: Calls to the MCWS SetInfo will be logged for undo.
3. Fixed: Encoding a FLAC with "Verify encoding" enabled could result in a crash in some situations.
4. Fixed: Crash could have happened when audio analysis ran on missing files (files in MC's database but deleted or no longer in that location on disk).

26.0.104 (8/5/2020)

1. Changed: Display of list fields stores ";" for the delimiter but now displays "; " for the delimiter in file lists.
2. Fixed: Conversion would not always work properly.
3. Fixed: When replacing files during a convert, ISO and other numbered files will no longer delete the original file (since there could be more tracks in it).
4. Fixed: Open Weather map for Theater View weather was not working.
5. Changed: Some tuning of lyrics lookup to make Google work again, make slashes in artist names work, etc.
6. Fixed: APE ratings did not get written to the file tags.

26.0.103 (7/31/2020)

1. Changed: When loading dates from an APE file, if no "Date" field is found, the "Year" field will be read (which could contain a full date).
2. Fixed: FLAC streams would not all play.
3. Fixed: EPUB books without sidecars would not import.
4. Fixed: Possible crashes when using list controls.
5. Fixed: The image file field did not support the smartlist modes properly.
6. Changed: Removed AZ Lyrics from lookup.
7. Changed: Only 10 files at a time are allowed for lyrics lookup.
8. Fixed: ATSC Closed Captioning did not work since build 85.

26.0.102 (7/22/2020)

1. Fixed: The Portable Library feature would match case when replacing paths (so miss a lot of them).

26.0.101 (7/17/2020)

1. Changed: Marked SSA/ASS subtitles as not movable by madVR in ROHQ.
2. Changed: The tooltip for the enviro expression function was not correct.
3. Fixed: The example for the RatingStars10 function incorrectly had brackets.
4. Fixed: When exporting all playlists, cancelling on the format dialog would just pick the M3U format.
5. Fixed: Media Center would crash when trying to remove a non-existing column from sorting in file views.
6. Fixed: Setting television channel logos was not working.

26.0.100 (7/10/2020)

1. Changed: Clean up of some code from build 99.

26.0.99 (7/10/2020)

1. Fixed: "mov" video files would get imported as mp4, instead of properly remaining mov.
2. Fixed: The second parameter of the IsDigit expression function would not be used.
3. Changed: The "Add to Playing Now" toolbar button just adds instead of adds and plays.
4. Changed: Updated Modern Cards Dark standard view skin (thanks marko).
5. Fixed: Using the Range() expression with a negative count could result in an infinite loop.
6. Fixed: The NoArticles expression function had a bad example.
7. Changed: The StackCount(...) expression returns one greater.
8. Changed: Audio Analysis no longer puts a leading zero in front of the Waveform data items.

26.0.98 (6/26/2020)

1. Changed: Trying to fully disable and re-enable hot keys if the option "Translate hot keys when running as Media Server" is not set.

26.0.97 (6/26/2020)

1. Fixed: Adaptive volume was not part of a DSP preset.

26.0.96 (6/26/2020)

1. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
2. Changed: Reverted Modern Cards Dark.

26.0.95 (6/25/2020)

1. Fixed: FLAC-in-Ogg radio streams did not play.
2. Fixed: Loading a preset in the conversion window could crash.
3. Changed: Updated Modern Cards Dark standard view skin.
4. Fixed: The Playback/Zones MCWS call won't return a hidden zone as the current zone if hidden zones are not asked for (just returns the zero index zone).
5. Changed: Added the option to draw lyrics for every 50 lines.
6. Fixed: A possible fix of the issue of DVB subtitle showing up one word a time.
7. Fixed: When the scrollbar expanded and shrunk again, it could scroll this list.
8. NEW: Added the ability to create an expression based calculated field to Library/CreateField.

26.0.94 (6/17/2020)

1. Changed: Automatically update the Playing Now toolbar button (instead of requiring a re-add).
2. Changed: MC will be more tolerating to badly written "Year" tag by other programs.

26.0.93 (6/16/2020)

1. Fixed: The Add to Playing Now toolbar button would not work in the expected way.

26.0.92 (6/16/2020)

1. Fixed: Checking the box in options to submit to was not working.
2. Fixed: WAV streams without a content length did not play.
3. Fixed: Audio stream selection in videos did not always work properly if no language was specified.
4. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
5. Fixed: Accents in values for GroupCountQuery did not work properly.
6. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. Changed: Searching list fields also searches with and without accents now instead of only without.
8. Fixed: MC could get wrong date from ID3 tags in some mp3 files.
9. NEW: Added the ListFormat(...) expression function.
10. Changed: The tooltip delay is changed back down to 0.75 seconds after being adjusted up to 3 seconds in recent releases.

26.0.91 (6/9/2020)

1. Fixed: Media Center only sends sidecar subtitles for the current file to the client, instead of all found in the current directory tree.
2. Fixed: ListGrep was not honoring the mode switch for case sensitivity.
3. Fixed: The example for ListFind had the wrong function name.
4. Fixed: The number function did not pull negative numbers.
5. NEW: Added a ListRemove expression.
6. Changed: Reverted the change to separate the statusbar text. It's all in the center again.
7. NEW: Added modes 3 (remove empty strings) and 4 (trim strings) to the ListClean(...) expression function.
8. Fixed: Right-click the Tag window "Customize This Field" would not scroll to the new field if the display name was different than the name.
9. NEW: The author field is filled from OPF sidecars.
10. Fixed: List fields with multiple values did not work properly with the GroupCountQuery function.
11. NEW: Added OPF file tagging for e-books (requires data be on for the sidecar setting).
12. Fixed: The number function searches for actual numbers after a dot so something like (. 1) won't get read as just a dot.
13. Fixed: Loading DSP presets would have the current equalizer settings overwrite the new preset settings.
14. Fixed: The on / off state of plugins would not refresh right away when loading a DSP preset.
15. Fixed: When changing Audio Program using right-click menu for live TV playback, the new audio type and language were not properly configured.
16. Changed: When renaming files, a message will be shown if there are collisions telling that the files will be renamed. You can continue or cancel.
17. Fixed: FLAC streams without a content length did not play.
18. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

26.0.90 (6/5/2020)

1. Fixed: Commas in the ListMix(...) function would not get handled properly.

26.0.89 (6/5/2020)

1. Fixed: Editing list fields in the tag window would delimit the list with "; " instead of just ";".
2. NEW: Sidecars for epub books will look for any OPF in the same folder instead of only the same filename.
3. Changed: The -2 parameter for RegEx in the expression language will output all matches now.
4. Changed: The statusbar shows the file status on the right and the working (or ready) status in the center.
5. Fixed: TheMovieDB TV show lookup did not properly use the selected metadata language for all data.
6. Fixed: Playback to MCWS zones could crash when querying about
7. Changed: Made some more replacements of "; " with ";" for list building in tagging.

