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25.0.71 (6/28/2019)

1. Changed: Renamed the option "Process HDCD" to to "Play as HDCD if possible".
2. Changed: Made passing a negative number into ListLimit will grab that many from the end of the list.
3. NEW: Added the smartlist rule ~linkexpand to expand the links in a smartlist.
4. Changed: Made the about box identify the program as 32-bit (it would already identify 64-bit).
5. Changed: Files are no longer marked as dirty when they get flagged as not HDCD so they will not tag because of it.

25.0.70 (6/27/2019)

1. NEW: Added an option during manual on-line EPG loading to fill empty "Channel Number" field with LCN value found in xmltv data. Not applicable to ATSC channels.
2. Changed: Made the ListLimit MCWS function take an optional third parameter for the index to start at.
3. NEW: Added Options > Library & Folders > Analyze HDCD Files to flag the analyzer to look at the HDCD state. It defaults to off so no analysis will be done unless you opt-in.

25.0.69 (6/26/2019)

1. Changed: When the program loads, it will go through files and mark lossy files as not HDCD and files that aren't 44100x16x2 as not HDCD.
2. Changed: Added a message when iTunes playlist import finishes with the number of playlists and directions about where to find them (or an error if no playlists were found).
3. Changed: When user clicks "Auto Match" button on EPG XMLTV ID match window, MC will try to use channel number match if channel name match fails. This change affects STB, OpenCABLE, DVB channels. This is useful when a user switches EPG source.
4. Changed: Searching for files then deleting all of them from Playing Now will reset the search.

25.0.68 (6/25/2019)

1. Fixed: Pressing Shift+Delete in Playing Now would crash.

25.0.67 (6/25/2019)

1. Changed: Made artist image lookup key into the fact that it's a music artist a little better (so playing bands with animal names, etc. will show better matches).
2. Fixed: Right-click play commands were not all working properly (may need to re-add the Add to Playing Now toolbar button to make it work).

25.0.66 (6/24/2019)

1. Changed: Tagging no longer runs on URLs or Radio Paradise files.
2. NEW: DLNA: HDCD info passed via JRiver specific DiDL to enable processing by a MC renderer.
3. Fixed: Files could get erroneously tagged during playback.
4. Fixed: Picking "Export Playlist..." from the view header menu would reset the selection.
5. Fixed: Encoder settings could get saved to the registry as the default profile and cause DLNA playback issues between L16 and WAV.

25.0.65 (6/24/2019)

1. Fixed: HDCD decoding would engage when the HDCD field was set to unknown (-1).
2. Changed: Added the options Audio > Advanced > Process HDCD to enable and disable HDCD procssing during playback.
3. Changed: Made the new lyrics lookup option also apply when turning on lyrics display.
4. Fixed: The "Add to Playing Now" toolbar button was not working properly.

25.0.64 (6/21/2019)

1. Changed: Made lyrics lookup at playback time if lyrics display is on optional.
2. Changed: Video files are no longer flagged for requiring analysis when HDCD data is not present.

25.0.63 (6/21/2019)

1. Changed: When deleting a single audio file from the library, the program will list the name, artist, and album on the delete dialog.
2. Fixed: The HDCD decoder could trigger when a match occured that changed nothing, but now it only triggers on files with matches that make changes.
3. Changed: Reenabled thumbnailing for Radio JRiver files.
4. NEW: Added the function MCWS/v1/Playlist/MoveFile to move a file in a playlist.
5. Changed: Made the thumbnail frames option a choice between on, off, and images frames off.

25.0.62 (6/20/2019)

1. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
2. Changed: Renamed the thumbnail option to "Draw frames on thumbnails" from "Draw frames on image thumbnails" and made it turn off all border drawing when disabled.
3. Changed: Made lyrics lookup an array instead of throwing a message that there was already a process running.
4. Changed: The audio analyzer will think a file needs analysis if the HDCD field is -1.
5. NEW: Panel - Added Cloudplay to Panel. Note: 'Playing to' in Panel cannot be set to 'Here' (the browser) for Cloudplay to work.
6. NEW: Panel - Added a button to the Settings page, in the Library tab, to run auto-import.
7. NEW: Panel - Added a button to the Playing Now page menu that will swap the slider between volume and playback if only one is displayed.
8. NEW: Panel - Added an option to clear the playing now list in the options menu on the playing now page.
9. Changed: Panel - Changed the Information tab title on the Settings page to Library.

25.0.61 (6/19/2019)

1. Fixed: Scrobbling a stream URL did not always work.
2. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
3. Fixed: ATSC channel scanning and OTA EPG scanning on latest Windows 10 updates did not work.

25.0.60 (6/19/2019)

1. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
2. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.78.
4. Changed: HDCD decoding would reduce the volume by 6 dB.
5. Changed: Re-enabled view switching (to Playing Now, etc.) when playing from a webpage.
6. Fixed: When the tree would show again because of clicking a toolbar button, it would not always redraw fully.
7. Changed: Marked the string "Show Media Center" for translation in a way that should work better for German, etc.
8. Fixed: Read-only authentication wasn't getting set properly.

25.0.59 (6/18/2019)

1. Fixed: Only outputting the selected tracks in a playlist export was not working.
2. Changed: Moved the reporting of HDCD up in the Audio Path display list.

25.0.58 (6/18/2019)

1. NEW: Added HDCD detection to the audio analysis process.

25.0.57 (6/18/2019)

1. Changed: When restoring from Library Server, the program will show the same views instead of showing the startup views.

25.0.56 (6/18/2019)

1. Fixed: When turning lyrics on, they didn't always reload when the lyrics changed.
2. Fixed: The new MP4 detector would rename m4a files to mp4.
3. Fixed: The program could crash during import.

