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26.0.5 (11/6/2019)

1. NEW: Added the media subtype Animation.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 5.01 -- adds support for 32-bit integer files.
3. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
4. Changed: Registering the license window of the installer for touch input so touch scrolling should work nicely.
5. Changed: Simplify MC's internet USER AGENT and DLNA SERVER strings. Should help with getting content from some remote sites.
6. Changed: Additional TV channel-changing improvement, especially with CableCARD channels.
7. NEW: Added the toolbar buttons "Fill Track Numbers From List Order", "Rename, Move, & Copy Files", and "Fill Properties From Filename".
8. Changed: Added a Media Editor icon to the toolbar (before it was just black).
9. Changed: The setting for "Start over each album" is saved between shows of the Fill Track Numbers From List Order dialog.
10. Changed: Radio JRiver tracks will play to DLNA devices.
11. NEW: Added the program run-time to the Reporter view.
12. Changed: In TV playback, context menu "Zoom" is renamed "Window", to make it agree with file-based video playback.
13. Changed: Made the program more resilient if it fails to create the speech components.
14. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).

26.0.4 (10/25/2019)

1. Fixed: If you selected files below a grouping, then dragged the window to move it, getting the selection would get files from the top grouping list instead of the bottom list.
2. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.96.
4. Changed: Auto-size of columns would not work in views that filled files in a thread.
5. Changed: Added the media subtype Entertainment.
6. Changed: The amount of time it took to make a TV channel change when view-jumping (e.g. changing channel in Theater view, and MC jumps back to Display view) is involved is significantly reduced. This is particularly true for CableCARD/OpenCable tuners in ROHQ.
7. Fixed: The /StartMin and /StartMax commands would not reliably work.
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
9. Changed: Added finer granularity to the bass management cross-over selections in Room Correction.

26.0.3 (10/21/2019)

1. Fixed: For the first 20 to 30 seconds after starting to play an ATSC TV channel Stop would not work.
2. Changed: Switched to a v26 redirect so the update channels should work now.
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.95.
4. Changed: Log the text received from the microphone as "Speech received: " in the log.

26.0.2 (10/18/2019)

1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: MC could crash in rare cases playing ATSC TV.
3. NEW: You can specify what files to include in the share for Library Server in Options > Media Network > Set rules for included files...
4. NEW: You can say the wake word, then "Hits" to play a shuffled list of all your 4 and 5 rated tracks.
5. Fixed: Some MP3 streams wouldn't play because they didn't like our user agent. Revised our default user agent.

26.0.1 (10/16/2019)

1. Fixed: MC did not load parental rating or MPAA rating from XMLTV guide data in some cases.
2. NEW: Added support for a few new ID3V2 tags: "TROY", "TMED", "TSRC", "TSOT". No built-in fields are added for these. So one needs to create the following custom fields: "Original Release Year", "Release Medium", "ISRC", and "Title Sort". FLAC tags for these are also supported. Some of these are also supported in mp4 files.
3. Fixed: Remote control Record button, or MC Command 23023 (MCC_RECORD_TV) did not work on some TV guide list styles in Theater View.
4. Changed: Updated German translation file (thanks Bytestar).
5. NEW: Media Center can be configured to listen to the microphone and pick a wake word (like Media Center). Then just say "Media Center reshuffle" or "Media Center Norah Jones" and the commands will take effect.
6. Fixed: Webservice calls to get a stack image could cause a crash if the folder was empty.
7. Fixed: ATSC TV channel scanning might hang.
8. NEW: MC will read "set" tag in newer format (one with child element <name>) as well as in older format (without child element <name>) from NFO sidecar files.
9. Changed: MC will match custom fields with NFO elements without considering case (so custom field "Set" will match <set> in NFO file).
10. Changed: The ASIO plugin will no longer attempt to play at 1/8 the sample rate (but multi-bit) for high sample rate DSD if setting the native DSD sample rate works.
11. Fixed: "Audio Programs" context menu did not work for CableCARD/OpenCable TV Tuners.
12. NEW: Added channels to Radio Paradise in Theater View (both streaming and adding Radio Paradise individually).
13. Fixed: The Blue Steel skin could draw distorted in Display View.
14. Changed: Switched how we nest image keywords to hopefully line up with Adobe better. We now use a > character instead of a / character.
15. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.93.
16. NEW: Parse the XMP value title for the name field.