26.0.88 (6/3/2020)

1. Fixed: Possible crash during playback in rare cases.
2. Changed: Manage TV Channels tool will now show channel details (Device name, URL, etc.) of Tuner Stream channels.
3. Changed: When matching TitanTV TV channels with ATSC channels in MC, we use relaxed matching criteria because TitanTV uses outdated physical channel number on some channels.
4. Changed: When viewing an ATSC channel using TitanTV interface, MC will try matching with a Tuner Stream channel if an ATSC channel is not found.
5. Changed: The ListMix expression function escapes parenthesis in the replacements so they won't disrupt the parser and look like functions.
6. NEW: Added the expression Enviro to load a system environment variable.
7. Fixed: The ListMix function included extra information by mistake in the tooltip.
8. Changed: All the parameters for live playback are in the URL so you can configure multiple streams pointing to different hardware and save them to a playlist or similar.
9. NEW: Added a ListGrep expression function to filter a list to a matching string.
10. Fixed: Setting current audio program as default when playing live TV on a client did not work.
11. Fixed: Movie lookup on TheMovieDB uses a specified year for more accurate results.
12. Fixed: Looking up TV Shows on TheMovieDB will prefer the previously selected show, as intended.
13. Changed: Added Genre and Access Rating to the TheMovieDB TV series lookup.
14. Changed: The "Get Movie & TV Info" tool allows selecting a desired movie poster or episode thumbnail, instead of only offering up the first one.
15. Changed: Made the option to scrobble zone specific (you'll have to turn it back on for the zones you want).
16. Changed: won't ask for a login when the program is in error free mode.
17. Changed: GroupSummaryQuery delimits a list of fields with semi-colons instead of dashes.
18. Changed: When we search for accents, we search for both the accent and the non-accent instead of only the non-accent (makes GroupSummaryQuery work better).
19. Fixed: Sat>IP TV tuner did not work in recent builds.

26.0.87 (5/29/2020)

1. NEW: Slanted quotes (“”) in titles are replaced with regular quotes (") for lyrics lookup.
2. NEW: Slanted single quotes (‘’) in titles are replaced with reqular single quotes (') for lyrics lookup.
3. NEW: Added a mode 5 to the Clean(...) expression function that standardizes quotes.
4. NEW: Revamped Tuner Stream (DMS) TV channel support. Primarily for Linux and Mac, but will work on Windows. Tested with HDHomeRun Prime, and HDHomeRun Extend tuners. Should also work with HDHomeRun Connect.
5. Changed: Media Center now uses TheMovieDB for TV Show metadata lookup, series/season posters and Theater View background art.

26.0.86 (5/27/2020)

1. Changed: The OSD doesn't display when playing an image, then jumping to full screen (before it would show the zoom level).

26.0.85 (5/27/2020)

1. Fixed: Starting an image playing and then jumping to Display View would not make the image fill the view.
2. Fixed: The subtitle engine would select the wrong sidecar subtitle files in some situations.
3. Changed: Disabled event notifications for other applications through global broadcast messages, since they can interfer with smooth operation of other applications.
4. Changed: Made exclusive the default for WASAPI again.
5. Changed: Standardized on ";" for the list delimiter instead of "; " for all the expressions.
6. Changed: Actors, producers, etc. from TheMovieDB are delimited with ";" instead of "; ".
7. Changed: Memory playback turns off when there's less than 256 MB of memory (previously it would still try to allocate that much).
8. Changed: Memory playback no longer disables for URL playback.
9. Changed: Use higher quality resampling for DSD from PCM playback.
10. Changed: Enter in the search box of Options no longer closes.

26.0.84 (5/22/2020)

1. NEW: Added support for the image type webp.
2. Changed: Made the default for WASAPI exclusive off.
3. NEW: The Regex expression function takes a -2 mode that outputs all the captures as a semi-colon delimited list.
4. NEW: Sidecar files of the type OPF are loaded for EPUB books (the sidecar must be the same name as the book in the file system other than the extension).
5. Fixed: Video conversion did not honor user's audio stream selection.

26.0.83 (5/20/2020)

1. NEW: Right-click on a tag value in the Tag window will offer the option to "Customize This Field..." which opens the library field dialog.
2. Fixed: When browsing for subs, the selection would not be saved.
3. Fixed: Updated Google date lookup to use the newer page styles of Google.
4. Fixed: The missing file icon was not working.
5. Fixed: GroupCountQuery would not work in Theater View templates (now it uses the full set of library files instead of the files in the working set).
6. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
7. NEW: Television option to allow users to pick a specific TV rating system (if available) in XMLTV files.
8. NEW: Added the MCWS function Control/AnalyzeAudio that takes a tree path and analyzes the files.
9. NEW: Added the option to lock and unlock a playlist to the Tag window right-click.
10. Changed: Made album artist a default search field for new libraries.
11. Changed: Trying to drag the window from just to the right of the toolbar didn't work.
12. Changed: TV channels loaded from the DMS (DLNA) are cleared each time before the current list is loaded.
13. Changed: Discovering of Open Cable type of TV tuners is slightly changed. Users should not notice any difference.

26.0.82 (5/15/2020)

1. Changed: Made analyze audio able to process 16 files at once.
2. Changed: Reverted the ItemCount change from the previous build because it made expressions no longer work.
3. Fixed: Some of the expression tooltips could get incorrectly combined.
4. Fixed: Audio Path could display incorrectly when running a translation.
5. Changed: Made the clean expression function when in filename mode allow backslashes to go through in a new mode 4 of cleaning (since they could be part of a path).
6. Changed: When loading EPG from XMLTV files with multiple access rating systems, MC will try to use user's country setting to determine which system to use automatically.
7. NEW: Support for playing TAK audio files (using the DirectShow playback engine).

26.0.81 (5/13/2020)

1. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohác!).
2. NEW: The Customize View dialog is sizable and it opens at the last size and position.
3. Changed: Now allow up to 16 concurrent conversions (was capped at 8 previously).
4. Changed: Updated Chinese (Simplified) translation (thanks kelijun!).
5. Changed: Added an option for the Mini View close mode to Options > General > Behavior.
6. Changed: Changed country name "Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M.)" to "North Macedonia".
7. Fixed: Adding a list field to the tag window would not make the size grow properly.
8. Changed: The list of folders in the import dialog is sorted.
9. Fixed: The ItemCount expression could be slow if something that wasn't a field name was entered.