25.0.55 (6/17/2019)

1. Fixed: When a TV tuner returned an error on playback start up, the tuner was left in "Initializing" state and was no longer available until MC restarted.
2. Fixed: Re-enabled the failure message on trying to play files which didn't resolve, with additional checks to avoid errorneous messages.
3. Fixed: Improved playback of Movie trailers from YouTube.
4. Fixed: Tab navigation works in the Parametric Equalizer pages.
5. Changed: When playing Radio JRiver or Radio Paradise from MCWS, the player will be put in error free mode so it won't popup errors about playback failures.
6. Changed: When Scrobbling the playing file, the updated metadata from playback will be used instead of the database values.
7. Fixed: DVB channel scanning could crash in some cases.

25.0.54 (6/14/2019)

1. Fixed: DVB channel scanning missed a lot of channels in recent builds.
2. Fixed: Clicking on a file in the list wouldn't play it because of change #7 from 25.0.51.

25.0.53 (6/14/2019)

1. Changed: Switched the order of the displayed information in the toolbar so the order matches between single file and multiple file selection.
2. NEW: When turning lyrics on, they will be looked up for the current file if it has no lyrics.
3. Changed: If lyrics display is on, each track will lookup lyrics as it is played if it doesn't already have lyrics.
4. NEW: Added an option to "Automatically clean up time-shifting folders daily".
5. Changed: The Cloudplay web page is now directly accessed from the Cloudplay item in the main tree. It used to be under the Playlists node in the tree.
6. Changed: Downloaded Cloudplay playlists now show up in playlist group 'Cloudplay Playlists' rather than simply 'Cloud'.
7. NEW: Cloudplay users can now quickly view the playlists they have liked.

25.0.52 (6/11/2019)

1. NEW: Added a play Radio JRiver MCWS call.
2. NEW: Added play Radio JRiver toolbar buttons.
3. Changed: The new stream analyzer to determine the playback type no longer runs on URLs.
4. Changed: Made the bitrate in the player window padded so it's about the same width when switching to and from 1000.

25.0.51 (6/11/2019)

1. Fixed: The image tooltip in the player window could be a little touchy about showing.
2. Changed: The new threaded library tools are shown by reporter and properly stopped on shutdown.
3. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.77.
4. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/Rename to rename a playlist.
5. NEW: Added a mechanism to detect file types by something other than extension. Started by making MP4 inside MP3 work nicely.
6. Changed: Thumbnail text is top aligned instead of vertically centered.
7. Changed: Playing a filename that didn't resolve would play the current files intead of showing a failure message.
8. Fixed: Playback of WavPack DSD files in DoP mode did not work reliably.

25.0.50 (6/7/2019)

1. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).
2. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
3. NEW: Added the right-click option to the player "Left Align Image".
4. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
5. Changed: Better error messaging in OpenCABLE TV channel playback. In particular, if one plays a channel that the cable company does not serve, a proper error message may be displayed. The behavior depends on which tuner device is used. HDHomeRun Prime will return error message while Ceton InfiniTV may not.
6. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.75.
7. NEW: When doing mouse over the new cover art image in the player window, the full artwork will be shown in the tooltip.
8. Changed: Any channels above 8 are just ignored by MC (instead of causing playback to fail).

25.0.49 (6/4/2019)

1. Fixed: The ratings would not show when left aligning the player text.
2. NEW: Added iTunes playlist import to the file menu. It will import all iTune's playlists and files to an iTunes playlist group.
3. Changed: Whether or not the "Display Lyrics" is on will save between runs of the program.

25.0.48 (6/3/2019)

1. Fixed: The player text is centered a little better.

25.0.47 (6/3/2019)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.74.
2. Changed: Made the cover art in the player only draw while playing (so it's not there when stopped).
3. Changed: Radio JRiver files no longer build thumbnails.
4. Fixed: DVB channel scan could crash when "Scan Information from Network Information Table" was used.
5. NEW: Added the right-click option to "Left Align Text" to the player bar.
6. Changed: Tuned where the cover art draws in the player along with a little other tuning of the player sizing.
7. Changed: Added 'Play Doctor & Cloudplay' option to the 'More play options' context menu to allow quick startup of Doctor Who with 100% Cloudplay tracks.
8. Changed: In the Playing Now 'Play Doctor' Options menu, added ability to select the percentage of tracks coming from the JRiver Cloudplay server, from 0 to 100%.

25.0.46 (6/3/2019)

1. Fixed: Resolved a memory leak related to Cover Art in the player area.

25.0.45 (5/29/2019)

1. Changed: The default display mode of Standard Television View EPG "Date" column is changed from "Day of week only" to "Abbreviated".
2. Fixed: DVB channel scan crashed in recent builds.
3. Fixed: In DVB channel scan audio stream language type failed to be loaded correctly in recent builds.
4. NEW: Cloudplay integration with Play Doctor. Use the options dropdown 'Include files from Cloudplay' to add to your Play Doctor playlist.

25.0.44 (5/28/2019)

1. Fixed: The web browser for Cloud Play pages was shared so opening multiple tabs would lead to corruption. Now each tab is discrete.
2. Fixed: When a playlist was started with an image, it would trim to only images instead of playing everything in the list.
3. Changed: Artwork can be turned on and off in the player window from the right-click menu.

25.0.43 (5/28/2019)

1. Fixed: DLNA playback could crash.
2. NEW: Cover art for the playing file is displayed in the player area.

25.0.42 (5/24/2019)

1. Changed: When adding a library field, the name will be fully selected so typing anything will replace it (instead of requiring manual delete).
2. Changed: MC will try picking up DVB channel number from OpenTV channel info descriptor.
3. Fixed: Twitter integration wasn't working.
4. Changed: MC will try picking up DVB channel number from FreeSat channel info descriptor.
5. Changed: The FLAC plugin will fully decode a local file to get the duration if the duration is not in the header.

25.0.41 (5/21/2019)

1. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
2. Fixed: Scanning from WIA sources would not reliably get the image if "Skip file if already in library" was checked (applies to BMP files).
3. Changed: Reduced the minimum width of the options window.
4. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/RemoveFile.
5. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
6. Changed: Made the MCWS articles function take a parameter SortIgnoreState to specify if they should be ignored for sorting.
7. Changed: Added locking to prevent a possible crash on playback start.
8. Changed: MC will try non-standard PID 0xbba for Bouquet Association Table when scanning for DVB channels.

25.0.40 (5/17/2019)

1. Changed: Made the minimum size of the options pages half the height of the ideal size (instead of the full ideal size).
2. Changed: Tuned the height of the remote control options page a little so it displays fully on high DPI.
3. Fixed: A possible crash from the recent change after removing a zone to show the now current zone.
4. NEW: Made it possible to pick a Radio JRiver station as a Car Radio button.
5. NEW: Panel - Bookmarks for videos, audiobooks, and podcasts will be honored.
6. NEW: Panel - Bookmarks can be set for videos, audiobooks, and podcasts by using the stop button.
7. NEW: Panel - The bookmark for the current file can be cleared by using stop while the time is at 0:00.
8. Fixed: Some Radio Paradise streams did not work when "Disable audio buffer to disk (for low powered systems)" option was used.

25.0.39 (5/16/2019)

1. Fixed (hopefully): MC could crash playing Radio JRiver.
2. Changed: Extreme outliers from silence will not be calculated against for volume leveling values.
3. Fixed: The Cloudplay view would not save between runs.
4. Fixed: A minor bug that might cause TV time-shifting Reader filter to undergo an unnecessary initial internal automatic seek.
5. Fixed: Blu-ray PGS subtitles could show corruption in certain situations.
6. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.73.
7. NEW: Added a File/Bookmark function to MCWS to get and set the bookmark.
8. Changed: Seeking live TV on clients is more responsive. It takes one second less time.

25.0.38 (5/14/2019)

1. Changed: Marked the expressions used in Find & Replace to not be escaped (that way slash doesn't need special treatment).
2. Changed: More improvement on start up speed when playing live TV on clients.
3. NEW: Added RadioParadise as an available Theater View page (each page shows a list of tracks for the station).
4. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
5. Fixed: When getting the filename field in an expression, the filename slash character won't be replaced by underscores (only slashes in other fields).
6. Changed: Allow URL's with DEFINED CONTENT LENGTHS to be converted to other formats in DLNA. You may select url as a type to convert in the DLNA server Audio advanced options when SPECIFIED FORMAT WHEN NECESSARY is selected.
7. NEW: Let Radio Paradise look one track ahead on playback so it can push the next track to a DLNA renderer that supports SetNextAVTransportURI for gapless support. Since RP is range based like a cue file this REQUIRES the associated DLNA server to be set to SPECIFIED FORMAT or SPECIFIED FORMAT WHEN NECESSARY.
8. NEW: You can perform a case-sensitive search by adding ~case to the search string.
9. Fixed: MC would crash on playing video on a client, if either of the Media Network options - "Disable audio buffer to disk (for low powered systems)" or "Disable video buffer to disk (for low powered systems)", was used.
10. Fixed: When switching tabs, the search suggestions would not switch.
11. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.72.
12. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
13. Fixed: Captions were not working with 2D image playback.

25.0.37 (5/9/2019)

1. Changed: When breaking lines for lyrics, the lines will reverse find a space instead of forward find a space. Prevents lines from truncating.
2. Changed: During lyrics lookup, AZLyrics is used third instead of second (so will rarely be accessed).
3. Changed: Made lyrics drawing use a little longer lines since it now reverse finds the line breaks.
4. Fixed: Playing Radio JRiver streams would download the MPL instead of play them (for some of the streams).

25.0.36 (5/8/2019)

1. NEW: Page up and page down will increment files when pressed in the Tag Action Window.
2. NEW: Added "Disabled" as one of the choices for read-only authentication.
3. Changed: When editing in the Tag window, clicking another file or switching with page up and page down will keep editing the same field instead of cancelling.
4. Optimized: Start up time for live TV playback on a client is significantly shortened.
5. Changed: Eating a few more junk responses from Google lyrics lookup.
6. Changed: When drawing lyrics, the lines are trimmed after splitting into lines to remove empty values (which could wrap).
7. Fixed: After uploading a playlist to Cloudplay, the remote files were showing up in main database alongside the local files.

25.0.35 (5/7/2019)

1. Fixed: DLNA: The SystemUpdateID wasn't being updated properly. It will now update whenever a container is viewed/re-viewed with a minimum of 5 seconds between changes.
2. Changed: Internal TV code re-organization, especially in DVB channel scanning.
3. Changed: Things in brackets are removed from the name before lyrics lookup.
4. Changed: Filtered out a couple more bad responses from Google for lyrics lookup.
5. Fixed: Playing ASIA and Genesis would not show good artist images.
6. Fixed: Adding cover art from a file would leave the folder locked.
7. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.71.
8. Changed: When clicking a large edit field in the Tag window, it will ensure that the "Edit in Popup" button is also visible.
9. NEW: If you press Shift+Return in a popup editor in the tag window it will accept and close.
10. Fixed: If you were playing, then playing an image from a file manager, then stopped, the zone would not return to the previously playing zone.

25.0.34 (5/2/2019)

1. Fixed: The JRiver ASIO driver did not work properly because it was still referring to MC24 in one place.
2. Changed: More tweaks on Sat>IP channel scanning over transport stream.
3. Fixed: Picking "No default language" for the default audio language would not save between opens of Options.
4. Fixed: Picking "No subtitle" for the subtitle language would not save between opens of Options.
5. Fixed: Showing a page in Options that didn't have the search box after showing one that did wouldn't make the search box go away.
6. Changed: The options dialog is made taller for the Remote Control page.
7. Changed: Turned off the threaded update for CD lists to see if it helps with the CD ripping problems (please report).