26.0.80 (5/11/2020)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: It will show a message when adding or removing from a locked playlist in the Tag window and not make any changes.
3. NEW: MC can use TitanTV's web interface to schedule TV recording or starting playing TV.

26.0.79 (5/10/2020)

1. Fixed: Putting a zero in the FormatRange expression could lead to a crash.

26.0.78 (5/9/2020)

1. Fixed: The last build could fail to install on some systems.

26.0.77 (5/9/2020)

1. Fixed: Lyrics lookup would lookup all files instead of only music files.

26.0.76 (5/8/2020)

1. Changed: Testing build with Visual Studio 2019 (feedback wanted).

26.0.75 (5/8/2020)

1. Changed: Improved performance of ASS/SSA subtitles by using multiple threads for image blending.
2. Fixed: Playing Now could be auto-expanded on program launch even if it wasn't open during the last run.
3. Fixed: DSD playback would report a low-pass in Audio Path when bitstreaming.
4. Changed: The tree no longer expands to show when devices come and go.
5. Changed: Removed the +6 dB shift we were applying to HDCD decoding.
6. Changed: A shift of 6 dB is still applied to volume levelling so it should match between HDCD and regular files.

26.0.74 (5/6/2020)

1. NEW: Full support for ASS/SSA Anime subtitles.
2. Changed: Updated all language files to have the latest strings from the source code.
3. Fixed: A possible deadlock could occur in times of heavy use.
4. Changed: Lists could build and scroll to show the center item in some cases instead of the top item.

26.0.73 (5/5/2020)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Stefan).
2. Fixed: The MP4 plugin would not open streams with the user agent properly.
3. NEW: Made the shortcut Alt+I run auto-import.
4. Fixed: Files that had been removed could get brought back in by an import.
5. Changed: The low-pass filter applied to PCM conversion of DSD playback is reported in Audio Path.
6. Fixed: Fix SetNextAvTransportURI which was broken by displaying the audio path on transcoded streams sent to DLNA renderers.
7. NEW: Added the library tool "Lookup Date From Google".
8. NEW: Added a way to insert a clip of silence into the current playlist in the volume menu.
9. Changed: Made sure some TV code (in particular DNLA TV device discovery) is not executed if TV feature is not enabled.

26.0.72 (5/2/2020)

1. Changed: Made the GroupCountQuery function a little faster.
2. Fixed: The signature in the 32-bit build of 71 was incorrect.

26.0.71 (5/1/2020)

1. Changed: Aggressive Deinterlacing for MPEG-2 streams is no longer activated on 24 fps streams, as those should never be interlaced to begin with.
2. Fixed: YouTube playback was not working when a specific system DLL was missing.
3. Changed: Added caching for images embedded into text in tooltips or Theater View, for better performance.
4. NEW: Added a "valign" property to text <img> tokens to position the image vertically (possible values: top, middle, bottom).
5. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.38.
6. NEW: Added the IfCase(...) expression function ( details here:,124543.msg866100.html#msg866100 ).
7. Changed: Updated Chinese language file (thanks kelijun).
8. Fixed: Exif/XMP Metadata from HEIF/HEIC images is read properly.
9. Changed: Uploaded files are no longer added to the library as their Radio JRiver URLs.
10. Fixed: Dimension was wrong when importing some Nikon Raw images.
11. Fixed: The digits of precision did not properly update when creating a new field until restart.
12. NEW: Added modes 9 (List search ANY (case sensitive)), 10 (List search ANY (case insensitive)), 11 (List search ALL (case sensitive)), and 12 (List search ALL (case insensitive)) to the IsEqual expression function.
13. Changed: In FLAC tags, we load from "Album Artist Sort" if no data is found in "ALBUMARTISTSORT" (because it could have data from before we standardized).
14. Changed: In FLAC tags, we load from "Artist Sort" if no data is found in "ARTISTSORT" (because it could have data from before we standardized).
15. Changed: In FLAC tags, we load from "Composer Sort" if no data is found in "COMPOSERSORT" (because it could have data from before we standardized).
16. Changed: When a field is not a default search field, it will not be used for suggestions in the search.
17. NEW: Added modes 13 through 16 to IsEqual to do full string matching (instead of partial).
18. Fixed: Importing of TIFF images might produce wrong focal length and shutter speed.
19. NEW: Added a GroupCountQuery(...) expression function to group files by a field, then count another field.
20. Changed: Made seeking chapters show the OSD just like picking chapters from the OSD and seeking them.
21. NEW: Added the expression function Or(...) to test a list of values and output true if any are set.
22. NEW: Added the expression function And(...) to test a list of values and output true if all are set.
23. NEW: The "Tuner Stream" type of TV channels can now be manually added or edited.

26.0.70 (4/24/2020) (Unpublished)

1. Fixed: DVB Subtitles/ATSC Closed Captioning could have multiple lines overlapping each other when they were adjusted to accommodate OSD.

26.0.69 (4/24/2020)

1. Changed: Reverted a previous change that blocked Standard View EPG from updating program list while guide was being loaded in the background.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.37 (fixes decoding of v3.93 to 3.95 files).

26.0.68 (4/24/2020)

1. Fixed: When scanning for Tuner Stream type of TV channels without EGP loading, the "Next>" button on the scan wizard was not enabled at the end of scan.
2. NEW: Made HDCD decoding use 24-bits as the "Automatic" bitdepth instead of 16.
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.36 which brings legacy support back.

26.0.67 (4/22/2020)

1. Changed: The "More Play Options" Theater View roller item will now contain "Play All" when selecting a single file.
2. NEW: Made mouse wheel volume over the player optional.
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.35.
4. NEW: Added a Stop After X choice that asks for the number of tracks to stop after.
5. Changed: Removed the legacy mapped data for visualizations because none we could find are using it (please report any issues).

26.0.66 (4/21/2020)

1. Fixed: Fixed a crash reported from when we checked a file to see if it was a Radio Paradise file.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.34 (makes JRiver changes from the previous build part of Monkey's Audio).