25.0.33 (4/29/2019)

1. Fixed: Radio Paradise did not play.

25.0.32 (4/29/2019)

1. NEW: MC will try parsing Bouquet Association Table during DVB channel scanning in an effort to obtain logical channel number. Not tested.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.70.
3. Changed: Updated the Hungarian translation (thanks pimpolo).
4. Fixed: Parsing an empty playlist could crash.
5. Changed: When playing streaming content, Buffering Internet Reader will remove cached contents upon stopping.
6. Fixed: When playing streaming content, Buffering Internet Reader could hang in rare situation.
7. Fixed: Buffering Internet Reader could continue downloading for a while after stopping playback.
8. Changed: Added more safety checks in an attempt to fix recently introduced crashes when playing video/audio on Library server clients.
9. Fixed: Playing Cloudplay playlists using the 'play' button on the webpage could result in duplicate tracks in MC's library - a local filename plus a remote url.

25.0.31 (4/25/2019)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.68.
2. Fixed: The recent changes caused Buffered Internet Reader to ignore ICY metadata and other options.

25.0.30 (4/24/2019)

1. Fixed: CD list control view headers didn't update properly for the files in the view.

25.0.29 (4/24/2019)

1. Fixed: Deleting a pane entry now updates the panes after (before the deleted entry would remain until a refresh).
2. Changed: When running audio analysis on import, it only uses one thread at a time for the videos in the import array.
3. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).

25.0.28 (4/24/2019)

1. Changed: Zone ID is passed to Buffered Internet Reader so that concurrent playback in multiple zones from the same URL will not interfere with each other.
2. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
3. Changed: Movie lookups that match the IMDBId will sort to the top of the list.
4. Fixed: Sat>IP tuner parameter retrieval could cause MC to crash.
5. NEW: Added the option to delete individual conversion presets.
6. Fixed: Files with a playback range could play with an unknown (live) duration instead of the proper duration.
7. Fixed: Media Center could crash randomly during playback of audio files when Lyrics are displayed.
8. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.67.

25.0.27 (4/19/2019)

1. Fixed: Potential crash during Cloudplay uploading.

25.0.26 (4/19/2019)

1. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.66.
2. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
3. Changed: Revised the usage of the buffering internet reader so it only engages for the file playback and not the file analysis of tags, images, etc.
4. Fixed: Some Cloudplay account/login problems.
5. Changed: Internet Explorer is always used for Cloudplay pages.

25.0.25 (4/18/2019)

1. Changed: Spacebar in Theater View will toggle pause instead of starting playback over (if something is playing).
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.64.
3. Fixed: The current track would not be shown when first loading a Playing Now view.
4. Changed: The multi-match CD dialog has a number at the front of each selection (so a match with the same artist and album will be distinguishable).
5. Changed: CD matches from the online database are trimmed before showing in the dialog.
6. Fixed: Improved compatibility with Handhelds which don't report a "Friendly Name", so instead use their Model Name.
7. Changed: When playback is started, the playing file will be displayed in Playing Now.
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
9. Changed: Revised how /MonitorToggle works to hopefully make it work on more displays.
10. Changed: The command /MonitorToggle2 can be used to issue the command the old way.
11. Fixed: Media Center could crash when updating the Theater View TV Guide timeline in some cases.
12. Changed: When looking for lyrics at Google, the language of English is forced (to avoid German, etc. causing problems).
13. Changed: Made Google lyrics work for a few more songs.
14. Changed: When opening the "Open URL" dialog, if a URL is on the clipboard, it will automatically be used.
15. Changed: When lyrics change as the "Display Lyrics" option is enabled, they will update within a few seconds.

25.0.24 (4/15/2019)

1. Changed: Move the audio/video buffer disable options in Media Network so they are available without DLNA enabled. Note these only really work properly in Linux.
2. Changed: Update the radioparadise cover art url (we were getting a permanent redirect to this).
3. Fixed: Cloudplay uploaded out-of-sequence playlists when some tracks failed or were not qualified.
4. Fixed: APE tagging could crash.
5. Changed: Radio Paradise files don't thumbnail.
6. Changed: Updated the Korean translation (thanks Junghwan).

25.0.23 (4/12/2019)

1. Fixed: The columns in the CD / DVD list would not always properly update as actions started and stopped.
2. Fixed: The width of CD columns did not account for the monitor DPI.
3. Changed: If DVB-C scanning failed to have tuner locks, MC will try small variations of frequency values.
4. Fixed: Cloudplay is better about maintaining it's web page position when navigating back and forth between MC views.
5. Changed: When downloading your own playlist from Cloudplay it will set it's filenames to the original local files rather than url's if the local files still exist.
6. Changed: Renamed CloudPlay to Cloudplay.

25.0.22 (4/12/2019)

1. Fixed: The blue light would not illuminate if memory playback was enabled.
2. Changed: After an import, relational fields are gone through and set on the new files.
3. Fixed: Failure to parse Sat>IP tuning parameters when trying to scan Sat>IP channels using NIT.
4. Changed: In DVB channel scanning the wait time for tuner lock is increased in an effort to tune to some hard to tune transponders.
5. NEW: The Closed Captioning / Subtitle selection during live TV viewing will be saved to the channel's PlaybackInfo tag and will be automatically selected the next time the channel is played.
6. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.63.

25.0.21 (4/10/2019)

1. Fixed: The list scroll position would not be at the top in some cases.
2. Fixed: Analyzing audio streams with a format change near the end of the file could result in bogus R128/ReplayGain data.

25.0.20 (4/9/2019)

1. Changed: The tooltip for an image in the Tag Action Window will explain that the image can be saved internally by enabling the option if the art is saved externally.
2. Changed: The numbers in the reporter view have commas in them.
3. NEW: Added the option Options > General > Advanced > Save pane selection between runs. It defaults to off, but allows turning it on.
4. Fixed: Pressing Delete during image playback would not trigger a delete of the file (unless the list was in focus).
5. Changed: Updated the Hungarian translation (thanks pimpolo).
6. Fixed: When playing videos recorded on ATSC TV channels, the subtitle (closed captioning) choice was not saved for the next session.
7. NEW: Lyrics are first looked up at Google before looking at other sites.
8. NEW: Added the edit type and data type to the MCWS Library/Fields function.

25.0.19 (4/4/2019)

1. Fixed: In-stream Sat>IP channel scanning would have an empty frequency list and crash.
2. NEW: Lyrics can now be displayed for DLNA playback zones.
3. NEW: When doing a movie lookup from, the IMDBId will be used in addition to searching on the name.
4. Fixed: Closed Captioning could not be turned off by using OSD, if it had been turned on with mouse.
5. Changed: A possible fix for a Sat>IP in-transport-stream channel scanning issue.
6. Fixed: TV engine tried to turn on CC over and over during recording (when no video was showing).
7. NEW: MCCommand MCC_PLAYBACK_ENGINE_SET_SUBTITLES (28032) will now work on TV playback as well.
8. NEW: Keyboard shortcut "Alt C" for toggling Closed Captioning/Subtitling.
9. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.61.

25.0.18 (4/1/2019)

1. Fixed: When analyzing audio in videos, the statusbar would not update properly.
2. Changed: Further increased performance when encoding or streaming videos, both in general and specifically with active subtitles.
3. NEW: Sat>IP DVB-S channels can be scanned using Network Information Table, instead of using the static frequency list.
4. Changed: Made the maximum height of a menu 75% of the height of the monitor instead of 50% the height.
5. NEW: Added "Analyze Audio" to the customize toolbar dialog.
6. Changed: TV option "Closed Captions (only supported for analog television)" is renamed "Closed Captions".
7. NEW: Closed Captioning will be turned on automatically at live TV start up if "Closed Captions" option is on.
8. Fixed: Using Intel QuickSync Hardware Encoding to stream to Panel or JRemote could result in playback failing in some cases.
9. Fixed: Typo "Confirm Actiom".
10. Fixed: The right and left arrows to advance image playback was not working in all cases (between 2D and 3D viewer, etc.).
11. Changed: Made the lyrics lookup handle list style artist fields (it will lookup each artist individually until it finds a match).
12. Fixed: If a playlist to be uploaded was renamed in the action window, the new name didn't 'stick'.
13. Changed: Uploaded playlist files can be 16 or 24 bit and can have sample rates up to 192khz.

25.0.17 (3/28/2019)

1. Changed: Increased the maximum number of choices in "Right click recent command count" to 15.
2. Fixed: The "New" column in standard view EPG had checkmarks on reruns instead of new shows.
3. Fixed: The option to start a slideshow automatically for image playback was not being honored.
4. Fixed: If you were playing images, paused, then advanced to the next image, a slideshow would start again (instead of staying paused).
5. NEW: Added a "Toggle Split View" button that you can add to the toolbar to show two views then one view.
6. NEW: Support for Hardware Encoding of H.264 for Video Conversion and Streaming, for NVIDIA using NVENC, and Intel using QuickSync.
7. Changed: Greatly increased video encoding performance on videos with no visible subtitles.
8. NEW: Added a CloudPlay tree item on the left.
9. Fixed: Panel - Search results were not getting loaded when using an expression as the search parameter.

25.0.16 (3/25/2019)

1. Changed: Made the new features help shortcut link to the MC25 thread instead of the MC24 thread.
2. Changed: Made the toolbar colors for the bottom toolbar the same as the top toolbar with Modern Cards Grey.
3. Changed: TV recording manager no longer reload TV settings every minute. The settings change is now messaged to TV recording manager.
4. Fixed: MC might not wake up to record TV shows on clients even if the clients were configured to record.
5. Changed: Increased the threading of thumbnail creation by the auto-import process.
6. NEW: Made audio analysis done by auto-import threaded.
7. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
8. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
9. Changed: When scheduling a TV show recording, if recording can only happen on one computer (i.e. the server) the computer selection page of the TV recording wizard is not shown.
10. Changed: Ran all the translations through the tool to update to the latest strings from the source code.
11. NEW: You can right-click Playing Now and pick "Add Dynamic Zone..." to add a zone URL someplace on the network.
12. Fixed: Selecting to draw lyrics to a DLNA zone would crash. Now the option doesn't even appear.
13. Changed: Red October updated to LAV Filters 0.74.1, improved TrueHD bitstreaming, faster AV1 decoding and better web support.
14. Fixed: Removing MP3 tags would ask about ID3v1 or ID3v2 and hang instead of asking and working.
15. Changed: If a handheld is uploading, a call to MCWS/v1/Handheld/Sync will just return that the device is busy.
16. Fixed: A piece of experimental code sneaked into release and caused Sat->IP TV to malfunction.
17. Changed: Blu-ray playlists are properly handled in advanced mode when a custom DirectShow Source Filter is being used.
18. Changed: Custom video playback mode automatically selects between LAV Splitter and LAV Splitter Source as appropriate, if its choosen as a custom override.
19. Fixed: The trailer returned by Get Movie & TV Info... could be empty (but still have a value in it to make the trailer system confused).

25.0.15 (3/20/2019)

1. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
2. NEW: Threaded the file gathering for CD list controls.
3. Changed: Deleting a library field will select the next list item instead of the first.
4. Changed: Made the default Theater View scale dependent on screen DPI, to better suit 4K displays.
5. Fixed: Panel - The browser login dialog box was appearing again when starting Panel.
6. Fixed: Importing from a memory card as a camera could get the same files over and over in some cases.
7. Changed: Removed adding the date and time to import from WIA devices.