26.0.65 (4/20/2020)

1. Changed: A message is shown when APE files that are too old are encountered with the URL of the conversion tool.

26.0.64 (4/20/2020)

1. Fixed: ListShuffle(...) didn't trim the whitespace when building a list so the new list could sometimes have spaces around the semi-colon.
2. Changed: More work on radio stations that don't play.
3. Changed: Added whitespace trimming to all the list expression functions.

26.0.63 (4/18/2020)

1. Fixed: Wasn't looking at the new name of the ListMix(...) function so escapement wasn't working.

26.0.62 (4/18/2020)

1. Changed: Renamed the Transform(...) function to ListMix(...).

26.0.61 (4/18/2020)

1. NEW: DVB TV Subtitling display will automatically shift upward when an OSD is on screen, to avoid overlaps.
2. NEW: Recorded TV shows will have CC / Subtitles shifted up for OSD too (on Windows only).
3. Fixed: The variables L1, L2, etc. in Transform(...) wouldn't necessarily be replaced up to the number of lists.

26.0.60 (4/17/2020)

1. Changed: Some more work on the Tranform(...) function to make it better find the right comma (if there are functions) and unescape commas with slashes.

26.0.59 (4/17/2020)

1. Changed: The GroupSummaryQuery function accepts a parameter just like GroupSummary to turn off labeling.
2. NEW: TV Closed Captioning display will automatically shift upward when an OSD is on screen, to avoid overlaps.
3. NEW: Added a Transform(...) expression function (see this thread for details:,124543.0.html)
4. NEW: Added a mode to the Find(...) expression function "2" to reverse find instead of forward find in the string.

26.0.58 (4/15/2020)

1. Changed: When we fail to load a MIME type from a stream, we switch to the iTunes user agent and try again (makes several streams start working).
2. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.33.

26.0.57 (4/14/2020)

1. NEW: Added BM8 to the playlist import format list (a Winamp playlist).
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.31.
3. NEW: Chapters are shown on the OSD when seeking to a chapter in a video.
4. Fixed: HDCD processing would not be applied when converting formats.
5. Changed: Made only composer images trim the year from the name of the cover art.
6. NEW: Added the expression function GroupSummaryQuery(...) to build a summary for files matching the given fields.
7. Fixed: TV channel selection in Standard View EPG was not always preserved during updates.
8. Changed: No longer set the user agent to NSPlayer when requesting a mime type for a file but instead the JRiver user agent.

26.0.56 (4/11/2020)

1. Changed: Only 16-bit files are checked for HDCD.
2. Changed: The in and out sample rates are formatted for display instead of just returned as a raw number.
3. Fixed: DLNA could incorrectly be in audio streamer mode.

26.0.55 (4/10/2020)

1. Fixed: Theater View views that show TV recordings were not updated in real time when TV recordings were added, in builds 53 and 54.
2. NEW: Per-tuner option "The tuner requires using Symbols per second, instead of KiloSymbols per second" for television tuners that require symbol rate.
3. Changed: Updated the YouTube API key (should make Theater View work again).

26.0.54 (4/10/2020)

1. Fixed: The version of build 53 was not correct in some cases.

26.0.53 (4/10/2020)

1. Fixed: YouTube in Theater View was not working.

26.0.52 (4/9/2020)

1. Fixed: The Save this view dialog would not build the new filename from the view name.
2. Changed: The Math(...) expression now requires US decimal characters again.
3. Fixed: Equalizer settings could get overwritten when a DSP object was unloaded, so if you had multiple objects, settings could flip-flop.

26.0.51 (4/8/2020)

1. Fixed: The "Use previous subtitle" MCC command could get stuck on the "Null" subtitle on Blu-rays.
2. Changed: The program no longer makes sure the file exists when getting cover art as a field summary (could be slow on some systems).
3. NEW: DLNA zones show audio path information during playback (still a work in progress).

26.0.50 (4/6/2020)

1. Fixed: The Math(...) expression did not support the non-US decimal character well.
2. Changed: Closing the program in mini view will just close instead of return to standard view.
3. NEW: Added the variables [In Sample Rate] and [Out Sample Rate] to get the sample rates during playback.
4. Changed: Removal of the launcher did not happen from the SysWOW64 folder on Windows 64 during uninstall.
5. Fixed: Expressions to display did not work properly.
6. Changed: Removed CD Baby because it was no longer working.

26.0.49 (4/3/2020)

1. NEW: Added the relational type of one per genre to library fields.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.28.
3. NEW: Added Download From Library Server to the file right-click menu (if connected).
4. Changed: Files from a playlist import now are imported into the main database (instead of only the playlist database).
5. NEW: Added the right-click play command "Play From Here" to start playback at a list location and proceed until the end.
6. Changed: Smartlists load linked tracks.

26.0.48 (4/1/2020)

1. Changed: When importing an M3U, we count the artists and names and switch them if there are more artists because iTunes does not follow the specification.
2. Changed: Added logging to convolution to help debug a DLNA problem.

26.0.47 (3/30/2020)

1. Fixed: The ownership of the display could still become invalid in certain cases.

26.0.46 (3/30/2020)

1. Fixed: Starting in Playing Now would still steal the display away from Display View if you started windowed.

26.0.45 (3/30/2020)

1. Fixed: Seeking with the MCWS function Playback/Position would not work properly with remote zones.

26.0.44 (3/30/2020)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.26.
2. Fixed: Jumping to Playing Now no longer triggers if the program is already in Display View (so the display ownership stays correct).
3. NEW: Added the expression function Letter(...) to output the starting letters of a string.

26.0.43 (3/27/2020)

1. Fixed: Stopping after the next track advanced two tracks instead of one in build 42.
2. Changed: Removed the option to advance after stopping after a track (now always advances).

26.0.42 (3/27/2020)

1. Fixed: Lyrics drawing wouldn't work well if the lyrics only had a \n for a newline.
2. Changed: Lyrics drawing lets longer lines stay together.
3. NEW: Lyrics drawing can break the lyrics into pages (right-click > Pages on the lyrics display).
4. Changed: Picking Options > General > Remove files from Playing Now after they are played would not work nicely with the Stop After Next command.
5. Changed: Made picking the option Stop After Playing Track advance to the next track on stop.
6. NEW: Added the expression function TrimLines(...) to standardize and consolidate newlines.
7. Changed: "Tree & View > Advanced > Display missing file image in lists" will now be used in the thread that checks file existence (to avoid shutdown lags, etc.).
8. Fixed: When loading EPG data, the entry would appear twice in the power manager part of Reporter.