25.0.14 (3/19/2019)

1. Fixed: WIA cameras could import the same files over and over.

25.0.13 (3/18/2019)

1. NEW: DVB-C channel scan option to use Network Information Table (NIT) for frequency list instead of the static data from files.
2. Fixed: Camera acquisition could get the same files over and over from some devices (if you didn't check the option to delete the files).
3. NEW: Made the build thumbnails tool threaded.
4. Changed: Made the lossy to lossless just a warning instead of disabled.

25.0.12 (3/18/2019)

1. Changed: Adjusted the lyrics drawing a little.
2. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.60.
3. Changed: Renamed "Draw Lyrics" to "Display Lyrics".
4. Changed: Removed the left-click start of Artist Images in Playing Now.
5. Fixed: DLNA views and MCWS (for JRemote, etc) could return stale file information instead of properly updating the file list on demand.
6. NEW: DVB-S channel scan option to use Network Information Table (NIT) for frequency list instead of the static data from files.
7. Changed: The converter no longer allows conversion of lossy files to lossless.
8. NEW: Threaded the remove tags feature.

25.0.11 (3/13/2019)

1. NEW: When executing command line commands, if the shift key is pressed it will only act on audio and it will only work on images if control is pressed. This way holding that key down while choosing a Windows Explorer shell extension command will only operate on a certain media type.
2. NEW: Added the right-click command to the playing display to "Draw Lyrics" which will render the lyrics of the playing file next to the cover art.
3. Changed: Made Play Doctor better handle starting on a track with no matching artists or albums.
4. Changed: When playing a television recording in JTV format from a client, "Play local file if one that matches Library Server file is found" option will be be honored if the recording is already finished. Previously the option is ignored for all JTV files.
5. Changed: On a client with TV channels and EPG setup enabled, the status line in Standard television view will show both the server status and the client status.
6. Changed: Added the memory playback status to Audio Path.
7. Changed: Automatic background EPG loading setting is no longer ignored on clients if "Allow setup on clients" option is on.
8. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.56. It has better support for APE files larger than 2 GB.
9. Fixed: MC did not wake up to perform television recording on clients.
10. Fixed: Blu-ray Menu playback could get stuck in some cases when a video clip started without accompanying audio for a short time.
11. NEW: Panel - Added an audio device select to the settings page when the zone is set to "Player."
12. Changed: Made Find & Replace support expressions so you can, for example, find [Name] and replace it with FixCase([Name],1).
13. NEW: Panel - Added an information tab to the settings page to display some of the library server information.
14. Fixed: Several bugs in the Cloud playlist upload/download process.
15. Fixed: The status of currently recording TV shows were not consistently displayed across the client-server network, i.e. a show recording on a client was not flagged as such on the server, and vice versa.
16. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
17. Changed: Updated 28.2°E satellite frequency table.
18. NEW: Added MCC_MOVE_TAB (30030) to move the current tab left or right (takes a delta as a parameter).
19. NEW: Added a "Quick Search" button to the toolbar customization.
20. NEW: Added subtitle size to the OSD.
21. NEW: Added the options "Start over each album" to the "Fill Track Numbers From List Order" tool.
22. Fixed: Over-the-air EPG scanning left the tuner in initializing state if the corresponding channel list is empty.
23. Fixed: Wavpack DSD bitstreaming wasn't working properly.
24. Fixed: Wavpack files could fail to load the date and track number in some cases.
25. NEW: Added a TV option to "Mark new shows in Theater View with a star in front of show name."
26. NEW: In standard television view a new optional column "New" is added to indicate a show is not re-run.
27. Changed: Made the font size scale with the user size setting.
28. Changed: In standard television view the order in which the optional column names appear in the right-click menu on column headers now matches the order of column placement.
29. Changed: Updated the Chromium web engine for recent security fixes.
30. NEW: Added another site for lyrics lookup.
31. NEW: Added a few new DVB-S satellite data files: 1.9°E BulgariaSat-1, 2.8°E Rascom QAF 1R, and 3.1°E Eutelsat 3B.
32. Fixed: Deleting a file from certain library views would not take effect right away.
33. Changed: Panel - The enter license option in the admin system settings page is now available on all platforms except Android.
34. NEW: The "Update Library (from tags)" tool runs in a thread and just updates the status bar as it works (instead of blocking the program). A cancel button also appears in the bottom toolbar area.
35. NEW: The "Update Tags (from library)" tool was threaded the same way.

25.0.10 (2/25/2019)

1. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
2. Fixed: The audio filename rule wasn't showing for all WPD devices.
3. Changed: Put the test for 4k content in front of the test for Blu-ray, etc. so it will always show when viewing 4k content.
4. Changed: Made the test for 4k content check the width or height instead of only the width.
5. Fixed: Resolved an issue with Blu-ray Menu playback that resulted in certain UHD discs to get stuck on first play before reaching the menu.
6. Fixed: DLNA: When a BrowseDirectChildren or Search request is received for our DLNA server, limit the response to groups of 1000 at a time. Previous builds had no limit resulting in a crash if the number of entries exceeded about 30,000. This was unusual for a Browse, more likely for a Search.
7. NEW: Television channels and EPG can be set up using a client, with the results saved on the server.
8. Changed: When resetting all TV channels from a client, the channel order setting on the server is reset.
9. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.48. It has better handling of corrupt files.
10. NEW: Television tuners on clients are allowed to be used for recording shows to server library.
11. NEW: Added the library field "Zone Last Opened" that gets set to the zone name at playback time.
12. NEW: Added the menu command "Set Seq From Sort" to right-click on the Playing Now list headers so you can sort and then update the order to match the sorting after.
13. NEW: Panel - Added thumbnails to the file list view.
14. NEW: Panel - Added a context menu to some folders with some play options. Use a right-click with a mouse or a long press with a touch device to activate.
15. NEW: Panel - Added an option to the file context menu to delete the file from the library.
16. Changed: Panel - Removed the folder name from the folder context menu.
17. Changed: Panel - Adjusted the sizing of the folder context menu.
18. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).