26.0.41 (3/25/2020)

1. Fixed: Standard View EPG filter box did not keep selection (always changed back to "All Programs") when an update occurred.
2. Fixed: The latitude and longitude would not be read in full resolution from some images.
3. Fixed: The installer would not run on some systems.
4. Changed: Reporter shows the audio analyzed and video analyzed on separate lines.

26.0.40 (3/24/2020)

1. Fixed: Possible playback problems from a buffer change.

26.0.39 (3/23/2020)

1. Changed: When a TV recording is started, Theater View views that show TV recordings will be updated to include the newly added file.
2. Changed: "Use current audio stream as default" context menu item now works on clients playing live TV channels.
3. Changed: JRiver Time-shifting Reader filter will reset subtitle time-stamp upon channel-changes when time-shifting DVB TV channels, in an attempt to fix a subtitle display issue. Testing is appreciated.
4. Fixed: Wavpack could not play files over 2GB properly.
5. Fixed: Another fix to the statusbar rule option naming (should allow customize now).
6. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.24 (fixes legacy decoding of 24-bit files).
7. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
8. Fixed: Some MP4 files could cause MC to crash.
9. Changed: When renaming a file that has a JRiver Sidecar, the new sidecar file will be updated to reflect the new file path.

26.0.38 (3/20/2020)

1. Fixed: Corrected the spelling of the StatusBar Rule registry setting.
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
4. NEW: Added the Char(...) expression function to output a character from the numeric code of the character.
5. NEW: Added Artists, Genres, Albums, Years, and Playlists to the Reporter view.
6. NEW: Added the most played albums and tracks to the Reporter view.

26.0.37 (3/19/2020)

1. Changed: Added a second parameter to the GroupSummary(...) expression function that when set to one, does not output things like "avg" or "total".
2. NEW: Added an "Audio" toolbar button that jumps to the last used Audio view.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
4. NEW: "Audio Programs" context menu will be available when playing a TV channel on a client.
5. NEW: Added a SearchTags(...) expression function that takes a value and returns all the fields that have a match (the parameter after the value is an integer that when set to 1, just returns true or false for matches instead of the field names).
6. NEW: Added the expression function Number(...) that takes a string and finds the number (plus decimal) in the string.
7. NEW: Added the expression function Find(...) to search for a substring in a string.
8. NEW: Added the expression function Trim(...) to trim non-printable characters and newlines from a string.
9. NEW: Added the expression function ListFind(...) to search a list for a value (takes a final parameter to decide if it should return the value or the index).
11. NEW: Added the expression function Range(...) to create a numbered list.

26.0.36 (3/17/2020)

1. Changed: Removed the Network Streamer output plugin (not currently used).
2. Changed: Made the % column width wider for the reporter views on high DPI.
3. NEW: Added the ListShuffle(...) expression function.
4. Fixed: Album counts could be reported two times in the statusbar.
5. NEW: Added the option to load a view from a file (saved JVI) so you don't have to put it in the views folder.
6. Changed: The "Stop After Playing Track" choice in Theater View is only visible in Playing Now.
7. Fixed: Audio Path was not reporting that decoded files were being loaded for memory playback.

26.0.35 (3/13/2020)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.23.

26.0.34 (3/12/2020)

1. Fixed: The items in Standard View EPG filter box ("All Programs", "Favorite Channels", "To be recorded", etc.) were not updated when user switched language.
2. Fixed: The button text in Standard View EPG was not updated when language was changed.
3. Fixed: The program list in Standard View EPG could be empty when the language was changed.
4. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.21.
5. NEW: MC's Explorer views show a mode combobox to allow showing all files, imported files, or unimported files.
6. Changed: Made Fill Track Numbers From List Order start over at one each time the disc # changes if the option to start over is selected.
7. Changed: Made the sort window wider.
8. NEW: Added CD ripping and burning to Options > General > Features.
9. Fixed: Audio Path no longer reports that it's playing a video from memory if memory playback is enabled (the option only applies to audio).
10. Changed: The start over each album setting on filling the track numbers will also start over if the album artist (auto) changes.
11. Changed: Memory playback is checked for actually using memory instead of just checking the option for Audio Path (so things like Audio Calibration will no longer say memory playback).
12. Changed: Made composer lookup able to understand strings with years at the end and strings (composer (years)) and reversed in order (last name, first name).
13. Fixed: Made a possible fix for crashing on playback.

26.0.33 (3/9/2020)

1. Changed: Minor corrections in Chinese (simplified and tranditional) translation text.
2. Changed: When the match quality is the same for suggestions, they'll be sorted by name instead of random sorting.
3. Changed: Some more YouTube improvements.

26.0.32 (3/6/2020)

1. Changed: YouTube playback is faster.
2. Changed: A File Playlists item was accidentally in the Action Window last build.
3. Changed: Improved performance of Cloudplay playback.
4. Fixed: YouTube download and playback was not working.
5. Changed: When canceling a program based TV recording from Theater View, the associated recording rule is flagged instead of deleted. This will ensure post-recording processing and tagging are carried out when recording is canceled after it already started.

26.0.31 (3/5/2020)

1. Changed: Using the Stop After N Tracks, the playback position will increment to the next file instead of staying on the last file.
2. Changed: Made the Tiles list style a little better for audio and image files.
3. Fixed: When user account changed, TV guide in Standard View did not update accordingly.
4. Changed: TV Channels' "User" field will be copied over to TV recordings so the recorded shows will be filtered by the same user account rules.
5. Changed: TV Recordings view in Standard View TV guide will be filtered by user account.
6. Fixed: Certain views could crash for the last few builds.
7. Fixed: Sorting of number style lists would not treat empty elements as zero properly.
8. NEW: Added a Search For Playlists command to the right-click that opens up an Action Window page displaying a file's playlists.
9. Fixed: When the scale was different between monitors, the right-click placement of the detached display could be incorrect.
10. Changed: Made the Locate fields a little better for images.
11. Faster: Made switching tracks from Cloudplay smoother.
12. Fixed: Manually stopping a TV recording (especially in Theater View) could result in the recording been left in "still recording" state and could not be played until MC was restarted.
13. Changed: Made the width of the Play Doctor window in Playing Now a little wider.
14. Fixed: The double arrow remote control keys (FF or REW, for scrolling 24 hours horizontally) did not work correctly in Theater View TV guide grid if one of the arrow keys (Up, down, left, right) has been previously used.

26.0.30 (2/28/2020)

1. Fixed: In builds 28 and 29 Closed Captioning in ATSC television did not work if seeking was performed.
2. Fixed: Lyrics lookup could crash if it encountered a deleted file.
3. Changed: A detached display will only be always on top if the setting is set (instead of always).
4. Changed: Updated Chinese (traditional) translation (thanks Jason).
5. NEW: Television channels can be filtered by user account.
6. Changed: Updated Hungarian translation (thanks Gyula).
7. Fixed: Clicking "Edit in Popup" would just close the tag editing due to a recent change.
8. Changed: Removed the Manage YouTube account option from Services because it's no longer working.
9. Changed: PSI Parser in TV engine will keep a pointer of a DirectShow interface for the entire channel scan process instead of asking for the pointer for each channel tuned.

26.0.29 (2/25/2020)

1. NEW: Added a JRiver YouTube web service so that YouTube and trailers work again.
2. Changed: Updated Red October HQ to madVR to 0.92.17.
3. Fixed: Switching tracks would discard the sorting of a library list.
4. Changed: Lookup Lyrics will use Google last because it can return results formatted poorly.
5. Fixed: The audio tool could overflow in rare cases during audio analysis (it would message and ask to be reported).
6. Changed: Made the "Playback could not be started..." error message timeout after 15 seconds and just cancel.
7. Changed: Updated the Chromium web engine to the latest Chrome release.
8. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.20.
9. Changed: When checking for complete albums, the system will allow one or two duplicate album listings (side-by-side conversions) in the same folder.
10. Changed: Updated Chinese (traditional) translation (thanks Jason).
11. NEW: Made maximizing offscreen windows optional (Options > General > Advanced).

26.0.28 (2/21/2020)

1. NEW: Added a library backup task to the Task Scheduler (backup just uses the default backup location).
2. Fixed: DVB subtitles on time-shifted TV shows and JTV recordings were not displayed.
3. NEW: Ctrl+Alt+F opens the find and replace window.
4. Fixed: LAME MP3 encoding failed on files over roughly 15 minutes in length.
5. NEW: The find and replace tool uses comboboxes for the find and replace values that list the last eight choices entered.
6. Changed: List type fields show the auto-complete tooltip as a list on separate lines instead of a big string together with semi-colons.
7. NEW: Added commands to stop after a number of tracks to the stop menu (also added MCC_STOP_AFTER_TRACKS (10068)).
8. Changed: Streamlined PSIParser filter's PID mapping clean up code.
9. Changed: Made the tag window stop editing when it loses focus (except losing focus back to the file list because selecting another file should move the selection).

26.0.27 (2/19/2020)

1. Changed: Made the program no longer show a message when your iPod could not be identified.
2. Changed: Made drawing the cover art in the player window respect the border modes set in thumbnail options.
3. Faster: Drawing the artwork in the player window only happens when the area is flagged for drawing instead of on every drawing pass.

26.0.26 (2/19/2020)

1. Fixed: Uploading files larger than 4 GB to a handheld would make the progress corrupt.
2. Changed: Made the handheld sync status column a bit wider.

26.0.25 (2/19/2020)

1. Fixed: Some ZIP files would not decompress properly.
2. Fixed: Made the temporary filenames used by the CBZ, CBR, and EPUB thread safe.

26.0.24 (2/18/2020)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: Made the apply tags auto-import configuration window sizable.
3. Changed: Download from library server uses the original filename instead of building an unhelpful name.
4. Changed: The "Save this view..." command on the Customize View dialog will use the view name instead "My View".
5. Changed: If any part of a popup window overflows the monitor, it will be maximized (applies to DSP Studio, Options, etc.).
6. NEW: Added support for CBZ and CBR comic files and thumbnail the files nicely.
7. NEW: Made the program thumbnail EPUB books.

26.0.23 (2/14/2020)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.19.
2. Fixed: MC did not read "Lens type" field from Panasonic Maker Note directory in images.
3. NEW: HEIF Image Support.
4. Changed: Tuned the tab arrow size on high DPI.
5. Fixed: The manage channels dialog wouldn't always have the right size on dual monitor displays.
6. Fixed: Import could get into a loop analyzing files and crash (hopefully fixed, but feedback appreciated).

26.0.22 (2/7/2020)

1. Fixed: There were a couple unused DLLs in the install.

26.0.21 (2/6/2020)

1. NEW: A new television channel type - "Tuner Stream", for playing streaming video from HDHomeRun Prime tuners. Right now only live streaming is supported. No time-shifting, no recording. EPG is supported.
2. Fixed: HD Channel streaming from HDHomeRun Prime tuners could not be played via File > Open URL...
3. Fixed: DVB TV engine might mistakenly unmap a subtitle PID and cause subtitles not displayed.
4. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
5. NEW: When configuring auto-import, you can select "Include this folder only" to include a folder but not include subfolders.
6. Changed: Renamed the trailer pre-show selection to "Movie Trailer" so that using the value won't use the trailer field from the file in the Showtime rules.
7. NEW: The pre-show field supports any value instead of only from the accepted list.
8. Changed: When playing an image slideshow, the playing file is no longer shown each time the image is switched.
9. Changed: The options window maximizes if any of the window coordinates are off the screen (can happen with really high DPI settings, etc.).
10. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
11. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code.
12. Changed: Libraries marked with an unknown origin can be deleted.
13. Fixed: The Date field could be wrong upon importing some images.
14. Changed: Made getting artist images and composer images add to the most recently used menu.
15. Fixed: Google image lookup wasn't working.
15. Changed: Renamed TV option "Order File Delete confirmation options differently from non-TV media delete (permanent delete first) in Theater View" to "Show permanent delete as first choice for TV in Theater View delete confirmation".
16. Changed: Saving settings in a library backup was not enabled for a portable install.
17. Fixed: Right-clicking a playlist other than the selected one and doing 'Export Playlist...' was not working.
18. Fixed: Connecting to a library server from a client could stop playback on all other connected clients.
19: Fixed: Panel - When selecting a playback option, Panel would send duplicate play commands when playing to any zone other than the browser.

26.0.20 (1/24/2020)

1. Changed: Made it so you can remove default library locations (because they might be old and unnecessary).
2. Fixed: Library restores could fail to work if a previous restore set the temporary directory to a directory that used slashes in the wrong direction for the platform.
3. Changed: Made the library creation portion of the benchmark faster again (also speeds up library creation in general).
4. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.17.
5. Changed: When evaluating Showtime rules, everything after the equal will be evaluated as an expression on the current file. Makes it possible to use fields from the files to pick what to show.
6. Fixed: Memory leak, especially when syncing libraries back to a server.