25.0.9 (2/8/2019)

1. Changed: DLNA: Add dsd, dff and dsf to the SOURCEPROTOCOLINFO and SINKPROTOCOLINFO
2. Changed: Made the ideal height of large edit styles in the Tag Action Window use the ideal height of the entire edit instead of just hard-coding 12 lines.
3. NEW: 4k content shows a custom icon in Theater View.
4. Fixed: Panel - Zones were not showing up in the latest version.
5. Changed: Standard View EPG views will be properly updated when new tuner devices (mainly CableCARD tuners) are detected.
6. Changed: Sample rate values for DSD show as DSD64 (1x), DSD128 (2x), etc. instead of showing the full value in hertz.
7. Changed: Made using the sample rate field (with a 1 for formatting for display) show the labeled sample rate and also show DSD sample rates the new way.
8. Changed: Made the default expression for the alternate display use [Sample Rate, 1] so it shows the new way.
9. NEW: Panel - Added thumbnails to the file list views.
10. NEW: In Standard television view, scheduled TV recordings with tuner conflicts are displayed in orange color.
11. Changed: The option for the filename rule on a handheld works with WPD devices as well.
12. Changed: Made the "Import Details" dialog bigger.
13. Changed: Updated Czech translation (thanks Jan Bohác!).
14. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
15. NEW: Introduced "Presets" for conversion profiles. It loads the encoder, the encoder settings, and the DSP settings.
16. Fixed: During ATSC channel scanning MC tried to do OTA EPG loading.
17. Fixed: DLNA renderer, determine bitdepth for L24 from the extended mimetype if not included in the @res

25.0.8 (2/1/2019)

1. NEW: Added HDCD decoding to the Audio Path if it's engaged.
2. NEW: Added the jsxml smartlist format to allow export and import of a smartlist.
3. Changed: Made the formatting of file sizes and the like use the system specified decimal point.
4. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
5. Changed: Made the playlists window in the Tag Action Window use more height when needed.
6. Changed: When the program fails to communicate with a library server, it will show a message about unloading the library.

25.0.7 (1/31/2019)

1. NEW: Added the option "Audio Filename Rule" to Options > Handheld to allow a rule to be set (ie. [Artist] - [Name]).
2. NEW: Added a new relationship to the database to store one for each album artist (auto).
3. Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
4. NEW: If the new HDCD field is set to true, the HDCD decoder will engage when playing the file.
5. Changed: Improved Theater View television guide navigation behavior.
6. Changed: PSIParser used with OpenCABLE tuners and some analog tuners will parse PAT sections and map PMT PIDs in a worker thread in an effort to avoid hangs.
7. Changed: Internal change relating to bda television tuners (i.e. ATSC and DVB) in non-time-shifting mode.
8. Changed: Panel - Added filename to the file info display on the Playing Now page.
9. Fixed: Panel - When the Playing Now playlist would finish, it would create an error.
10. Fixed: Panel - Newer versions of Chrome would create an error exiting fullscreen mode when Panel wasn't in fullscreen mode.
11. Fixed: Panel - Panel would keep refreshing if a page contained a lot of folders that only contained folders.

25.0.6 (1/24/2019)

1. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
2. Fixed: Some web requests (ie. Get Movie & TV Info and others) could fail in 25.0.5.
3. Changed: Search with the panes works again (instead of resetting the selection).
4. Changed: Added the option to "Show playlist groups as collection" to Options > General > Advanced to show the collection of files instead of the individual sum of all the files.
5. Changed: "Import / Export" on TV Recording Rules editor will include "Video Quality Preference" modifier.
6. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
7. Changed: More tweaks in Standard view EPG when displaying currently "Showing" programs.
8. Fixed: Theater View right-click menus didn't look correct when tooltip transparency was turned off.
9. Fixed: The feature for uploading a playlist to the cloud was not working.
10. Changed: Added the right-click command "Add To Zone Group" when right-clicking a zone (instead of only on the root of all zones).
11. Changed: The command to set a zone's art from the clipboard disables when there's no art on the clipboard.
12. Fixed: Some malformed raw AAC audio files could not be played.
13. Fixed: Doing a locate command on a set of files in a library view will locate in the same view instead of switching to the last loaded view (which could be different in split view configurations).

25.0.5 (1/21/2019)

1. Fixed: Clicking the star rating in an inactive tab would activate the tab, resize the tree, and make the click go to a different area. Now the click is handled and then the tree resizes.
2. NEW: Added "Series ID" and "Custom" to television subscription rule editor.
3. NEW: Added a Hungarian translation (thanks pimpolo).
4. Changed: Media Center decompresses gzip-encoded web transfers in memory, instead of using temporary files, resulting in better performance and more stability
5. NEW: Added the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+X to randomly select a single item in a list.
6. Changed: In Standard Television EPG view, the shows that are currently showing (time is displayed as "Showing") but are started on previous date will have the date suppressed to avoid confusion.
7. Changed: In Standard Television EPG view, if the EPG's start time is not current time (user selected a future date, or future time from the drop-down lists for instance), the time shown in Time column will be the actual program start time, instead of the EPG start time.
8. Changed: Renamed "Internet Artist Images" to "Artist Images".
9. NEW: Enabled "Import / Export" button on TV Recording Rule editor to allow importing / exporting of TV recording rules, or free-hand editing of the rules by advanced users.