26.0.19 (1/20/2020)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.14.
2. Fixed: DVB Tuner's tuner event handler was executed repeatedly and could cause MC to crash.
3. NEW: Added the relational type of one per composer to library fields.
4. Changed: ATSC and DVB tuners will be a little more responsive to canceling/stopping.
5. Fixed: Playback Status would not advance when playing a file after loading a different library.
6. Changed: iTunes library import supports unlimited levels of iTunes playlist nesting instead of only one level.
7. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
8. Fixed: The date field in some images was incorrectly set to "0" on import.
9. Changed: Customized the waveform colors for the Black on Black, Thunderstorm, Z, Aruba, Green Eyes, Purity, Pearl Bailey, Modern Cards Dark, Modern Cards White and Blue Steel skins to better match.
10. Changed: Made the waveform bar a little smoother on wide screens.
11. Fixed: Some corrupt mp4 files could lead to hanging of MC (MC went into an infinite loop).

26.0.18 (1/14/2020)

1. Changed: Internal changes.

26.0.17 (1/13/2020)

1. NEW: During iTunes library import, the full path of a playlist will be imported instead of only the name.
2. Fixed: Updating the file playback range could lead to a crash in some cases.
3. Fixed: Decoding of ALAC in M4A could result in artifacts in some files.
4. Changed: In Standard view EPG list will delay updating when EPG loading is running in the background.
5. Changed: Switched the no files double-click message from play all files to play audio files in Playing Now (so things like notes don't get played).
6. Changed: Updated FFmpeg to 4.2, used for file analysis and transcoding.
7. Fixed: The MCWS JSON file list would return an empty file entry instead of an entirely empty list if no files were found.
8. Changed: Added a parameter to the MCWS Browse/Image call to avoid delivering the default placeholder images, allowing a client to gracefully substitute its own.
9. Changed: Updated our User Agent again to resolve issues with Podcast downloads.
10. Changed: Updated the Norwegian translation (thanks Øistein Rian).
11. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).

26.0.16 (1/9/2020)

1. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
2. Changed: JRiver TV recording file type "jtv" will be among default file types for importing and for file association.
3. Fixed: Setting the tempo with MCWS didn't always take effect right away.
4. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.12.
5. Changed: In Standard view, TV recording button is made available even if the EPG is completely empty, so that one can still record a show by specifying channel and time, without program info.
6. Changed: Revised the image date code to hopefully load the date more reliably from images.
7. Changed: When MCC_HANDHELD_UPLOAD arrives, it will first recheck the sync (otherwise it would just sync nothing after changes).
8. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
9. NEW: You can select the country of Italy from the Amazon store menu at the top right.
10. Fixed: Television code could crash in rare cases.

26.0.15 (12/18/2019)

1. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
2. Changed: The menu placement of the main program scales with the size of the program so at a larger size it gets shifted (should fix Blue Steel problems).
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.11.
4. Changed: Changed how critical errors from TV tuners are handled so we will not mess up reference counting of the tuners.
5. Changed: We reset a TV tuner from error state to normal state in 3 minutes, instead of 30 minutes, so the tuner can be used again sooner if it is usable.
6. Changed: Updated French translation (thanks Stéphane).
7. Fixed: Picking thumbnails and hitting the play button to play them would not always work properly after a recent change.
8. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

26.0.14 (12/16/2019)

1. Fixed: Media Center could not ask for permission when running tasks which needed administrator rights (installing plugins, registering controls, etc).
2. Fixed: Stability issues in 26.0.13 due to internal changes.
3. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
4. Changed: Updated the Hungarian translation (thanks pimpolo).

26.0.13 (12/13/2019)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. Changed: Removed a piece of experimental code from PSI Parser filter in TV.
3. Changed: Updated the "New / Improved This Version..." link to point to version 26.

26.0.12 (12/12/2019)

1. NEW: Made it possible to specify the bitrate of an external encoder instead of it always using 1440.
2. Changed: PSI parser in TV engine will check CRC of a PAT section before flushing existing data.

26.0.11 (12/11/2019)

1. Changed: More improvements in Theater View TV guide navigation, especially when a long program is on a channel at the top or bottom of the list and navigation rolls over from bottom to top or vice versa.
2. Changed: A few threading changes that could improve stability.

26.0.10 (12/10/2019)

1. Changed: Added some protection against possible crashes in TV.
2. NEW: Added a way to rate playlists from Standard View.
3. Fixed: Panel - When playing a file the play command could get sent to multiple zones.
4. Changed: More improvements in Theater View TV guide navigation.
5. Fixed: The WDM driver could not be installed on a 64-bit OS when using a 32-bit MC installed in a path with parentheses in it.

26.0.9 (12/4/2019)

1. NEW: Added an IsUpperCase(...) expression.
2. Changed: The option to "Move all non-imported files in folder with selected media files" only runs if the file is imported (so it won't engage on files from the Explorer view, etc.).
3. Changed: Improved Theater View TV Guide navigation, especially with Page Up/Page Down keys.
4. Changed: Added a JSON export to MCWS File functions (eg. Browse/Files, Playlist/Files, etc).
5. NEW: Composer views will use a Composers folder for cover art and look there (instead of the artist, etc. views).
6. NEW: Added a Cover Art lookup from Google for composer images.
7. Fixed: A corrupt FLAC files could hang the program.
8. NEW: Made a new Theater View option "Show Showtime rule..." to specify a search to not show the Showtime! item (so it doesn't have to show for television programs, for example).
9. NEW: Allow any multi-channel file to be uploaded to Cloudplay. We used to allow two channel only.
10. Changed: Renamed Showtime! to Showtime and made it off by default.
11. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.08.
12. Changed: Added the media subtype of "Extras".

26.0.8 (11/26/2019)

1. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
2. NEW: Added a "Showtime!" play mode to videos in Theater View to play trailers and the like before starting the movie.
3. NEW: You can set the rules for Showtime! in Options > Theater View > Showtime! Rules...
4. Changed: Issuing a negative number to MCC_STOP_AFTER_DELAY will issue a hard stop instead of stopping after the current track after the time-out.
5. NEW: Made the showtime roller item optional in Theater View options.
6. Fixed: When doing a "Convert or Resize" on an image, it would not convert a non-JPEG image to JPEG if the size was not being changed.
7. Changed: The tree state for expanded and collapsed items is remembered between runs (Ctrl+G collapses all).

26.0.7 (11/21/2019)

1. NEW: Aspect Ratio sub-menus under "Window" context menu in TV playback. The settings are saved on per-channel basis.
2. NEW: Added a button to show the device on the handheld sync page (or sync complete page).
3. NEW: Added the library server command File > Download From Library Server to download selected files.
4. Changed: If the Sat>IP server does not provide port info for the channel list m3u file, MC will also try port 8080.
5. Changed: Sorting is described as "Ascending (A to Z)" and "Descending (Z to A)" in the sort menu instead of only the A-Z naming.
6. Fixed: If a library server library was loaded, the name Library Server after the name of the library could go away.
7. Changed: Thumbnail text doesn't wrap if there are as many lines of thumbnail text as there are lines to display (but instead just ends with ...).
8. NEW: Thumbnails are copied on an upgrade install.
9. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.07 -- fixes decompression of 24-bit files with older encoders.
10. Changed: Selected cell in Theater View Television Guide grid will change to currently showing program on the same channel if the original selection becomes an event in the past.
11. Fixed: Tabbing quickly through the Tag Action Window could cause a glitch.
12. Fixed: Made the location view schemes work better cross-platform.
13. NEW: Added an optional waveform bar to the player window (right-click) that uses data from analyze (you'll need to analyze again to get the information).
14. Changed: Made the waveform colors customizable in the skin (WaveformBarA / WaveformBarB in PLAYERBAR / Display).
15. NEW: Added the option to lookup lyrics to the import tool.
16. Changed: MC TV PSI Parser will not flush existing PMT packet IDs if an invalid PAT section arrives.
17. Changed: If MC failed to set channel on CableCARD TV tuner, it will retry one time before giving up.
18. NEW: Added the media key mode "Hot keys (ignore volume)" to leave volume commands for the operating system.

26.0.6 (11/8/2019)

1. NEW: Added context menu "Window/Screen Resolution", to allow changing display settings (screen resolution and refresh rate) during live TV playback.
2. Fixed: In video playback when a second video was played without stopping the first video, the display settings might not reset to original desk top settings as the second video required.
3. NEW: Added the ability to set the text alignment used for thumbnail lists.
4. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.05. Brings SSE back for everything except 32-bit for a 50% speed-up over previous builds.
5. Changed: Authentication fixes and cleanup. Mostly related to Library server authentication.

26.0.5 (11/6/2019)

1. NEW: Added the media subtype Animation.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.01 -- adds support for 32-bit integer files.
3. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
4. Changed: Registering the license window of the installer for touch input so touch scrolling should work nicely.
5. Changed: Simplify MC's internet USER AGENT and DLNA SERVER strings. Should help with getting content from some remote sites.
6. Changed: Additional TV channel-changing improvement, especially with CableCARD channels.
7. NEW: Added the toolbar buttons "Fill Track Numbers From List Order", "Rename, Move, & Copy Files", and "Fill Properties From Filename".
8. Changed: Added a Media Editor icon to the toolbar (before it was just black).
9. Changed: The setting for "Start over each album" is saved between shows of the Fill Track Numbers From List Order dialog.
10. Changed: Radio JRiver tracks will play to DLNA devices.
11. NEW: Added the program run-time to the Reporter view.
12. Changed: In TV playback, context menu "Zoom" is renamed "Window", to make it agree with file-based video playback.
13. Changed: Made the program more resilient if it fails to create the speech components.
14. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).

26.0.4 (10/25/2019)

1. Fixed: If you selected files below a grouping, then dragged the window to move it, getting the selection would get files from the top grouping list instead of the bottom list.
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.96.
4. Changed: Auto-size of columns would not work in views that filled files in a thread.
5. Changed: Added the media subtype Entertainment.
6. Changed: The amount of time it took to make a TV channel change when view-jumping (e.g. changing channel in Theater view, and MC jumps back to Display view) is involved is significantly reduced. This is particularly true for CableCARD/OpenCable tuners in ROHQ.
7. Fixed: The /StartMin and /StartMax commands would not reliably work.
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
9. Changed: Added finer granularity to the bass management cross-over selections in Room Correction.

26.0.3 (10/21/2019)

1. Fixed: For the first 20 to 30 seconds after starting to play an ATSC TV channel Stop would not work.
2. Changed: Switched to a v26 redirect so the update channels should work now.
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.95.
4. Changed: Log the text received from the microphone as "Speech received: " in the log.

26.0.2 (10/18/2019)

1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: MC could crash in rare cases playing ATSC TV.
3. NEW: You can specify what files to include in the share for Library Server in Options > Media Network > Set rules for included files...
4. NEW: You can say the wake word, then "Hits" to play a shuffled list of all your 4 and 5 rated tracks.
5. Fixed: Some MP3 streams wouldn't play because they didn't like our user agent. Revised our default user agent.

26.0.1 (10/16/2019)

1. Fixed: MC did not load parental rating or MPAA rating from XMLTV guide data in some cases.
2. NEW: Added support for a few new ID3V2 tags: "TROY", "TMED", "TSRC", "TSOT". No built-in fields are added for these. So one needs to create the following custom fields: "Original Release Year", "Release Medium", "ISRC", and "Title Sort". FLAC tags for these are also supported. Some of these are also supported in mp4 files.
3. Fixed: Remote control Record button, or MC Command 23023 (MCC_RECORD_TV) did not work on some TV guide list styles in Theater View.
4. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
5. NEW: Media Center can be configured to listen to the microphone and pick a wake word (like Media Center). Then just say "Media Center reshuffle" or "Media Center Norah Jones" and the commands will take effect.
6. Fixed: Webservice calls to get a stack image could cause a crash if the folder was empty.
7. Fixed: ATSC TV channel scanning might hang.
8. NEW: MC will read "set" tag in newer format (one with child element <name>) as well as in older format (without child element <name>) from NFO sidecar files.
9. Changed: MC will match custom fields with NFO elements without considering case (so custom field "Set" will match <set> in NFO file).
10. Changed: The ASIO plugin will no longer attempt to play at 1/8 the sample rate (but multi-bit) for high sample rate DSD if setting the native DSD sample rate works.
11. Fixed: "Audio Programs" context menu did not work for CableCARD/OpenCable TV Tuners.
12. NEW: Added channels to Radio Paradise in Theater View (both streaming and adding Radio Paradise individually).
13. Fixed: The Blue Steel skin could draw distorted in Display View.
14. Changed: Switched how we nest image keywords to hopefully line up with Adobe better. We now use a > character instead of a / character.
15. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.93.
16. NEW: Parse the XMP value title for the name field.