25.0.4 (1/18/2019)

1. Changed: The command Play Trailer will act on the currently selected files when used as a most recent command instead of the last files.
2. Fixed: Some test code was accidentally built into build 3 that would mess up ATSC TV Closed Captioning.
3. Changed: Saving TV channel order on a client will save the result on server.
4. Changed: Made the new image loader handle load image failures better.
5. Changed: Added the artists Heart and Texas to the ArtistSearch file so they will get better matches.
6. Changed: "Setup" and "Load Program Guide" on TV Options are disabled when MC is running in client mode.
7. NEW: Panel - Added support for saving playlists. When selecting 'Save Playlist' from the additional options menu, it will grab the list in Playing Now for the current zone and save it with the name the user provides.
8. NEW: Panel - Added an option to the settings page to set how the sub-folder count is indicated. Currently defaults to hidden.
9. Changed: Panel - Moved the shuffle and repeat buttons to the additional options menu on the Playing Now page.
10. NEW: "TV Channels" context menu during live TV playback, for changing channels using the mouse.
11. Fixed: Properly invoke the WebMedia functionality for Radio Swiss Jazz.
12. Fixed: Made the tool "Get Movie & TV Info" remember settings between runs.

25.0.3 (1/16/2019)

1. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
2. Changed: Added a few more small edge cropping values (0.25%, 0.50%, 0.75%).
3. Changed: Added some logging to help diagnose a rare hang when stopping TV.
4. Changed: Made the MCWS function Playback/PlayByKey take an array of keys (separated by comma) instead of only a single key.
5. Fixed: Made the /AudioCD command work.
6. Changed: Added the right-click menu command "Play Trailer" to any video that has a trailer (also shows when you click "Menu" on a thumbnail).
7. Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.44. It has a faster CRC and faster buffer handling.
8. NEW: Added the right-click command "Internet Cover Art..." to the playback display to load images from online.
9. NEW: Provisional TV subscription recordings (those tentatively scheduled to be recorded in case another instance of the same show is not recorded) get a different colored icon in Standard View and in Theater View.
10. Changed: A single left-click on the playback display area switches to the new "Internet Cover Art..." mode.
11. NEW: Added the command "Delete Recent Searches" to the search control (if there are recents saved).
12. NEW: Added an option to "Run selected profiles now in silent mode" on EPG loading dialog window.
13. Changed: Made the "Internet Cover Art" option a menu item you can check and uncheck (to allow stopping).

25.0.2 (1/10/2019)

1. Changed: Updated all translations to the latest strings from the code.
2. Changed: Reworked the wording of some strings in the translation to remove HTML style tags and the like.
3. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
4. NEW: Added the MCWS function Playlist/Build to take a set of file keys and a playlist path and builds the playlist.
5. Changed: In television channel scan or re-scan it is now optional to include channel numbers in the front of the channel names.
6. Changed: Updated the WDM driver to Media Center 25.
7. Changed: Updated all the licensing and purchasing code to version 25.

25.0.1 (1/9/2019)

1. NEW: Added the database field "Trailer" to specify a movie trailer.
2. NEW: During online lookup, TheMovieDB now loads the trailers for a movie.
3. Changed: When loading URLs from the "Open URL" dialog, they are run through the web media engine so things like YouTube URLs will be handled nicely.
4. NEW: Added "Trailer" to the Theater View menu on a movie when the movie has a trailer.
5. NEW: Made the pane selection persist between runs if you start in the last location.
6. NEW: Added a link to the top of the log to the logging wiki article.
7. Changed: Made the Registration Information dialog a little wider to avoid truncation on the button.
8. Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
9. Changed: Updated Italian translation (thanks matteo e massimo).
10. Changed: Sleeping after serving a file will be allowed after 5 seconds instead of 20 minutes.
11. Changed: New paths are entered at the front of the list instead of the tail so they won't get trimmed in the Rename, Move, & Copy dialog.
12. NEW: Added a "Remove All" selection to the path dialog in the Rename, Move & Copy dialog.
13. NEW: Live TV in time-shifting mode or TV recordings in JTV format will have full support of switching among multiple DVB Subtitles properly.
14. Changed: German translation updated (thanks ByteStar).
15. Changed: Updated the SoX Resampler to the latest version, for increased performance by using SSE and AVX.
16. Changed: Updated GnuTLS, offering support for TLS 1.3 and latest security improvements.
17. Changed: Updated the Chromium Web Engine to the latest version on all platforms.
18. Changed: When connected to a library server, import will no longer run.
19. [NEW: Added the ability to set the playlist group to the right-click menu on a playlist.
20. Fixed: Right-clicking a pane value could crash if it pointed to an invalid file.
21. NEW: Added TV recording disk space status in Standard TV view's status line.
22. Changed: Add more info to the database for Radio Paradise. BITDEPTH, COMPRESSION, etc.
23. Changed: Don't try to make thumbnails for streaming media files (cover art still works).
24. Changed: Don't try to read length on streaming files in the current zone when sending DLNA event updates.
25. Removed: The Legacy D3D9 Theater View mode has been removed in favor of the ANGLE-driven Theater View which uses either D3D9 or D3D11.
26. Changed: The picture-in-picture (showing currently playing TV video while navigating TV guide in Theater view) is consistently shown for all TV guide grids. Previously it was shown only for default views (Guide, Favorite, and Time), now it is shown for custom locations as well.
27. Fixed: TV guide in Theater View, especially "Search" and "Time" views, could be extremely slow (non-reponsive) due to a TV station broadcasting a fake program entry for a date far into the future (like the year 2087!).
28. NEW: Added a "Lookup Lyrics" feature.
29. Changed: Expanded the allowed customized positions of television guide in Theater View for the "Guide" button on remote control to work. Now the allowed positions are "Video\Guide" (default), "Televsion\Guide", "TV\Guide", "Guide" (previously allowed customization), and "Television" or "TV" (newly allowed).
30. Changed: On clients the Standard view television status line shows status text of the server, instead of the client.